box adaptable 77x77x54mm


Catalogue Number: 265/1
box adaptable 77x77x54mm
Colour: Grey
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Grey 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
Series 265
Product brand
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Circularity Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the 265 series insulated boxes (suitable for numerous junctions and terminations) IP rated?

The 265 series is a range of IP56 rated insulated boxes suitable for numerous junctions and terminations. Each box is supplied with a 3mm sealing gasket.

This applies to the 265/1, 265/3, 265/4, 265/5, 265/7 and 265/7D.

Is the junction box 265/1 UV rated?

No it doesn't have a rating as such, however it is UV resistant.

What screws would suit a 265/1-GY.

The part number for the screws would be 265SCREW.

Does the 252/32/2A come in orange?

No, the 252/32/2A only comes in grey.

What is the IP rating of a 265/7 Junction box?

265/7 junction box is rated to IP56

What is part no for lid to suit 265/7

Part no 265/7LID is available to suit 265/7

Do you do the 265/1 in a orange colour?

Yes, we can offer the 265/1 in electric orange. The part number is 265/1-EO.
Some of the key features are:
  • Surface mount
  • Dimension: 77 mm Length x 77 mm Width x 54 mm Height
  • 63.5 mm screw centres C, 63.5 mm screw centres D
  • Weatherproof, full cover plate
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What is part number for lid to suit 265/3?

Unfortunately, the part number 265/3LID-GY is no longer available.

What is the part number for a lid to suit the 265/4 ?

The part number is 265/4LID-GY
For more information on this product range please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

What is the part no for the lid only as a spare of a 265/4?

The part no is 265/4LID

Please see the following link for further details:

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What is the part number for the lid to suit the adaptable box 265/4?

The part number for the lid to suit the 265/4 adaptable box is - 265/4LID.

Some of the key features are:

  • For adaptable box 265/4
  • Grey colour
  • IP56

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Is there a junction box with minimum internal dimensions of 110mm(L) X 80mm(W) X 50mm(H) that also has a certain degree of weather protection available?

Yes the 265/4 would be suitable for the application. It is slightly larger however, it will meet the desired requirements.
Some of its key features are:
  • Surface mount
  • Dimension: 108 mm Length x 108 mm Width x 76 mm Height
  • 143.7 mm screw centres C, 89 mm screw centres D
  • Weatherproof, full cover plate
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What is the surge protection replacement for an old PDL 40kA surge protection

 You can use a 16561

How many 261/16 Clipsal saddles are there in a carton?

There are 50 16mm saddles in a carton.

Note: This information can be found in your Clipsal pocketbook right next to the part code.

Is part no 224/1 avaialble in Black

Part no 224/1 is not available in Black

for more information on this part please refer to

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What comb busbar can you use with the A9D73620?

You can use the 21501 Comb Busbar PH and N 12 Poles.

Can a 26981 screw shield be used on a single pole breaker?

Yes, they can be fitted to C60 MCB's and RCCB's.
They come in a pack of 2 x 4 screw covers.

Is there a surface mount floor box available?

We can offer a 224/1

What is the part code for a base only for 16571 surge arrestor, already have cartridges

 Sold only as a complete unit, no part code for base only

What is the current replacement to the 16571

new code

Is the 224/1 have outlets either side?

Yes it houses 2 standard size plates, one either side.

What is the part number for the bus bar to suit the 4RCBE216/30S slim line RCBO ?

The combination Busbars to suit the slim line RCBO's are the  21501 (12 pole) or 21503 (24 pole)
For more information on this product range please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided.

Can the 563/1 connector be used for an earth connection?

No, unfortunately the 563/1 screw connectors are not suitable for an earth connector as the screw is only 67% of the tunnel.
Alternatively you are able to use any of our two screw connectors as they do apply with current rules and regulations of AS3000.

I.e. 563/2

Key features:


  • 2x 6mm cables
  • Clear insulation
  • 2 Screw

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How many plates fit on the 224/1?

