Catalogue Number: 30MSPA
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
  • Series 30
  • Standard Series
    • Product brand
      Device presentation
      basic element
      Switch function
    • 2-way
    • 1-way
      • Actuator
        Number of rocker
        Device mounting
        Local signalling
        [Ue] rated operational voltage
        250 V AC
        Rated current
        10 A
        Marking location
        marking on surface
        REACh Regulation
        Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
        REACh free of SVHC
        EU RoHS Directive
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
        Circularity Profile

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        Is the 30MBPN available in a 12V version?

        Yes, it is the part number is 30MBPN12.

        What is the life cycle of the 30MBP?

        The 30MBP has been tested to 12000 cycles.

        What Saturn plate will suit 30MBPR mech?

        Any Saturn plate that accommodates 30 series mechs will be suitable

        eg 4031VH to 4036VH

        Is there a 30MBPR marked open?

        Yes the part numberfor a 30MBPR marked open is a 30MBPR-OPEN-WE.

        Only available in white, not available in NZ.


        What is the part code for the 30 series mechs for Saturn plates

        The part code is 30M-3A are available but indent
        The cooker switch is one switch for on and one switch for off

        What is the amp rating on the 30MBP?

        The amp rating on the bell press switch mechanism 30MBP is 15A.
        Some of the key features are:
        • Offers facility for momentary on or off
        • Alternative lamp voltages available
        • Neon is connected across terminals 1 and 4
        For further information please visit


        Is the Clipsal 30SPK available in black

         Only available in white

        Will a 30NPA fit into a BSL25XA-WE

         Yes it will fit

        Do you do a 30MBPR in a higher amperage?

        No unfortunately if you want the rocker that is the only option.

        Is there a Clipsal 30 Series press mech in black?

        Yes, the 30MBPR is available in black (BK) - 30MBPR-BK
        See link for details:

        Does Clipsal offer a double pole bell press?

        No, only a single pole bell press switch is available

        Part name is either 30MBP, 30PBBP or 60PBBP for Saturn plates

        What is the part number of an unmarked / plain 30MBPR, 30 series bell press rocker mechanism?

        Unmarked 30MBPR would need to be done as a special/custom product. It is not available as off the shelf, stocked item.


        Is there an alternative to a 30MBP momentary bell press mechanism?

        The closest alternative to a 30MBP momentary bell press mechanism is a 30PBBP.
        The older unit was 15A compared to the new version at 16A. The 30PBBP has a square body but mechanically they are the same operation

        is the 30MBP available in Green or Red?

        Both Colours are not available for that Part.

        ION 6200 Digital Output - operational details not covered in the product documentation

        Product Line

        Digital Outputs

        As energy accumulates, the ION 6200 digital output toggles from Open to Close, or from Close to Open, instead of pulsing. This is called KY pulsing. By default, the ION6200 meter has two Pulser modules preset to send pulses every 1 kWh and every 1 kVARh to the 2 solid state relays on the meter. The settings on the front for the defaults are out1 = wH, tc 1 = 1 and out2 =VArh, tc = 1. Notice that both out1 and out2 do not show k(kilo), but all out settings are in k(kilo), and that the tc(time constant) setting is also referenced as kT in some cases.
        Here are some parameter limits and operational constraints to keep in mind for the ION6200 meter:

        • Maximum Transition frequency = 20 per second
        • Minimum Period between Transition = 30ms, fixed
        • Kt Value must to set to a value greater than 0.1 for the digital output to operate correctly and accurately. This is due to bounds on the internal accuracy of the values maintained within the meter.

        Note also that the digital output toggles in batches at the beginning of each second. Thus, the digital output operates in bursts potentially at the beginning of each new 1 second boundary for no more than 600ms (20 transition x 30ms) in each one-second cycle. Calculations can be made to show that this implies that accuracy of measurements derived from this meter's pulsing capability must be averaged over at least a 15 minute period in order for them to reliably fall within the 0.5 accuracy class of this meter. This is not a reflection of the accuracy of the meter's measurement capability so much as a consequence of the specific way that this meter outputs measurement data via its digital outputs.

        What are the supported controllers based on the Unity Pro v11 license size?

        Unity Pro v11 is available in 3 different sizes :  S, L, XL
        The only difference between sizes S, L, XL  is the supported controller  references.
        Supported PLCs by size :
        In bold, new controllers available in Unity Pro v11
        Controllers family Small
        X Large
        MC80 (*) All models All models All models
        Momentum All models All models All models
        Modicon M 340 All models All models All models
        Atrium   TSX PCI 57 204 TSX PCI 57 204
          TSX PCI 57 354 TSX PCI 57 354
        Premium   TSX P 57 00 TSX P 57 00
          TSX P 57 10 TSX P 57 10
          TSX P 57 20 TSX P 57 20
          TSX H 57 20 TSX H 57 20
          TSX P 57 30 TSX P 57 30
          TSX P 57 40 TSX P 57 40
          TSX H 57 40 TSX H 57 40
            TSX P 57 50
            TSX P 57 60
        M580 Standalone   BMEP 58 10••
        BMEP 58 20••
        BMEP 58 30••
        BMEP 58 10••
        BMEP 58 20••
        BMEP 58 30••
        BMEP 58 40••
        BMEP 58 5040
        BMEP 58 6040
        M580 Hot-Standby   BMEH 58 2040
        BMEH 58 2040
        BMEH 58 4040
        BMEH 58 6040
        Quantum   CPU 311 10 CPU 311 10
          CPU 434 12 U CPU 434 12 U
          CPU 534 14 U CPU 534 14 U
            CPU 651 50
            CPU 651 60
            CPU 652 60
            CPU 670 60
                CPU 671 60
                CPU 672 60
                CPU 672 61
        CPU 658 60
        CPU 678 61
        Note : Unity Pro 7.0 is also available in model XLS (XL Safety).
        No update of XLS version is available with Unity Pro V11, nor V8.1
        (*) MC80 controller family is delivered in project mode only.
        It requires Update UnityPro_V11_HF_MC80 to be installed in addition to Unity Pro V11

        2031VETR3 - is it an intermediate switch? Can it be used in a stairwell to control a load from three floors?

        2031VETR3 is three wire switch. 
        Additional switches, 30mbp or the 30pbbp, can be installed in parallel to activate the timer from more than one location.

        Please go to the website via the following link and check under the Documentation Tab for more information.

        Which type of switch should be used for the RemoteTest/Hush feature on the 755PSMA2 Smoke alarm?

        Any 240V momentary switch, such as a 30MBP Bell Press Switch can be wired to either of the two new mounting bases 755RB or 755RFB up to 20m away. A relay can also be pulsed on momentarily via a security or home automation panel to activate the test/hush function. 

        Can i use a 30MBP as an extra wired switch for my roller door so it suits my light switches?

        An extra switch can be wired to a majority of roller doors. However, you will need to contact your roller door manufacturer and request your roller doors specifications as the specifications may vary between products. If you fail to do so we will be unable to provide the correct part as we are unsure of the specifications such as current, voltages, wave type (AC or DC).

        For more information on our product range please visit