Video: What fine adjustments can be made for the Micrologic P and H trip unit displays using the keypad?


09 November 2022

Product Line:
Powerpact and Masterpact breakers with Micrologic P or H trip units

Make fine adjustments using navigation keys or network system management software.
Fine adjustments can only be made for values less than the value set with the switches.
Fine adjustments cannot be set lower than the minimum dial adjustment or higher than the maximum dial adjustment.
Fine switch settings are available in the following increments:
  • Long time pickup (Ir) - 1 amp
  • Long time delay (tr) - .5 seconds
  • Short time pickup (Isd) - 10 amps
  • Short time delay (tsd) - .1 seconds
  • Instantaneous pickup (Ii) - 10 amps
  • Ground fault pickup (Ig) - 1 amp
  • Ground fault delay (tg) - .1 seconds
  • Using switches to set values after making fine adjustments using the keypad will override the keypad adjustments.
  • Fine adjustments are stored in non-volatile memory, so they are retained if trip unit power is interrupted.