The 224/1 fits 2 standard size plates. This can include GPO's, Multigang data plates, Light switches.

For further information, please visit

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What would be the replacement part for the 4BB5/26.

 21501 for a 12 module and a 21503 for the 24 module. these are a Schneider part which is equivalent to the 4bb5/26
Clipsal’s range of busbars are available in 63A - 250A versions and have been specifically designed to make installations quicker and easier.
Please see following link for further information and complete range.

Do you have a junction box with the dimensions 105mm(H) X 105mm(W) X 55mm(D)?

The closest junction box we would have is a 265/3. The dimensions of that junction box is 108mm(H) X 108mm(W) X 76mm(D).
  • Surface mount
  • Dimension: 108 mm Length x 108 mm Width x 76 mm Height
  • 89 mm screw centres C, 89 mm screw centres D
  • Weatherproof, full cover plate
For further information please visit

What is the C clip bracket for double gyprock roughly 25mm thick? Do you also do long screws to suit?

The part number for the C clip is 154/1.
The Part number for the screws is 355A.

For further information please visit

What is the operating temperature of the 563/1 and the 563/2 1 and 2 screw bluepoints?

Our connectors are made of Polypropylene (which is a flame retardant material) according to the supplier this material can hold up top +-165C.
Although I will not recommend more than room temperature + 40C.
Keep in mind cables will not stand such temperature anyway as they normally rated between 75C to 90C

Some of the key features are:
  • Cable Connectors
  • Single or double screw
  • Clear insulated
  • Suits up to 2 x 6mm² cables


Loading settings onto a VAMP relay that doesn't have the same complete part number.

May the settings file from a VPG210-001361 be directly loaded into a VAMP 210-5A7ADA-3.20 using VAMPset?

Product Line
VAMP relays

If the complete part numbers doesn't match one cannot load the same setting file to each other.  Each VAMP relay will have to be manually configured.  
Also if the unit has the same part number and firmware is not the same one cannot load the setting file.  

Does Clipsal offer something similar to the 224/1 floor outlet housing in metal?

No, Unfortunately this product is unavailable.
Some of the key features of the 224/1 floor outlet housing are:
  • 134 Length x 111 Width x 113 Depth mm dimension
  • With 2 segregation barriers
  • Suits 2 Standard plates
  • 1 gang
  • 84 mm Mounting centre
For further information please visit


Video: What auxiliary contact modules are available for the LC1D and LC2D contactors?

Auxiliary contact modules for the LC1D and LC2D contactors

Product Line: 
Contactor and Starters - IEC

North American Products

Select based on application requirements. Please note that the TeSys and Pre-TeSys auxiliary blocks are backward/forward compatible.
Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor:

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N
--1-----------1---------LADN11G---------LA1DN11G (See Footnote 1)
--1-----------1---------LADN11P---------LA1DN11P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------0---------LA1DX20---------LA1DX20 (See Footnote 2)
--2-----------0---------LA1DY20---------LA1DY20 (See Footnote 3)
--2-----------2---------LADN22G---------LA1DN22G (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADN22P---------LA1DN22P (See Footnote 1)
--2-----------2---------LADC22------------LA1DC22 (See Footnote 4)
--3-----------1---------LA1DZ31----------LA1DZ31 (See Footnote 5)
--4-----------0---------LA1DZ40-----------LA1DZ40 (See Footnote 6)

Front Mounting; maximum of 1 block per contactor: For use with D2 Series 25 amp through 80 amp contactors and TeSys Series 40 amp through 80 amp only.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

Side Mounting; maximum of 1 block on each side for D2 Series and Tesys Series 40 through 80 amp contactors. Tesys 9 through 32, 115, and 150 amps contactors will accept 1 block and is limited to left side only. (*) DC control devices will not accept side mount auxiliaries.
(*) DC control exceptions that will accept one left side mounted auxiliary: LC1D115 & LC1D150.

