How can a report be configured to output in CSV format in Citect SCADA?


03 October 2021

This FAQ describes how a report can be configured in Citect SCADA to output in CSV format.
All versions of Citect SCADA.
In order to create a CSV format report output, the ASCII_DEV device format needs to be used together with a comma separated template

Please follow the step by step instruction below to configure the report.

1. Create the following device, which will be used as an "output device" for the report. Please note the Device type has to be an ASCII_DEV :


2. Create a text file in Notepad, which will be used as a "format" file for the report.


Date() - gets the current date
TIME() - gets the current time 
LOOP_1_OP, LOOP_2_OP and LOOP_3_OP - test variable tags configured in Citect. Please see LOOP_1_OP variable configuration below. 



3. Create a new report specifying the Format File, that was created in step 2, and the Output Device, that was created in step 1:


4. When the report is run, the following .csv file is created with the following contents:


5. Further if you would like headings in the report file, you would just need to pre-create the report file, with the headings separated by commas: