Light Dimmer Universal Single Mechanisms, 250V, 350W, On / Off Push-button

White Electric | Light Dimmer Universal Single Mechanisms, 250V, 350W, On / Off Push-button

Light Dimmer Universal Single Mechanisms, 250V, 350W, On / Off Push-button

Item Number: 31E2PUDM-WE




Range of product

  • Series 30
  • C-Thru
    • Product brand


      Sustainable offer status

      Green Premium product


      Device presentation

      basic element

      Dimmer type


      Power consumption in W

      350 W

      Function available

      with light value memory



      Mounting support



    • AS/NZS 3100
    • IEC 60669-2-1
    • AS/NZS 3133
    • IEC 60669
    • AS/NZS CISPR 15
    • IEC 61000-3-2
      • REACh Regulation

        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

        REACh free of SVHC


        EU RoHS Directive


        Toxic heavy metal free


        Mercury free


        RoHS exemption information


        China RoHS Regulation

         Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)

        Environmental Disclosure


        Circularity Profile



        Network frequency

        50 Hz

        Package 1 Weight

        30.91 g

        Package 1 Height

        0.02 mm

        Package 1 width

        0.112 mm

        Package 1 Length

        0.074 mm
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the part no. of a Push Button Dimmer and Switch mechanism, both in one ?

        The part nos. that are both dimmer and switch in Push Button type are as follows ,

        Clipsal 30 Series                - 31E2PUDM-WE , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
        Clipsal Saturn Series         - 4061E2PUDM-TR , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
        Clipsal Modena Series     - 80E2PUDM-WE , Dimmer mechanism 240V , 350W
        Clipsal Iconic                      - 41E300PBUD2SM-VW , 2 wire Dimmer mechanism 240V , 300W
        Clipsal Iconic                      - 41EPBDWCLM-VW , Bluetooth Enabled 3 wire Dimmer mechanism 240V , 300W, 150W Dimmable LED

        Note:-  All the above are Universal Dimmers.

        Dimmer and Switch.png

        Can 31E2PUDM be used to control the speed of fan?

        Yes. It can handle motor loads up to 350W

        Can I do 2-way switching/dimming using the Clipsal 31E2PUDM?

        No. We don't offer anything in a push button dimmer that can handle 2-way switching.

        Can 31E2PUDM be used with LED lights?

        Yes. Dimmer can be used for LED lighting.

        Does the 31E2PUDM have an LED indicator?

        Yes. It has a blue LED indicator which comes on when the load is ON and is off when the load is OFF. This configuration cannot be changed.

        For more information on this product range please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

        Can the 31E2PUDM do 2 way dimming?

        No, that is a one-way switch and cannot be used in a two-way switching situation.