Grid Plates and Surrounds - 2000 Series, 1 Gang

White Electric | Grid Plates and Surrounds - 2000 Series, 1 Gang

Grid Plates and Surrounds - 2000 Series, 1 Gang

Item Number: 2000-WE




Range of product

Series 2000

Product brand


Surface finish



Mounting position


Device mounting


Type of installation



13 mm


116 mm


76 mm





Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

20 g

Package 1 Height

13 mm

Package 1 width

76 mm

Package 1 Length

116 mm

Unit Type of Package 2


Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Weight

0.24 kg

Package 2 Height

117 mm

Package 2 width

102 mm

Package 2 Length

138 mm

Unit Type of Package 3


Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Weight

2.4 kg

Package 3 Height

157 mm

Package 3 width

305 mm

Package 3 Length

445 mm
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How to set a timeout page on 5500NAC/SHAC Using javascript?

In NAC/SHAC > Scripting > edit custom JavaScripting

Copy and paste the code below

Modify adjust the timer value to your need (i.e 20000 = 20 sec)

Set the Current plantID to the page that you want it to time out too. For example high light in yellow showed on image below.

$(function() {


 // Back to Start after x seconds (in miliseconds)

 var SE_Timeout = 20000; // adjust this timer value if needed (20 seconds in miliseconds)

 var SE_Startpage = currentPlanId; // First page that is loaded

 var eventlist = 'vclick vmousedown vmouseout touchend';


 // Timer function no usage detected

 function No_Usage_Detected(callback, timeout, _this) {

  var timer;

  return function(e) {

    var _that = this;

    if (timer)


    timer = setTimeout(function() { || _that, e);

    }, timeout);






 // Back to start function when timer elapsed

  var SE_Goto_Startpage = No_Usage_Detected(function(e) {

  if ( currentPlanId != SE_Startpage ) {



 }, SE_Timeout);


 // Add event listener to document to detect user input


 .on(eventlist, function() {




 // Add event listener to all iframes to detect user input inside iframes

 $('iframe').load(function() {

  var iframe = $('iframe').contents().find('html');

  iframe.on(eventlist, function(event) {









What is the catalog number for a Kirk Key Lock plus provision for the Masterpact NW breaker?

Selection of key interlock and provisions for the Masterpact NW circuit breaker.

Product Line:
Masterpact NW

The Masterpact NW breaker requires 1 or 2, p/n: KC40---10 (type CN22).  
Order directly from Kirk:  
 Kirk Key Interlock, 9048 Meridian Circle NW, North Canton, OH  44720
Toll free: (800)438-2442, Phone: (234)209-9301, Fax: (330)497-4400

Field Installable Provisions;
Provision for 2 Locks on Cradle: S48565 (Install Bulletin 48049-156-02)
Provision for 2 Locks on Breaker: S48542 (Install Bulletin 48049-197-02)

Can also order Lock with provision (part numbers below):

S48923 is one Kirk Key lock for cradle locking
S48924 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed alike) for cradle locking
S48925 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed differently) for cradle locking
S48945 is one Kirk Key lock for circuit breaker locking
S48946 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed alike) for circuit breaker locking
S48947 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed differently) for circuit breaker locking

A lock order form must be submitted with the order. See 0613DB1607 for this order form. 

Link to catalog:

Which Powerlink Controller supports DMX?

Does Powerlink support DMX?

Product Line:
Powerlink G3 Lighting Control

North America, Commercial Lighting Control

Product Information

The NF2000G3 or NF3000G3 models support DMX as one of the communcation modes.  

Is the Zelio Smart Relay software - SR2SFT01 compatible with Windows 7?

Is the Zelio Smart Relay software - SR2SFT01 compatible with Windows 7?

Product Line:
Zelio Logic 2 Smart Relays

SR2/ SR3 Zelio Smart Relays

Clarify if Windows 7 will work with the Zelio Smart Relays.                             

The software is compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, ME and Windows 7.

Can a third party photo cell be used with the light sensitive switches?

No, the light sensitive switches, such as the IC100, IC2000, IC2000P+ and IC100k, are designed to be used with the photo cells supplied with them.

Can I combine a number of photo cells on a light sensitive switch of the IC100, IC200, IC2000, IC2000P or IC2000P+ type.

No, only one photo cell can be combined with each light-sensitive switch (IC100, IC200, IC2000, IC2000P or IC2000P+).
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