How to setup outlet pressure monitoring


27 May 2023

(1) Navigate to "Complete settings"
(2) Select "Define System Units" to verify pressure units used.
(3) Go back and select "Pump Monitoring"
(4) Navigate to "Outlet Pressure Monitoring" and set to "OutPresMintoring" to Sensor
(5) Define the analog input you will be using for sensor feedback in "OutletPres Assign"   
You will now see more options have appeared in the menu.
(6) You will now go to the Sensor Config to define the type of feedback for the sensor / transducer
(7) Define Minimum and Maximum Process levels (this will be dictated by the range of the transducer or sensor)
(8) In the Outlet Pressure Monitoring menu, you will now have to redefine the OutPres Min and Max Levels in line with the Minimum and Maximum Process Levels previously set.