Domae Quick PF 1P+N  10KA

Domae Quick PF10 kA 1P+N surge arrester without accessories

Catalogue Number: 16693
Domae Quick PF 1P+N  10KA
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
Product or component type
surge arrester
Device short name
Domae Quick PF
Poles description
1P + N
Remote signalling
Surge arrester type
electrical distribution network
Earthing system
  • TN-S
  • TT
    • Surge arrester class type
      type 2
      Surge arrester technology
      MOV + GDT
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      230 V +/- 10 % AC 50/60 Hz
      Nominal discharge current
    • differential mode: 5 kA (L/N)
    • common mode: 10 kA (N/PE)
      • Maximum discharge current
      • common mode: 10 kA N/PE
      • differential mode: 10 kA L/N
        • [Uc] maximum continuous operating voltage
        • common mode: 275 V N/PE
        • differential mode: 275 V L/N
        • common mode: 275 V L/PE
          • Maximum [Up] voltage protection level
          • common mode <1.5 kV type 2 N/PE
          • differential mode <1.5 kV type 2 L/N
            • [Ut] temporary overvoltage
            • 337 V L/N 5 s withstand
            • 1200 V N/PE 200 ms safe failure mode
            • 442 V L/PE 5 s withstand
              • [If] follow current
                0.1 kA common mode N/PE
                Local signalling
                white/red flag
                Disconnector device type
                integrated circuit breaker - Icu 6 kA
                Short-circuit current
                6 kA
                Mounting mode
                Mounting support
                DIN rail
                9 mm pitches
                90.7 mm
                32.5 mm
                72.1 mm
                Net weight
                370 g
                Response time
                <= 25 ns
                Maximum residual current
                1 mA
                Connections - terminals
              • tunnel type terminal (phase and neutral) 1 cable(s) 1-16 mm²
              • tunnel type terminal (ground) 1 cable(s) 10-25 mm²
                • Wire stripping length
                  13 mm
                  Tightening torque
                  2-2 N.m
                  Compatibility code
                • EN 61643-11:2012
                • IEC 61643-11:2011
                  • Quality labels
                    IK degree of protection
                    IK03 conforming to IEC 62262
                    Relative humidity
                    5-95 %
                    Ambient air temperature for operation
                    -25-70 °C
                    Ambient air temperature for storage
                    -40-80 °C
                    Sustainable offer status
                    Green Premium product
                    REACh Regulation
                    Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
                    EU RoHS Directive
                    Mercury free
                    RoHS exemption information
                    China RoHS Regulation
                    Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
                    Environmental Disclosure
                    Circularity Profile
                    The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

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                    What is the Surge Arrestor to fit PDL DBF30 for domestic application

                    Part code is 16693

                    What is the cable size for the earth on the 16693

                     The cable size is 4 or 6mm

                    Why is the 16693 surge protection device resettable?

                    It has a built in 6kA circuit breaker, however the surge protection cartridge is non-replaceable so once the cartridge has operated the unit will need to be replaced.

                    Can an ATS23 be used with a motor that is smaller than the rating of the soft starter?

                    Issue:   Can an ATS23 be used with a motor that is smaller than the rating of the soft starter?
                    Product Line:  ATS23 
                    Environment:  All
                    Cause:   N/A
                    Resolution:   The soft starter will fault if the current is less than 10 % of the rating. Therefore, the actual load must be great enough to cause the motor to draw more than 10% of the rated current for the soft starter. If the load is light you may be able to get it to run if the ACC is decreased.


                    What is the new code for Multi 9 16069 ?

                    new code

                    What is the mounting bock for the 695RCD30?

                    This will fit into the PDL300DMB-VW

                    What is the wall box to suit the B6/30/3 ?

                     The part number for the wall box is 164/3

                    What is the contacts current rating for a 16069 relay

                     The contacts have a rating of 8A Ith

                    What is new code for Multi 9 26924 ?

                    new code

                    What is the alternate code for a 164/3

                    There is no plastic box the same size as 164/3, you can use PDL144Mt side by side would do the same

                    What is the part number for a replacement 9001 KS selector switch E key?

                    What is the part number for a replacement 9001 KS selector switch E key?