N.O.-------N.C.-----TeSys P/N--------Pre-TeSys P/N

{1} EN50 012 Machine Tool Terminal Markings
{2} (2) NO Sealed Dust Tight Contacts
{3} Gold Flash Contacts
{4} (1) NO & (1) NC Standard and (1) NO & (1) NC Make Before Break
{5} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (1) NO & (1) NC Standard Contacts
{6} (2) NO Dust Tight Contacts & (2) NO Standard Contacts

Upgrade Path for NetBotz Central

Upgrade Path for NetBotz Central

Product Line:
NetBotz Central

NetBotz Central upgrade path

Due to the inherent difference between database versions, customers with earlier versions of NBC must follow the proper upgrade path to ensure data is properly retained

Server and Database Backups Prior to V 2.4:

•Backups prior to 2.4 can only be restored to like versions.
(For example a V 2.2.1 backup can only be restored to V 2.2.1 NBC.

•Depending on the customer's desire to keep their existing data, it may be a better option to simply restore the system with the 2.4.0 recovery CD rather than doing each upgrade. If they want to retain data though this would not be an option.

•Server configuration backup was added in NBC Version 2.3 so it is unavailable to previous versions.

•A customer at 2.0.X must follow each successive upgrade path from 2.04 to >2.1.2- to >2.2.3 to ->2.3.1 to ->2.4 ->2.5 or 2.5.1 ->2.5.2


•The backup process is very intensive and can take considerable time to complete. There are major database changes that must be done and the NBC will not be recording data during this time. The customer may miss 12-36 hours of data while the system is upgrading and they must weigh that with the value of the historical data they already have.

•If the customer has Surveillance, they must install it at every release in the upgrade process.

Please note that NetBotz Central is no longer officially supported and upgrades may not be available.

Reformatting a 300/303/310/400 Series Appliances


Reformatting a 300/303/310/400 Series Appliances

Product Line:



NetBotz version 1


This article describes how to reset or reformat a Version 1 appliance. This procedure will return the appliance to its default settings which will erase all license keys, thresholds, user ids & passwords, and configuration details.
Please note that version 1 appliances are no longer supported so any procedures taken on these appliances are done at your own risk. 


1. Attach a serial cable from your PC to the bot.
2. Start HyperTerminal
3. Configure HypterTerminal to use the correct serial port (that the cable is attached to) and take the default settings for everything except the bits per second which should be set for 38400
4. Power off the bot (pull out the power cord)
5. Power on the bot (re-connect)

You will see something like the following:


NetBotz ROM Version 1.3.34
Power On Self Test Results:
ROM Checksum: OK
Real-time clock: OK
Analog to Digital Converter: VMIN = 0x00000000
Analog to Digital Converter: VHALF = 0x00000200
Analog to Digital Converter: VMAX = 0x000003FF
Analog to Digital Converter: OK
Camera: OK
Application: OK - Version: Dev_08162002_1849_mmoreno

Running application.
Primary SYSVARS chksum valid: 0x00000a44
Primary BSPVARS chksum valid: 0x00000bfe
IP address on LAN is
LAN interface's subnet mask is
IP address of default gateway to other networks is
DHCP is enabled
This board's MAC Address is 00:02:D3:00:2B:7F
Product Code: RackBotz
Revision Code: REV A10-12
Manufacture Date: 10/30/2001
Manufacturer Code: TEX
Product Model Number: 300
pSOS 2.5.1 Version
To change any of this, press any key within 3 seconds


6. When you see the prompt above ""To Change any of this, press any key within 3 seconds"", press ""Shift F"" (that is Shift and F at the same time).
7. You will then be prompted with the following ""Do you really want to format the filesystem? [N]""
8. Type a ""Y"" and press ""Enter""
9. The bot will format its file system and then continue booting

Once the booting is complete, reboot the bot once more.