sock swt twin 10a rcd 30ma


Catalogue Number: 2025RC
sock swt twin 10a rcd 30ma
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE 1


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Product brand
Range of product
  • Lifesaver
  • Series 2000
    • Control type
      ON/OFF button
      Number of gangs
      2 gangs
      Pin number
      Number of power socket outlets
    • rocker
    • switch
      • Mounting position
        Fixing mode
        by screws
        Local signalling
        without light indicator
        Surface finish
        [Ue] rated operational voltage
        250 V AC
        [In] rated current
        10 A
        47 mm
        116 mm
        76 mm
        Fixing center
        84 mm
      • AS/NZS 3100
      • AS/NZS 3112
      • AS/NZS 3133:approval number S/1
        • EU RoHS Directive

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          Is part number 2025RC double pole?

          Yes. Part number 2025RC is Double Pole.

          What is the cover plate to fit the Clipsal C2025RCD

          Not available, cover plates only available for C2025RC (no D)

          Does the RCD trip on a 2025RC series in the event of power outage ?

          No , the RCD will only trip in the event of an earth leakage fault.

          Can the RCD unit in a Clipsal C2025RC be replaced

          No, the whole unit will need replacing.

          Does the 2025RC protect the other outlets on the circuit?

          Yes, the 2025RC can be connected to protect the outlets wired downstream of it. 

          Some of the key features are:
          • 1 pole
          • Style 1
          • 30 mA tripping current
          • Professional range
          • Double pole RCD
          • 30 ms typical trip time

          For further information please visit


          Can i use a 2025RC on an inverter in a car?

          Using a 2025RC is not recommended for use in a car on a inverter as it is not designed for that purpose. The car chassis is not earthed and can also become an electrical hazard which may lead to electrocution. The RCD may also experience nuisance tripping as well depending on the quality inverter used which will cause the operation of the unit to cease.


          Will a C2025C spare cover fit on a C2025QC double power point?

          No, unfortunately a C2025C will only suit a C2025 outlet.

          The spare cover for a C2025QC is a C2025QCC.

          'QC' Stands for Quick Connect.

          For further information please visit


          Is the C2025RCD available in a vertical version

          No - The C2025RCD is horizontal only

          Do you have a double pole version of the 2025L?

          No, unfortunately we do not have a 2025L that is double pole.
          However we can offer the 25DL-WE which is a double pole double outlet with round earth pins.

          What is the alternative for the PDL 691RCD10 in red

          If it is not in a hospital you could use a PDL 691RCD10 in white and order a red cover as a special.  For a hospital use a Clipsal ML2031VRC10 and Clipsal 2025RD together in a double surround.

          What is the old version of Clipsal C2025VC2 plates

          Part number C2025VC

          Is there a red double horizontal socket available without the RCD, Neon, or Circ ID in the Medliec range?

          Yes, the 2025, double horizontal socket 250V 10A is available in red. Use the code 2025-RD.

          Is the Brushed Aluminium cover for the Classic range , C2025C , Anodised?

          No , the brushed aluminium cover is not anodised.

          Where should the twin brown wires be connected on 2031RC series?

          The 2031RC series consists of 2031RC30, 2031VRC30, 2031RC10, 2031VRC10, ML2031RC10 and ML2031VRC10.

          The twin brown wires power the Line Power Available LED. These wires must be connected into the Line Active and Neutral terminals with the incoming supply wires.
          For further information please refer to the attached installation instruction

          Can an RCD protected outlet be used downstream from an RCD?

          Yes, a RCD protected outlet can be used Downstream from and RCD, however we can not guarantee the RCD powerpoint will trip first.

          The part number for the RCD protected outlet is 2025RC.
          Some of the key features are:

          • 1 pole
          • Style 1
          • 30 mA tripping current
          • Professional range
          • Double pole RCD
          • 30 ms typical trip time
          • -10 to 40 deg C temperature
          • 10Amp rated
          • 250V AC
          For further information please visit


          What does the Clipsal C2025RCC cover look like?

          Please following the link for a picture and specifications:


          Does the 2025RC10 have safety shutters?

          No, the 2025RC10 does not have safety shutters.

          Some of the key features are:
          • Earth leakage switch with IFN 30 mA
          • Frequency rating: 50 Hz
          • typical trip time: 30ms

          For further information please visit

          Can the 155H2 be used with the 2025H2 series ?

          No, the 155H2 mounting bracket can not be used with the 2025H2 as the mounting holes do not line up. You can use a wall clip part number 2154/4.

          For further information please visit


          What is part no for cover to suit C2025 ?

          Part no C2025C will fit C2025

          - Does the 30USBCM fit into 2025XA and C2025XA

          Yes it will fit into 2025XA / C2025XA, with the following mounting hardware only: 154, 154RM, 154/1, 155NAR, 155VNAR, 155PRM, 156/2, 157, 164, 449A. Will not fit SC2025XA / 25XA. ( Also please note that it will need to be placed into plate in vertical configuration)
          For more information on the 30USBCM please visit the Clipsal web site or click  link provided .