                    Product Line:
                    Harmony Pushbuttons

                    All Products

                    Product selection

                    All standard replacement keys follow the same numbering system, 29411-01XX0 where the XX is replaced by the E key number. For an E11 key replace the XX with 11 for 29411-01110. For an E12 key replace the XX with 12 for 29411-01120.
                    For the master keyed range, E36 through E60, use the same system with the base part number 29411-51XX0. So an E36 key is a 29411-51360. Master key, E99, is part number 29411-51990.

                    What are the nine current settings on the Vigirex relay catalog number 56372 (56372TD), or RH99M?

                    Product Line:
                    Circuit Breakers

                    Electrical Distribution Equipment

                    The settings are 30ma, 100ma, 300ma, 500ma, 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 30A.

                    What are the electrical specifications of the power supply for ACF600?

                    Customers may need electrical specifications for the ACF600 power supply.

                    Product Line:
                    NetShelter AV

                    ACF600 all versions and serial ranges.
                    Need to review the electrical specifications of the ACF600 power supply.
                    see attached file

                    Communication lost with PowerChute Network Shutdown Flowchart.

                    Communication lost with PowerChute Network Shutdown

                    Product Line:
                    PowerChute Network Shutdown

                    All supported OS

                    Please review attached PDF.

                    Please review attached PDF.

                    How do I check the communication settings of my RealStream Lift Station controller? DNP3 Address, IP Address, Modbus Settings

                    All of the station communication settings can be configured and viewed from the local display. These can be found by logging in:
                    -> Main Menu -> 1.6 System Settings -> 1.6.2 Modbus Slave Address -> 1.6.3 RTU IP Address -> 1.6.5 Port 3 Config -> 1.6.6 DNP3 Address -> 1.6.7 Modbus/TCP Server

                    Do the Advantys STB Reflex actions work without having a Field bus connected or communicating ?


                    Advantys STB reflex actions



                    Product Line

                    Advantys STB






                    Yes, the Reflex actions will work without communications to a Field bus, when the following conditions are true:

                    • Two channel output modules with both channels configured for reflex actions.
                    • Neither of these reflex actions is receiving any inputs from the NIM (inputs to the reflex blocks are not coming from the virtual module/master PLC or from the action module itself).

                    Note: Only two-channel output modules are supported.

                    Support for APC Omnipass and APC Biometric Devices has been discontinued


                    Support for APC Biometric Devices.

                    Product Line:

                    BIOPOD, BIOCNB40. BIOM34, BIOSLIDE




                    Product Line Discontinued.


                    As of January 1st, 2009 APC made a decision to discontinue it's Biometric Product Line. Technical Support for Biometrics was provided for 1.5yr following the Discontinuation of this product line, however effective June 1st, 2010, APC will no longer be supporting Omnipass for APC Biometric Devices.


                    For Updated versions of Omnipass, please visit Softex Inc.

                    I am getting "lost communication with UPS" errors after installing an AP9630 or AP9631 NMC in my Smart UPS SMT or SMX series UPS


                    After installing an AP9630 or AP9631 into my SMT or SMX model Smart UPS, I am getting a "lost communication" error message or do not see any UPS information in the Management Card interface.

                    Product Line
                    • Smart UPS Single Phase with the following model prefixes:
                      • SMT
                      • SMX
                    • UPS Network Management Card 2 (NMC2)
                      • AP9630/AP9630CH, AP9631/AP9631CH
                    • AP9630/31 serial numbers from 2009
                    • v5.0.0, v5.0.1 sumx application firmware on AP9630/31


                    When using an AP9630 or AP9631 UPS Network Management Card 2 with an SMT or SMX series of Smart UPS, you must use Network Management Card 2 sumx application v5.0.3 or higher. Attempting to use older firmware will result in a loss of communication with the Network Management Card as well as with the Serial and USB ports on the UPS. If this occurs while the UPS is on battery, it can result on an unexpected graceful shutdown (depending on how the software is configured).


                    You can download the most recent AP9630/AP9631 firmware here.

                    Symmetra XR frame displaying an invalid address such as 10 or 11



                    An XR frame can display an invalid address on its front 7 segment LCD display - 8, 9, 10 or 11, for example.  The XR communication card may fail to communicate.

                    Product Line

                    Symmetra Power Array 
                    Symmetra RM
                    Symmetra LX 


                    Any UPS in the product families listed above with an extended run (XR) frame attached.


                    This is caused by setting the address dial on the back of the XR communication card (either SYXRCC or SYAFSU16) incorrectly.


