Does the Altistart 01 Soft Starter range provide current limitation?


15 October 2021

The Schneider soft starter range starts with the ATS01 soft starter. From Figure 4.11 we can see that the ATS01 has two types of topologies for the N1 range only a single line is chopped while for the N2 range two lines are chopped. This results in a difference in performance of the two starters.

The N1 range can only reduce the torque jerking and protect the mechanical elements from stress as it is only chopping a single phase and cannot limit current on the other two.

The N2 range can reduce both the torque jerking and the inrush current as it controls 2 of the 3 phases.

The ATS22 and ATS48 have full control of all 3 phases and provide more precise control, functionality and current limitation.