Auto Switch Socket Outlets, Horizontal Mount, 10A, Single Pole

White Electric | Auto Switch Socket Outlets, Horizontal Mount, 10A, Single Pole

Auto Switch Socket Outlets, Horizontal Mount, 10A, Single Pole

Item Number: 10-WE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product

Range of product

Standard Series

Product or component type


Product brand




without marking

Local signalling

without light indicator

Device mounting


Fixing mode

by screws

[In] rated current

10 A

[Ue] rated operational voltage

250 V AC


16 mm


115 mm


73 mm

Fixing center

84 mm

Number of poles



  • AS/NZS 3100
  • AS/NZS 3112
  • AS/NZS 3133:approval number S/1

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental Disclosure


Quantity per set

set of 1


Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

74.0 g

Package 1 Height

3 cm

Package 1 width

7 cm

Package 1 Length

11.2 cm

Unit Type of Package 2


Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Weight

9.1 kg

Package 2 Height

25.4 cm

Package 2 width

34.8 cm

Package 2 Length

44.5 cm

Unit Type of Package 3


Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Weight

438.0 g

Package 3 Height

10.6 cm

Package 3 width

12.2 cm

Package 3 Length

14.2 cm

Cover type

full cover plate
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a VW3A1101 keypad be used on the ATV312 to transfer programs?

Store and transfer program files using VW3A1101 keypad.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV312

All models, all serial numbers.

A duplicate program is to be used on multiple drives.

No.  Although the VW3A1101 is compatible with ATV312, it cannot be used to transfer a program file from one ATV312 to another.  A Multi-Loader or Simple Loader tool or SoMove software can be used to transfer files.

What is the spare part manual for the ATV61HD90M3X, ATV61HC13N4, ATV71HD75M3X and ATV71HC11N4?

Needs the manual of spare parts for the ATV61HD90M3X, ATV61HC13N4, ATV71HD75M3X and ATV71HC11N4.

Product line:  
ATV61HD90M3X, ATV61HC13N4, ATV71HD75M3X, ATV71HC11N4

Frame size 10: ATV61HD90M3X, ATV61HC13N4, ATV71HD75M3X, ATV71HC11N4


Instruction bulletin 30072-452-77
See attachment

What control voltage is needed for an ATS01N2..LY?

control voltage needed for an ATS01N2..LY

Product Line:


Control power required on terminals 06-07.

The control power applied to terminals 06-07 is specified at 110Vac +-10%, 20VA.

Why is the LCD display screen blank on a Micrologic Power or Harmonic type trip unit on a Powerpact P frame, R frame, or Masterpact circuit breaker?

Why is the display blank on the trip unit?

Product Line:
Powerpact P frame, Powerpact R Frame, Masterpact NT, Masterpact NW

The LCD display on a Micrologic P or H trip unit will be blank unless the trip unit is energized.  Energization requires one of the following sets of conditions:
  1. The trip unit is energized by an external 24 Vdc applied to terminals F1-F2 (F1 negative-F2 positive)
  2. The trip unit is energized by an FFTK or HHTK test kit
  3. There is at least 100 V between two phases, AND the load reaches approximately 20% of the breaker's rated current.
  • Note that the display will not power up with primary injection testing unless one of the conditions in bullet 1 above is met.
  • Note that Ammeter trip units do not require external power and the display will come on with sufficient current flow alone.
See the following bulletins for more information on these trip units.

What is the difference between the ATS48 soft starter that has a part number that ends in Q versus one that ends in Y?

Difference between the ATS48 soft starter that has a part number that ends in Q versus one that ends in Y.

Product Line:
Altistart ATS48

All serial numbers

Customer in US is looking for an ATS48M10Q.

The ATS 48 ``Q`` was made for sale every where except the US.  It has 2 CT`s and a max voltage of 400 vac. The ``Y`` series has 3 ct`s and a max voltage of 690 vac.
If replacing an ATS48Q with a Y, it is very important to determine the full load amp rating of the motor. The ATS48**Q can be connected to the motor ``inside`` the Delta. This greatly reduces the amperage on each phase of the soft starter, allowing a smaller unit than normal to be applied to a motor. This is not currently possible with the ATS48**Y soft starters.
See the attached manual pages 92 to 94 (pages 11 to 13 of the electronic document)


What can cause the ATV312 drive to trip on an OLF fault?

ATV312 trips on an OLF fault

Product line: 
Altivar 312

All range All serial number  

The motor is pulling too much current?

Motor overload (OLF) is triggered by the motor pulling current above the Motor Thermal Current (ItH) that is programmed into the drive.  This motor protection is based on a time-inverse curve. The higher that the current is above the ItH setting, the less time it will take to trip on OLF.  Troubleshooting includes:

Check that the motor nameplate info is programmed correctly into the drC menu.
Check that the motor thermal current (ItH) is programmed at the motor FLA.
Check that the load is not too large for the motor.
Check that the current limitation (CL1) is not too low.  Typically set variable torque loads at 1.2 x Motor FLA and constant torque loads at 1.5 x FLA.
Verify that the motor current is balanced in all three legs and not exceeding the motor FLA.

The Motor thermal state (tHr) can be displayed in the Monitoring menu (SUP).  The drive will trip when tHr reaches 118%.  It will not allow a reset until tHr drops below 100%.
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