                    Check to ensure the XR communication card's address dial is set to a valid address.  This problem has been observed when the dial is set to a position in between two valid addresses.  If this has been checked and the problem continues, contact technical support.

                    Removing supplemental OIDs from a version 3 Netbotz appliance may cause basic view to show invalid sensor.


                    Removing supplemental OIDs from a version 3 Netbotz appliance may cause basic view to show invalid sensor.

                    Product Line:



                    NetBotz version 3 appliances.


                    Unexpected Configuration Change.


                    When a scanner on a version 3 Netbotz uses a supplemental OID and that OID is removed, you may see a sensor in it's place or under one of the other sensor sets in basic view that looks something like this: nbSNMPEnc2D5186C0_user_USER_3315_USER__0: --- This is a known issue and may be addressed in a future revision on Botzware. For the time being, the only way to remove this invalid sensor is to remove the scanned device itself and re add it. This does not effect the other sensors on the scanned device and is not see in the Advanced View software.

                    Shutdown VMware ESXi 4.X, 5.X unlicensed server with PowerChute Network Shutdown

                    How to shutdown VMware ESXi host that is running the free edition of VMware with PowerChute Network Shutdown

                    Product Line:
                    PowerChute Network Shutdown

                    VMWare ESXi free edition

                    The VMware free edition of ESXi provides read-only access to the API functions. Without access to API functions, PowerChute cannot issue a command to shut down the ESXi host.


                    The following Kbase article provides a sample script that com be used to shut down an unlicensed ESXi host. You can configure PowerChute Network Shutdown to execute this script using the shutdown command file feature.

                    Direction can be found at

                    PowerChute can issue shutdown commands for licensed ESXi hosts and does not require an external script.

                    NOTE: The document describing how to shut down an unlicensed ESXi server is provided by the VMware Community. Follow the steps at your own risk; Schneider Electric does not give support for these instructions.

                    What is the padlock attachment for a Masterpact NW?

                    How can a NW circuit breaker be padlocked open?

                    Product Line:

                    Products sold in North America

                    Need to padlock open an existing Masterpact NW breaker.

                    It can be padlocked with a padlock attachment (part no. S48539) or with the Open/Close Push Button Cover (part no. S48536) and the appropriate padlock (3/16`` to 5/16`` diameter). Click here see a video of how it works.

                    Padlock attachment S48539, See instruction bulletin, 48049-197-02

                    Padlockable Open/Close Push Button Cover S48536, See instruction bulletin, 48049-198-01

                    This shows where these are installed on the breaker.


                    What is the breakdown of components for 9001KYK117?

                    What is the breakdown of components for 9001KYK117?  

                    Product Line:
                    Harmony Push Buttons

                    Harmony Control Stations

                    Product Features

                    9001KYK117 components are:
                    1-9001KY1S1 (red enclosure)
                    1-9001K15 (break glass operator)
                    1-9001KA1 (1 open and 1 closed contact)
                    1-9001KN799RP (legend plate)

                    Replacement glass discs are 9001K57 (package of five)

                    AP84XX, AP88XX, AP89XX, and AP86XX 2G Rack PDU LCD Backlight Behavior


                    When should my Rack PDU 2G LCD remain on and when should it turn off? I have different units displaying different behavior.

                    Product Line

                    • Rack Power Distribution
                      • AP8XXX SKUs


                    • Certain firmware versions as noted below
                    • All serial numbers


                    With firmware versions earlier than v5.1.2, the available backlight configuration options are "On" (default), or "Off". The LCD backlight on the PDU will be illuminated blue all of the time, by default.

                    A firmware change has been introduced with rpdu2g firmware v5.1.2 and higher. The update has been provided to maximize the life-span of the rack LCD display and to save energy by automatically turning off the backlight when not in use. At product startup, the LCD backlight will remain on for 10 minutes. The backlight will remain on as long as the buttons on the display are pushed. Then, 10 minutes after the last button is pushed, the backlight will turn off. The available configuration choices you will find for this in the config.ini are "Auto-On" (default), or "Off".  

                    Beginning with firmware version rpdu2g v6.0.9 and higher, the user can also completely disable the LCD backlight and button functionality via the config.ini value DISPLAY_ENABLE. This can be set to Enabled or Disabled for standalone PDUs or each PDU in a Network Port Sharing group.

