Socket Outlets, Switched Vertical 2000 Series, Single, 250V, 10A

White Electric | Socket Outlets, Switched Vertical 2000 Series, Single, 250V, 10A

Socket Outlets, Switched Vertical 2000 Series, Single, 250V, 10A

Item Number: 2015V-WE




Range of product

Series 2000

Product or component type

switched socket

Product brand


Surface finish


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Control type

ON/OFF button

Number of gangs

1 gang

Pin number


Number of power socket outlets



  • rocker
  • switch
    • Mounting position


      Fixing mode

      by screws

      Local signalling

      without light indicator

      [Ue] rated operational voltage

      250 V AC

      [In] rated current

      10 A


      12 mm


      116 mm


      76 mm

      Fixing center

      84 mm


    • AS/NZS 3100
    • AS/NZS 3112
    • AS/NZS 3133:approval number S/1
      • REACh Regulation

        Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

        EU RoHS Directive


        Mercury free


        RoHS exemption information


        China RoHS Regulation

        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

        Environmental Disclosure






        Unit Type of Package 1


        Number of Units in Package 1


        Package 1 Weight

        83 g

        Package 1 Height

        30 mm

        Package 1 width

        120 mm

        Package 1 Length

        80 mm

        Unit Type of Package 2


        Number of Units in Package 2


        Package 2 Weight

        0.922 kg

        Package 2 Height

        128 mm

        Package 2 width

        146 mm

        Package 2 Length

        166 mm

        Unit Type of Package 3


        Number of Units in Package 3


        Package 3 Weight

        9.2 kg

        Package 3 Height

        254 mm

        Package 3 width

        348 mm

        Package 3 Length

        445 mm
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Wiser Power Monitor Installation Instructions

        Where can I find installation documentation for Wiser Power Monitors, WISERJLPM200, WISERCTPM200?

        Product Line:
        Wiser Home Managerment System USA model

        Residential Home USA model

        End user or installer in need of documentation 

        There are 2 Wiser Power Meters.  
        The "JL" model, WISERJLPM200, has a Jetlun logo on it.  It was sold from 2013 to early 2015.  In first quarter 2015, it was replaced by WISERCTPM200.

        Documentation is attached.

        Lock for old Prisma beige cabinet?

        Support and spare parts for Prisma beige ended December 2015

        Is there a mobile app for the Wiser Home Management System?

        Is there a mobile app for the Wiser Home Management System?

        Product Line:
        Wiser Home Management System

        United States and Canada

        There are 2 Generations of Wiser Home Management System.  There are different apps for each one of them.  Also, there is a products from the Clipsal division of Schneider Electric called Wiser Home Controller for the C-Bus Lighting Controls System.  This product also has mobile apps with "Wiser" in the title.

        The Wiser Home Management System was updated in 2015 with the release of the Wiser Air Thermsotat.  The modile app for this product series is titled "Wiser Air."   An image of the app from the Apple App Store is shown below. This app is also available for Android mobile devices.  A Windows Mobile App is expected to be released in 2016.  It is appropriate to use this app if you have a Wiser Air thermostat, part number WISERAIR10xxxxx, and have an account on the website

        The 2013 first generation of the Wiser Home Management System used an app titled "Wiser Home."  This app and corresponding equipment have been discontinued and no are longer supported.

        The Clipsal C-Bus Wiser system uses an app called "Wiser HD."   It is appropriate to use this app if your installation has a Wiser Home Controller, part number 5200PG.   Do not use this app with the Wiser Home Management Systems.



        Why is my functional level of my M221 Somachine application not compatible with the firmware?

        If you get a warning whilst creating a program in Somachine for your M221 controller:
        "The Functional levels of the application and of the firmware are not compatible"

        You can fix this by upgrading the firmware or by lowering the functional level of the application.
        Version was released end of march 2015 and is present on your computer if you have installed  v1.3 SP1 for SoMachineBasic software.
        The file directory is:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\SoMachine Basic\Firmwares & PostConfiguration\M221\V1.3.2.1

        To Sumarise:
        Upgrade your firmware first to v1.3.2.1
        Set the application level to the level requierd.


        Video: How To Limit SQL Server Memory Usage?

        SQL Server is using a large amount of RAM memory which is resulting in poor system performance. 
        Product Line
        Power Monitoring Expert (PME)
        Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM)
        ION Enterprise
        SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016
        By default, SQL Server will utilize as much RAM memory as possible. 
        It is possible to set limits on how much RAM memory SQL is allowed to request from the Operating System. 

        *Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio.*

        1. Start SQL Server Management Studio and log in to your SQL Server instance.
        2. Right-click the SQL Server name and click Properties in the menu to open the Server Properties dialog.
        3. Select Memory in the left pane and adjust the value in the Maximum server memory field.
        Note the following recommendations for setting SQL server memory options on the server where you install a supported edition of SQL Server:
        • Where only SQL Server is running on the host server, set the SQL Server maximum memory to the system physical memory less at least 2GB for the Windows operating system. For example, if your server has 8GB of memory, set the SQL Server maximum memory to no more than 6GB. This leaves at least 2GB for the operating system.
        • Where the SQL Server is sharing the host server with other server processes, including Internet Information Services (IIS) and ION services, set the SQL Server maximum memory to no more than half the physical memory on the server. For example, if you server has 8GB of memory, set the SQL Server memory to no more than 4GB. This leaves at least 4GB for the operating system and all other server processes.
        4. Click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog.
        5. Close SQL Server Management Studio.

        What is the alternate / replacement plates for the old Clipsal C2025VC in black

        C2025VC-BK is no longer available.  That would be for the C2025VS plates.  If the customer has a C2025V socket outlet 
        he could order the C2025VC2-BK covers as indent from Australia.
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