          What would be the part number for a double pole power point with neon indicator?

          This part is available in standard series part number 25DN (only available in white) 2000 series - 2025DN (available in red and white) and classic series C2025DN (available in red and white).

          Please see following link for more information for Installations and product information.


          Is the extra switch in the 2025XA two way compatible?

          Yes, it is a 30M mech and can be two way wired

          Do Clipsal have a 2025 that has red switches instead of white?

          Yes, the 2025RDL-WE features a red dolly assembly
          For more information on this product please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

          What is the code for the cover plate to suit the C2025XAS Double power outlet 250V 10A with shutters and extra switch?

          C2025XC - available in White (WE), Brushed Aluminium (BA), Chrome (CH) and Gold (GD).

          What is the part number for a mounting block to suit 2025H2?

          There is no mounting block available for the 2025H2

          Is the Clipsal RCD 2025RC10 available in Red, Blue and Beige

          Red is available as an indent, the other two colours are not set up for sale in NZ.  Need to use ML2025RC10-DB and ML2025RC10C-BG (engraved Cleaning Purposes

          Do Clipsal do a vertical single or double GPO in the Slimline range?

          No , if customer wants vertical GPO , they will have to use 2000 series , 2025V, or Classic series , C2025V

          For further information , visit links below:-

          User-added image

          Does the outlet 2025RCD30 Protect upstream and downstream outlets?

          The outlet 2025RCD 30 will only protect downstream outlets see the below diagram.

          What is the alternate / replacement plates for the old Clipsal C2025VC in black

          C2025VC-BK is no longer available.  That would be for the C2025VS plates.  If the customer has a C2025V socket outlet 
          he could order the C2025VC2-BK covers as indent from Australia.

          What is the part number for a surround /cover for the 2025H2?

          The part number for a surround /cover for the 2025H2 is - 2000H2


          Is there a double GPO where the outlets are a little further apart?

          What is the replacement mechanism for the surge protection in a 2025SF?

          The replacement for the surge protection in a 2025SF is the 30SFM.

          Some of the key features are:
          • Peak current (8/20µs) 6.5 kA
          • Maximum clamping voltage (8/20 µs, 100 A) 710 V
          • Energy absorption (10/1000 µS) 3 x 140J
          • Impulse response time <50 ns

          For further information please visit


          Is there an IP66 rated 2 gang vertical outlet in 2000 range?

          No there is no IP66 rated outlet in the 2000 series. For IP66 outlets the 56 Series would be the best option
          For Clipsal 2000 series information click this link

          For Clipsal 56 Series please click this link

          Does Clipsal sell assembled double outlet with the USB charger mech?

          No , We have sinlge outlets with USB chargers or you can fit 1 x  USB charger mech to either a 2025XA or a C2025XA ( in vertical configuration )

          For further information on this please visit the clipsal web site on the link provided

          Do you do a SC2025XA without the middle switch but has a blanking plate?

          No, this is not a standard item.
          Suggest you purchase a 2025XA remove the switch and put the blank 30P in there.

          For further information please visit

          Is there a product data sheet for a 2025?

          Yes there is. Please see the attached PDF document.
          Some of the key features are:
          • 10A Rated
          • 250V Rated
          • Double Outlet
          • 2000 Series
          • Variety of colours
          For further information please visit Trade - Clipsal by Schneider Electric


          What would be the part number for a mounting block for a 2025H2-WE.

          There is no mounting block for this part.
          Suggestion would be to mount 2 449-we close together.
          This is mainly designed for flush mounting on a gyproc wall hence there is no mounting block.
          Please see attached link for complete gang buster range.

          Is there a wall box for a 2025H2?

          The wall box for the 2025H2 is the 2157H2.

          Some of the key features are:
          • 2 gang
          • 84 mm (2 sets)
          • With sliding nuts for accurate alignment of accessory
          • Precision stamped from 0.9 mm strip bright electrogalvanised, for 2000H2 series

          For further information please visit


          What is a 2000 Series power point?

          The 2000 Series power point is a 2025.
          • 10A Double Power Point
          • 240V AC
          • 2000 Series
          For further information please visit:

          User-added image

          What is the part number of the cover to suit 2025?

          The part number is 2000-xx
          (xx is the color code)

          Please click this link for further information

          User-added image

          Does the C2025VC fit the outlet C2025?

          No, Unfortunately they made a second version. The replacement part is C2025VC2.
          The first thing you'll notice about the C2000 classic series is the cover, which comes in a choice of superb metal finishes and classic coloured plastic mouldings. This cover not only looks attractive, it also hides all mounting holes and is easily removed to enable you to paint right up to the edge of the grid plate without having to worry about marking the cover. When decorating is complete, the cover is simply replaced for a perfect finish. As C2000 classic series covers and grid plates can be mixed and matched, you can produce many combinations to match the particular decor theme you want to create.
          Some of the key features for the C2025VC2 are:
          • New designt
          • Standard size
          • Identification cover
          • For twin switched socket
          For further information please visit