                    Note: AP84XX series Metering by Outlet Rack PDUs require v6.1.0 rpdug app and higher and are being released in September, 2014. They cannot be downgraded.


                    If you are unsure of your firmware version, you can access the network management card to find out. If it has been previously configured, you can find the IP address listed on the front display of the PDU under Main Menu->Software Info->IP address. (If your display is disabled as noted above, this will not work).

                    Within the network management card web interface (blue and white), please check under Administration->General->About and note your AOS and rpdu2g APP versions. In the green and white interface, navigate to About->RPDU.

                    Within the network management card command line interface, you login and issue the about command to find your AOS and rpdu2g APP versions.

                    Smart-UPS C Series FAQ


                    Smart-UPS C Series FAQ

                    Product Line:



                    All SMC models, All Serial Numbers


                    Product Information


                    What is the new Smart-UPS C series?

                    The Smart-UPS  C series is our new entry level Smart-UPS product designed for Entry-level Servers and Small Office / Home Office applications. They output a pure sinewave, are fully compatible with PFC power supplies, and feature a new LCD Interface. Identifiable by the prefix ""SMC"" in the part number, they are available as dedicated Tower or Rack-Mount models in 1000 VA and 1500 VA capacities.


                    What are the new SMC model numbers?

                    SMC1000, SMC1500, SMC1000-2U, SMC1500-2U


                    What software is compatible with the SMC Smart-UPS?

                    The SMC Smart-UPS only supports Powerchute Business Edition. SMC products do not have a Smart-Slot and cannot support a Network Management Card or Powerchute Network Shutdown.


                    What communications ports are available?

                    SMC units have both a USB port and a RJ-45 style Serial port, only a USB cable is included with the product.  A serial cable is an option that can be purchased separately, AP940-0625a


                    Is the LCD display the same as I have seen on SMT and SMX Smart-UPS products?

                    No, the SMC LCD display is a simplified interface that offers graphic and LED statuses, with a display button that provides detail ratings on the power and load attached to the UPS.  


                    Do the SMC units have switchable outlet groups?

                    No they do not.

                    What mounting hardware do the rackmount versions ship with?

                    SMC rack mount units ship with a rack mount brackets that are compatible with both 2 and 4 post racks.  It can be used with either square hole or threaded hole racks without modification. Users that desire more stability with a 4 post rack can purchase a 4 post rack mount rail kit,  part number SU032A separately. 


                    How efficient are the new SMC models?

                    SMC models feature a high efficiency ""green"" mode  that achieves efficiencies of up to 98%.

                    What replacement battery cartridges do the SMC units use?

                    SMC1000: APCRBC142
                    SMC1500: RBC6
                    SMC1000-2U: APCRBC124
                    SMC1500-2U: APCRBC132


                    What is the Warranty for ""C"" Sseries Smart-UPS?

                    2 years from date of purchase for both the UPS and the Battery


                    How do I change the sensitivity setting from the LCD interface?

                    - Turn UPS off
                    - Press and hold the Power Button for 6 seconds
                    - Sensitivity setting will display (Default setting is high)
                    - Press the menu button to toggle through settings
                    - After 4 seconds of no activity the unit will exit this mode and setting will take effect
                      (Note: You do not need to turn output power off if adjusting sensitivity via software)


                    How do I turn off the LCD display?

                    To activate LCD Power Saving Mode:
                    - Press and hold Display button for 2  seconds
                    - UPS will Beep to confirm Power Saving Mode is active
                    - LCD will now go dark after 60 seconds of no activity
                    - LCD will light when an event occurs or a button is pressed
                    - Repeat to deactivate


                    How do I initiate a Self-Test?

                    - Press and hold the MUTE button, then press the DISPLAY button for 2 seconds
                    - Unit will emit a short beep and Self-Test will start
                    - When the Self-Test completes the UPS will return to on-line operation
                    The self-test can also be initiated via the software.


                    PowerSCADA Expert - Maximum number of IODevices of MODNET type

                    Customer request:
                    To integrate in the PowerSCADA Expert (PSE) project 400 sets of Ethernet devices which support Modbus TCP protocol.
                    The question was if all the devices can be integrated to one PSE Server, and the SCADA system is redundant.
                    In the legacy software version, one IOServer could only have one TCP/IP Board and 255 Ports can be created on that type of Board.
                    Can we integrate all the devices into one PSE Server? If yes, then how to configure the communication including IO Server, Board, Port and IODevice?

