Switch Ceil AC 2 Way 4 Term

White Electric | Switch Ceil AC 2 Way 4 Term

Switch Ceil AC 2 Way 4 Term

Item Number: 343-WE




Product brand


Surface finish



Device presentation

basic element

Switch function


Local signalling


[Ue] rated operational voltage

250 V AC

Rated current

10 A


without marking


pull cord


Package 1 Weight

0.086 kg

Package 1 Height

54 mm

Package 1 width

54 mm

Package 1 Length

76 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to convert the Float 32 Format to decimal.

End User needs to convert a Float 32 register value into a decimal number

ION and Powerlogic Meters

Arithmetic Conversion

Some registers are stored as Float 32 values. In order to make sense of that value we have to convert that number to a decimal value.

Float 32 values will take 2 registers, if you check in the Register List. 
  1. So, to start with convert the values separately in both the registers to Hexadecimal. 
  2. Now, use the below link and use the value in the registers in ascending next to each ​​​​​​

Below is an example of the process:

For Registers,
3000 - 5EF3
3001 - 4323

Input the hexadecimal box of the link as 0X5EF34323 to get the exact decimal values. 8.7644463E18

Attached document screenshot for further reference. 



Video: How to set up and test ground fault alarm in Micrologic P and H trip units for PowerPact P and R and Masterpact NT and NW breakers

Configuring & Testing Ground Fault Alarm on Micrologic P & H Trip Units

Product Line:
P and H trip units for PowerPact P, R and Masterpact NT, NW
FFTK (S33595)
M2CTEST adapter

Mainly intended for 5.0P and 5.0H trip units, no Ground Fault trip function, Ground Fault alarm only.
However, this procedure will also work for 6.0P and 6.0H trip units that also have Ground Fault trip feature.
Programmable contacts (M2C or M6C) must also be installed.
No other trip unit types are included in this article.

The trip unit instruction by itself may not be clear on the exact sequence to program ground fault alarm.
Also a procedure is needed to test ground fault alarm without doing primary injection.

Setting up the ground fault alarm on a Micrologic 5.0P or 5.0H trip unit is a 3 step process. First, you turn on the ground fault alarm and set the pickup/drop out levels. Then you assign the ground fault alarm to an M2C or M6C contact. Finally you set up the alarm mode to a non-latching contact. For more deatiled instructions, reference Micrologic 5.0P instruction bulletin 48049-137-05 or see the video below.

Ground Fault Alarm test without using primary injection, using the full function test kit S33595 and the M2CTEST special tool adapter for the full function test kit:
Use the attached EAV34309 instructions for this testing procedure, general information, precautions, and proper connection.

Is the Clipsal 343 a 2 way switch

Yes, the Clipsal 343 is a 4 terminal 2-way ceiling switch

Why choose Type B RCD for 3 Phase Variable Speed Drives?

For the 3 Phase Variable Speed Drives, the RCD type B or type B-Si is particularly suitable.
It protects against fault currents with DC offset, which is true for three-phase power converters. In addition, it has enhanced immunity against nuisance tripping caused by:

  • EMC common mode filters connected upstream VSD.
    Type B has a tripping delay allowing the inrush current to flow on power up.

  • The permanent switching leakage currents existing in power converters (ex: 25kHz).
    Type B include a "low pass" filter to ensure a trigger threshold which increases with frequency while complying with the personal protection curve (fibrillation).

Please note: if the required sensitivity is 300mA, Selective type RCD should be proposed ensuring a non-triggering time of 50ms. 

More information can be found on the Earth Fault Protection guide: https://download.schneider-electric.com/files?p_enDocType=Catalog&p_File_Name=CA908066E+%28web%29.pdf&p_Doc_Ref=CA908066E

With regards to installation of these RCDs, they are mounted upstream of the Variable Speed Drives.

See below example


Schneider Electric offers Acti9 iID range of 4 Pole RCDs type B available in 30 mA sensitivity and type B-Si available in 30 and 300 mA sensitivity (Selective type is available)


Click this link below to view the complete range of Acti9 iID RCDs available in Australia: https://www.se.com/au/en/product-range/7559-acti9-iid/?filter=business-5-residential-and-small-business&parent-subcategory-id=1620

What is the catalog number for a Kirk Key Lock plus provision for the Masterpact NW breaker?

