How to Configure Two-Factor User Authentication for AVEVA Edge


12 November 2021

Two-factor authentication is not included by default in the AVEVA Edge product. This article explains a work around on how to enable two-factor authentication for projects that require this functionality.

Applies to Aveva Edge 2020 R2 (current version) and earlier versions

This would be an idea that user can apply for a project that requires this. We believe the most simple solution would be through SMS authentication. 

  • To implement this, user will need a modem that can be connected through a serial port, an emulated serial port (USB), or a TCP/IP port.
  • By using the TXRX driver(the driver is within Aveva Edge):

    1) Send AT commands (AT commands are instructions used to control a modem) to the modem to send an SMS with a randomly generated number (user can create a script with the Rand() function to do this).

    2) After logging in the system using the project's native security, the SMS should be sent and the system will land the user in an intermediate pop-up screen where the SMS authentication code will be requested.

    3) If the user receives the SMS in its registered phone number, they will be able to type the authentication code and, if it matches with the code that Aveva Edge sent, the system would then allow the user to access to the main screen of the project.