                    The maximum limit in PowerSCADA software is of 16383 IODevices per project and 4095 simultaneous multiple protocols.
                    BOARD types have to be unique per IOServer.
                    You may find reference of the word "Channel" in various documentation resources.
                    To be clear, PORT = Channel.
                    PORT number limits are hardcoded into each communication driver.
                    The TCPIP driver (TCPIP.DLL) supports 512 PORTS per board since DLL version, thus MODNET driver (MODNET.DLL) supports 512 PORTS (channels) since driver version

                    These limits are theoretical limits, in reality there are Kernel Queues that introduce another limitation.
                    [Kernel]Queue has a max of 5000 (which is also default value), but some drivers like Modnet consume more queues per channel than others.
                    Modnet consumes 13 Kernel Queues per PORT.
                    As a result, a 512 hardcoded limit for Modnet PORTs will be downgraded to 300-350 because of these queues.
                    So, consider the limit at 350 MODNET PORTS per BOARD (per IOServer).
                    If you use ModbusTCP/RTU Gateways, then you can have thousands of IODevices on the same IOServer, just because for each of the 350 PORTS you could have several different IODevices, with different Addresses (UnitID).
                    For example: 1 Gateway to collect 5 SEPAMs means: 5 IODevices (5 different IODevice Addresses), 1 PORT (the same PORT that uses Special Options for Gateway's IP address), 1 BOARD (TCPIP).

                    To overcome the 350 PORTS limit, more IOServers are needed.

                    Further, another reduction should be made, imposed by the recommended number of IODevices per IOServer.
                    In the same project, the same Cluster, the same Network Address, the PowerSCADA team recommendation (rule) is: either 50000 tags or 250 IODevices per IOServer. Whichever comes first.
                    To create another IOServer in the same Cluster and the same Network Address, simply add another IOServer but specify a different Port (this is the Port from the IO Server dialog window).
                    Doing so, you will need to define different Ports for the extra IOServers: default is 2082, so you may add any unused TCP port: 3082 for second IOServer, 4082 for third IOServer and so on.

                    Here are some configuration screenshots (using Excel and DBF Add-in) to illustrate the IODevices distribution per IOServers:





                    Created on 8th JUL 2015 by
                    Adrian Dicea
                    Global Expert Technical Support Engineer - Support Prime PSE / EGX

                    Why is my actual UPS runtime different from the quoted runtime on the APC web page?

                    Why is my actual UPS runtime different from the quoted runtime on the APC web page?
                    Product line:
                    All models
                    Why is my actual UPS runtime different from the quoted runtime on the APC web page?
                    The runtime shown on the web site is an estimate and is offered as a guide only as there are a lot of factors that will determine the actual runtime achieved in anyone application, including:
                    • Temperature- The temperature of the battery within its environment will affect its capacity and therefore the available runtime. Capacity decreases at lower temperatures and increases at higher temperatures.
                    • Age of the battery - A new battery will only reach its optimum capacity after a two or three discharge and charge cycles, plus as it ages its capacity will decrease, typically down to approximately 80% at the end of its life.
                    • Temperature & battery life - Whilst the capacity of a battery will increase at higher temperatures its life will be reduced, typically by 50% for every 10 deg Celsius rise above 25 deg Celsius.
                    • Recharging the battery - Whilst a battery will recharge to 90% capacity fairly quickly, it can take up to 72 hours to reach its full capacity again. This is because as the battery approaches its fully charged state it becomes more difficult to get energy back into the battery.
                    • The frequency and depth of discharge cycles - The frequency and depth of discharge will affect the life and capacity of the battery, reducing with a higher number and depth of cycles.
                    • The load itself - In particular the actual size of the load compared with the theoretical load.
                    • The load characteristic - The runtime calculation is based on tests with resistive load and may differ with inductive or capacitive load.
                    • Light load accuracy- The estimated runtime values quoted on the web are based on an algorithm which tends to be less accurate for light loads and long runtime applications.
                    • Storage - When a battery is stored, be that within a UPS that is not connected or as a RBC, it will gradually lose capacity through self-discharge, a situation which is accelerated at higher storage temperatures. So providing the storage period and temperature has not exceeded the typical battery manufactures specification the battery will return to near full capacity, but sufficient recharge time, 48 - 72 hours must be allowed for the capacity to be recovered. Typical maximum storage period is 12 months at 25 deg Celsius, 8 months at 30 deg Celsius and 4 months at 40 deg Celsius.


