Dimmer Mechanism 450W

Catalogue Number: 32E450TM
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE 1
  • Chrome Shadow 1 PCE 1
  • Black 1 PCE 1

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what is the min. load for 32E450TM dimmer ?

20W is the minimum load required as per spec sheet

Was your old dimmer 32E450LM a trailing edge or leading edge?

The dimmer 32E450LM was a leading edge dimmer.

What is the knob to suit the dimmer 32E450LM dimmer?

The part number is 32E400-KB-WE

What is the alternative for 1920S450L-FB

Use the 1920S450T-FB and swap the dimmer mech for a 32E450LM

How long is the warranty on Clipsal Leading Edge dimmers?

The warranty is 2 years.

32E450LM Light Dimmer, Leading Edge, 450VA, Series 30, Series 30
The Clipsal 32E450L series dimmer is a separately switched, compact, modular dimming mechanism rated at 450W (1.8A). The unit utilises state-of-the-art leading edge dimming technology to provide full control of incandescent lighting and iron core (wire wound) transformer based low voltage lighting. The 32E450L series dimmer is suitable for use in any new installation, but is also retro fittable, and may be used to replace a standard switch in any existing installation
32E450LM replaces 32E450L, 2032E450L, C2032E450L, SC2032E450L and SL2032E450L.
Key Features
  • 30 series standard range
  • Leading edge phase control
  • Mounting center: 84 mm
  • 0 to 40 deg C
  • Separately switched compact modular dimming mechanism
  • Wall or architrave mounting options and a wide range of plate styles/colours available
  • Suitable for 1-way or 2-way operation
  • Suitable for incandescent (tungsten filament) lamps
  • Suitable for low voltage downlights using iron core (wire wound) transformers
  • Soft start operation and preset minimum brightness
  • Over temperature compensation
  • Fitted with suppressors to minimise radio frequency interference
  • Complies with Australian and international EMC standards
For further information on this product range please visit the Clipsal website on the below link

Which Clipsal 30 Series mechs are available in 3S (Chrome Shadow)

Part codes which are available in 3S -  30M, 30USM, 30MI, 30MD, 30MBPR, 30M35, 32E450UDM, 32E450LM, 32E450TM 
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