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Built tough, reliable quality.

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Tough and long lasting

Schneider Electric’s wide range of industrial plugs, sockets, switches and enclosures offer the perfect switchgear solution for any environment, no matter how extreme.

Bringing reliable switch and connection control to both commercial and industrial environments, Schneider Electric’s comprehensive industrial switchgear collection brings the latest technology, improved performance and best-in-class resilience to your next fit-out.

Resistant to dust, water, UV, chemicals and impacts, as well as a host of other features. Schneider Electric provides the right switchgear for the right job, and lets you match design and construction to your specific application.

56 Series

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56 Series has been growing a reputation for consistent performance and durability in harsh environments for the last 40 years.

With units constructed from a wide range of materials, 56 Series offers real resistance to a wide range of chemicals, acids and alkalis.

56 Series Products

Popular for commercial and industrial applications, the new and improved range offers enhanced visibility, easier operation - as well as 56 Series’ trademark strength and durability - for optimum performance, all while maintaining full backwards compatibility and traditional aesthetics.

Tough and ultra-versatile, the 56 Series can meet whatever challenges the environment throws at them.

56 Series Ranges

PDL 56 Series Grey (GY) Range
56 Series Chemical Resistant Grey (CG) Range
56 Series Chemical Resistant Orange Range


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WilcoROWCO Metal Clad Range


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CEE-Norm Bals Product