                    Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 installation/upgrade fails at Create Database and Verify Database if SQL Server Management Studio v17.x is installed

                    The installation of PME 8.2 or upgrade to PME 8.2 fails at the 'Create Database' and 'Verify Database' steps. None of the databases get created. This will occur if SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) v17.x has been installed. This problem is independent of the SQL Server version being used. The problem occurs because version 17 of SSMS installs sqlpackage.exe in the \140\DAC\bin folder, and this is not where the PME installer expects it to be. This new version of SSMS is compatible with older versions of SQL Server, so this problem is not confined to those using SQL Server 2016.

                    Product Line
                    Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.2



                    New Installs
                    CASE 1: You have tried to install PME 8.2 and the installer has failed at the Create Database and Verify Database steps
                    1. Shut down the installer
                    2. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall 'Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (x86)' - see attached screen cap
                    3. Browse the PME 8.2 DVD to the Setup\Setup[Support\Database directory and double-click on DACFramework.msi
                    4. Start the PME Installer and choose 'Reconfigure'.
                    5. The Reconfigure will create the databases and do all the necessary configuration steps
                    6. Once the Reconfigure is complete, close the installer, go to Programs and Features, right click on Power Monitoring Expert -> Change - > Reset Accounts
                    7. You only have to reset the supervisor account.
                    Once this is complete, PME has been successfully installed.

                    CASE 2: You have not yet run the PME 8.2 installer
                    Before running the PME 8.2 installer
                    1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall 'Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (x86)'
                    2. Browse the PME 8.2 DVD to the Setup\Setup[Support\Database directory and double-click on DACFramework.msi
                    Once this is done, PME will install successfully, and Database Manager will work correctly.

                    CASE 1: You have tried to upgrade to PME 8.2 and the installer has failed at the Create Database and Verify Database steps

                    1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall 'Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (x86)'
                    2. Browse the PME 8.2 DVD to the Setup\Setup[Support\Database directory and double-click on DACFramework.msi
                    3. If the Installer window is still active, choose 'Try Again', if not restart the installer and choose 'Resume'

                    Once this is done, PME will upgrade successfully.

                    CASE 2: You have not yet run the PME 8.2 installer
                    Before running the PME 8.2 installer

                    1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall 'Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (x86)'
                    2. Browse the PME 8.2 DVD to the Setup\Setup[Support\Database directory and double-click on DACFramework.msi

                    Once this is done, PME will upgrade successfully.

                    Additional Information

                    The issue is not with the SQL Server database engine, but rather with the recent version of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  SQL Server Management Studio is a tool that is compatible with multiple versions of SQL Server and includes a number of tools, including the DAC components.  The DAC components are invoked from SSMS in the import and export of DacPac files, which is what PME uses to create and upgrade databases. Recently, Microsoft released a new version of SQL Server Management Studio, moving from version 16.53 to 17.x.  Version 17 uses SQL Server 2017 (not yet released) SQL compatibility 140 instead of 130. Because the PME installer sees SQL Server 2016, it expects SQL Compatibility 130 and therefore it looks for sqlpackage.exe in the \130\DAC directory. Since it is not there, the database creation and thus the PME install fails.

                    A new SQL Server 2016 SP1 install will direct you to install v17.x of SSMS. If you have an older version of SQL Server, if is possible to upgrade SSMS to v17.x. It is a free download. However if SSMS v17.x is installed, both new PME 8.2 installs, and upgrades to PME 8.2 will fail. PME uses sqlpackage.exe to create and upgrade databases. 

                    PME 8.2 installer is looking to use and access Sqlpackage.exe from the following folder
                    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DAC\bin\
                    however the latest version of SQL server 2016 SP1, the Management Tools installer places this new version of Sqlpackage.exe in
                    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\140\DAC\bin\
                    Since  Sqlpackage.exe is where the installer expected, none of the databases will be created. You will see an error like:
                    " RunExcutable encountered a problem running process for command C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\130\DAC\bin\sqlpackage.exe /Action:Script
                    System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x800040005): The system cannot find the file specified "

                    It is possible to edit one of the installer broker files - '' xml -  file to have the correct path. Once that broker file is updated, you can re-run the installer and it will complete that step successfully. However, even though PME 8.2 installs, Database Manager will not function correctly, since it also uses sqlpackage.exe. This is not the recommended workaround.

