Front inmage of 4062E450UDN-PW Saturn 450W Universal Rotary Dimmer and Switch

Dimmer Universal 450W

Catalogue Number: 4062E450UDN
Colour Horizon Silver (HS)
  • Horizon Silver 1 PCE 1
  • Espresso Black 1 PCE 1
  • Horizon Black 1 PCE 1
  • Ocean Mist 1 PCE 1
  • Pure White 1 PCE 1


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EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number for a universal dimmer in Saturn style Pure white.

The part number is 4062E450UDN-PW this comes with an isolation switch integrated into a wall plate.
This controls all lighting loads and small motor loads but is not guaranteed for all competitors LED light fittings.
Please see following link for complete range of Saturn accessories and specifications.

What is the complete part code for 4062E450UDM

 Part code is 4062E450UDM-TR

What is the alternative Saturn part code for the 4062E450UDN dimmer/Switch plate?

The complete plate is no longer available. Parts required to make the assembly are as follows:
4062VH-PW + 4062E450UDM-TR + 60PBL

What is the replacement for a 4062E450UD-HB?

All of these parts are still available but for individual purchase.

To make up that part you will require 3 parts:

  1. 4062VH-HB (2 Gang grid plate in Horizon Black)
  2. 4062E450UDM (Universal dimmer mechanism)
  3. 60PB (Switch mechanism)

What is the part number for a Saturn series dimmer

Part number is 4062E450UDN-OM

What is part number for knob to suit Saturn rotary dimmer?

The Saturn rotary dimmer 4062E450UDM is complete with knob.
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