Selection of key interlock and provisions for the Masterpact NW circuit breaker.

Product Line:
Masterpact NW

The Masterpact NW breaker requires 1 or 2, p/n: KC40---10 (type CN22).  
Order directly from Kirk:  
 Kirk Key Interlock, 9048 Meridian Circle NW, North Canton, OH  44720
Toll free: (800)438-2442, Phone: (234)209-9301, Fax: (330)497-4400

Field Installable Provisions;
Provision for 2 Locks on Cradle: S48565 (Install Bulletin 48049-156-02)
Provision for 2 Locks on Breaker: S48542 (Install Bulletin 48049-197-02)

Can also order Lock with provision (part numbers below):

S48923 is one Kirk Key lock for cradle locking
S48924 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed alike) for cradle locking
S48925 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed differently) for cradle locking
S48945 is one Kirk Key lock for circuit breaker locking
S48946 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed alike) for circuit breaker locking
S48947 is two Kirk Key locks (keyed differently) for circuit breaker locking

A lock order form must be submitted with the order. See 0613DB1607 for this order form. 

Link to catalog:


What basic parameters on the Altivar Process Drive do I need to configure to establish a connection and communicate to the drive over the Embedded Modbus Ethernet protocol?

How do I setup the Altivar Process Drive to communicate over Modbus over Ethernet (TCP)?

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

All serial numbers 

Need to connect to the drive and communicate over Modbus


Setting up Modbus TCP on the Drive
EDS Files
Basic Settings
  • Program Communication Settings:
    • [Communication] [Comm parameters] [Ethernet Embd] Config submenu
      • [IP Mode Ether. Embd]
      • [IP address]
      • [Mask]
      • [Gateway]
    • ​​​Setting up a Modbus Address
      • [Communication] [Comm parameters] [Modbus SL] [Modbus Fieldbus]
        • ​[Modbus Address]
        • [Bd.RateModbus]
        • [Modbus Format]
        • [Modbus Timeout]​​​
      • To read/write directly to individual 4x registers you will need to set a Modbus Address in the drive. 
        • The Modbus Address should match your Unit ID on PLC (Typically that is Unit ID of 1)
      • When using the IO scanner input/output tables you will need to use a Unit ID of 255
  • Remember to Power Cycle the Drive after any communication changes
  • Programming Command Settings:
    • [Complete settings] [Command and Reference]
      • ​For command speed from Network, program:
        • [Ref Freq 1 Config] Fr1 - Set to [Embedded Ethernet] Eth
        • [Ref 1B switching] rCb - Set to [Ref Freq Channel 1] Fr1
        • [Control Mode] CHCF - Set to [Not separ.] SIM
      • ​​Video: Setting an Auto/Manual or Reference Switching on the Altivar Process Drives
        • https://www.schneider-electric.com/en/faqs/FA294131/
  • Program Communication Settings (from SoMove)
    • ​​[Parameters List] [Fieldbus] [Modbus TCP/Ethernt IP]
    • Configure Drive Protocol (ATV900)
      • Ethernet Protocol - Set to Modbus TCP
Commanding the Drive
  • Using IO Profile characteristics:
    • [Complete Settings] [Command and Reference] [Control Mode] - Set to "IO"
    • Command Word - 8501
    • 16 bit word (Bit 0, 1, 2..... 15)
    • Start/Stop must turn on bit 0 (first bit)
      • Write a 1 to start
      • Write a 0 to stop
    • Bit 1 to 15 are assignable to other drive functions like Fault Reset
    • Speed Reference
    • Speed Reference Word:
      • 8502 (Hz) and 8602 (rpm)
  • Using CIA402 (DriveCom Profile) characteristics:
    • Works with all assemblies
    • [Control Mode] to [Not separ.] or [Separate]
    • Command Word - 8501
    • No 16 bit word
    • Start/Stop
      • Drive will display nSt on top left corner.
      • A sequence of values must be written to the drive:
        • 6, 7 and 15 decimal values
        • Toggle between 7 and 15 to start and stop
    • Speed Reference
      • Speed Reference Word:
        • 8502 (Hz) and 8602 (rpm)

Related FAQ: 
FA316343: How do I troubleshoot an Altivar Process Drive that would not connect to a Modbus over Ethernet (Modbus TCP) network?

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