                    Related Issues
                    If Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 is installed on a server using SQL Server 2016, and SQL Server Management Studio is subsequently upgraded to v17.x, Database Manager will no longer function normally.

                    If SQL Server Management Studio is upgraded to v17.x on any PME system with any SQL Server version, the 'Reconfigure' function of the PME installer will fail on any of the steps requiring database interaction.

                    To correct both of the above issues:

                    1. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and uninstall 'Microsoft SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework (x86)'
                    1. Browse the PME 8.2 DVD to the Setup\Setup[Support\Database directory and double-click on DACFramework.msi


                    Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?

                    For support on APC and MGE products please visit:

                    AC Power
                    Additional Management Cards and Options
                    Air Cooled Chillers
                    Air Distribution Accessories
                    Airflow Management
                    AIS 3000
                    AIS 5000
                    AIS Accessories
                    AIS Battery Systems
                    APC CS
                    APC Enterprise Manager
                    APC ES
                    APC RS
                    Application Shutdown Utilities
                    Assessment Services
                    Auto and Air Inverters
                    AV Accessories
                    AV Power Conditioners & Battery Backups
                    AV Power Filters
                    AV Pro Interconnects
                    AV Surge Protectors
                    Backpacks and Messenger Bags
                    Back-UPS Accessories
                    Back-UPS BI
                    Back-UPS CS
                    Back-UPS ES
                    Back-UPS HI
                    Back-UPS HT
                    Back-UPS LS
                    Back-UPS Office
                    Back-UPS Pro
                    Back-UPS RS
                    Back-UPS XS
                    Basic Rack PDU
                    Battery Management
                    Battery Replacement Services
                    Biometric Security
                    Bulk Cable
                    Cabinet Power Distribution
                    Cable Management
                    Charge-UPS EX
                    Commercial/Industrial Surge Suppression
                    Configurable Power Accessories
                    Configurable Power Distribution
                    Console Port Servers
                    Data Center Facility Cooling - Andover Continuum or TAC Vista
                    Data Center Facility Power - PowerLogic ION Enterprise
                    Data Center Software Integration Kits
                    Data Center University
                    Data Distribution Cable
                    DC Battery
                    DC Components
                    DC Distribution Components
                    Desktop KVM
                    Desktop Notebook Stands
                    EcoBreeze Air Economizers
                    Environmental Management System
                    Environmental Monitoring Unit
                    Ethernet Switches
                    Extended Warranties
                    Fiber Optics
                    Firmware Upgrades
                    FLM Series
                    Fluid Coolers
                    FRP/Ferroresonant Power Supply
                    Game Console Surge Protection
                    Gender Changers
                    Global Deployment
                    Hardwire Surge Suppression Accessories
                    High-Density Cooling Enclosures
                    IDE Cables
                    InfraStruxure for Large Data Centers
                    InfraStruxure for Medium Data Centers
                    InfraStruxure for Server Rooms
                    InfraStruxure for Small Data Centers
                    InfraStruxure for Wiring Closets
                    InfraStruxure Manager
                    InfraStruxure Type A
                    InRoom Direct Expansion
                    InRow Chilled Water
                    InRow Direct Expansion
                    InRow Pumped Refrigerant
                    Installation Services
                    Interface Cables
                    International Plug Adapters
                    KVM Switches
                    Laptop Power Adapters
                    Magnum VS
                    Magnum XS
                    Magnum XS Rectifier
                    Maintenance Bypass Panels
                    Management Platform Integration
                    Matrix Battery Systems
                    Matrix-UPS Accessories
                    Metered Rack PDU
                    Metered-by-Outlet Rack PDU
                    MGE Accessories
                    MGE Alpes
                    MGE Battery Systems
                    MGE Comet
                    MGE EPS
                    MGE EPS 6000
                    MGE EPS 7000
                    MGE EPS 8000
                    MGE Galaxy
                    MGE Galaxy 300
                    MGE Galaxy 3000
                    MGE Galaxy 3500
                    MGE Galaxy 4000
                    MGE Galaxy 5000
                    MGE Galaxy 5500
                    MGE Galaxy 6000
                    MGE Galaxy 7000
                    MGE Galaxy 9000
                    MGE Galaxy PW
                    MGE Legacy
                    MGE Service Bypass
                    MGE Sinewave
                    MGE Static Transfer Switches
                    MGE UPS 4000
                    Microsol Estabilizadores
                    Microsol Modules Isoladores
                    Mobile Notebook Stands
                    Modular Components
                    Modular Power Accessories
                    Modular Power Distribution
                    Mounting Hardware
                    NetBotz 200
                    NetBotz 300
                    NetBotz 400
                    NetBotz 500
                    NetBotz Access Control
                    NetBotz Accessories and Cables
                    NetBotz Central
                    NetBotz Rack Access
                    NetBotz Sensors
                    NetShelter CX
                    NetShelter EP Enclosures
                    NetShelter ES Enclosures
                    NetShelter Open Frame Rack Accessories
                    NetShelter SX
                    NetShelter VL
                    NetShelter VS Enclosures
                    NetShelter VX Enclosures
                    Network Integration Services
                    Network Patch Cables
                    NetworkAIR Accessories
                    NetworkAIR AFX
                    NetworkAIR CM
                    NetworkAIR CW
                    NetworkAIR FM
                    NetworkAIR IR
                    NetworkAIR TC
                    Notebook Security
                    On Site Service
                    Open Frame Racks
                    Operations Capacity
                    Operations Change
                    Operations Energy Cost
                    Operations Energy Efficiency
                    Operations Insight
                    Operations Mobile
                    Operations VIZOR
                    Outdoor Enclosures
                    Panelmount Environmental Monitoring
                    Patch Panels
                    Planning Tools and Publications
                    Portable Cooling
                    Power Cords
                    Power Distribution Units
                    Power Generation Systems
                    Power Ready Notebook Cases
                    PowerChute Business Edition
                    PowerChute Inventory Manager
                    PowerChute Network Shutdown
                    PowerChute Personal Edition
                    PowerChute plus
                    Preventive Maintenance
                    Project Management Services
                    Rack Air Distribution
                    Rack Components
                    Rack LCD Consoles
                    Rack PDU Accessories
                    Rack-mount Transfer Switches
                    Refrigerant Distribution
                    Remote Monitoring Services
                    Replacement Batteries
                    Replacement Notebook Batteries
                    Residential Hardwire Surge Suppression
                    Retractable Cables
                    Room Air Distribution
                    Room Cooling Accessories
                    Router Cables
                    Row Cooling Accessories
                    Security Cameras
                    Service Bypass Panel
                    Service Plans
                    Silcon Accessories
                    Silcon Battery Systems
                    SLM/FLM Series
                    SmartSlot Expansion Chassis
                    Smart-UPS Accessories
                    Smart-UPS Battery Systems
                    Smart-UPS DP
                    Smart-UPS On-Line
                    Smart-UPS RT
                    Smart-UPS VT
                    Software Configuration
                    Software Education
                    Software for NetBotz Appliances
                    Software Installation
                    Software Integration
                    Spare Part Kits
                    Specialty Enclosures
                    Start-Up Service
                    Stationary Power Distribution Units
                    Step-Down Transformer
                    StruxureWare Central
                    StruxureWare Operations Suite
                    SurgeArrest Essential
                    SurgeArrest Home/Office
                    SurgeArrest Notebook
                    SurgeArrest Performance
                    Switch Boxes
                    Switched Rack PDU
                    Symmetra Accessories
                    Symmetra Battery Systems
                    Symmetra MW
                    Symmetra MW Accessories
                    Symmetra Power Module
                    Symmetra PX
                    Symmetra PX Accessories
                    Sync and Charge Cables
                    Thermal Containment
                    Thick and Thin Ethernet
                    Token Ring
                    Toploading Cases
                    Traditional Cases
                    Training Services
                    Travel Mice
                    TSP Accessories
                    TSP Battery
                    TSP/Total System Power
                    Tune-UPS for Symmetra
                    Uniflair Chilled Water
                    Universal Mobile Device Batteries
                    Universal Notebook Batteries
                    Universal Notebook Power Adapter
                    Universal Power Accessories
                    Universal Power Adapters
                    UPS Network Hub Card
                    UPS Network Management Cards
                    USB Adapters & Converters
                    USB Cables
                    USB Charging Cables
                    USB Hubs
                    Wall-mount Transfer Switches
                    Wheeled Cases
                    Wizards and Configurators