plug appliance 10a 250v


Catalogue Number: 465
plug appliance 10a 250v
Colour: Black
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE 1


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Product brand
[In] rated current
7.5 A
[Ue] rated operational voltage
230 V 50/60 Hz conforming to EN 60309-2
Voltage colour
body: black
Plug, socket, control station shape
6 h
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the socket available for the Clipsal appliance plugs 464 & 465?

No, we don't have an offer for the socket

What is the part number for an International appliance plug?

465 is an International Three Pin Appliance Coupler (plug) with keyway, 250V, 7.5A a.c., for conditions not exceeding 120ºC (suitable for 1mm², 3 core, ordinary duty flexible cord). Also tested to BS4491.

For further information, please visit


What is the max operating temperature of the Clipsal 465C

Not suitable for use over 75 degrees C

Is there a code for a spare 405 key for Himel enclosures?

No, but a PRA90039 is the least costly lock, supplied with 2 x 405 keys.

Is the PDL 565 available in Black

Part number PDL565BK is obsolete in Black only available in white

Can CRM 565 (PNIM) perform Net-to-Net operations to an EPE5 or SPE4?

Product Line
CRM 565

Net-to-Net Operations

The CRM 565 cannot perform Net-to-Net operations(Page 5-2 of the CRM 565 Instruction Bulletin). Use a CRM 510(Page 16 of the CRM 510 Instruction Bulletin) or CRM 540 (NIMS)(Page 30 of the CRM 540 Instruction Bulletin) to perform Net-to-Net operations.

What is the overall dimension of 651A2-BK?

Overall dimension of 651A2-BK is 365 (W) x 209 (H) x138(D).

What is the IP rating of 265 series of adaptable box?

The 265 Series of adaptable boxes is IP56 rated. Each box is supplied with a 3mm sealing gasket.

What is the part number for an 2 sided Optiline 70 tension mounted power pole 4.1 - 4,5 metres tall ?

The part number for an 2 sided Optiline 70 tension mounted power pole 4.1 - 4,5 metres tall is - ISM20506
For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

What is the key for a ZB5AS14

Key would be a 455

Is there a 200A version of the Busbar connection/Front wire HRC fuse carriers

 No the largest is the 100A which has a part code is PDL 765

How is the rackmount U-space of a NetShelter cabinet or rack identified?

Customers need to correctly identify a 'U-space' or 'rack space.'

Product Line: 
NetShelter SX

All versions and serial ranges.

Incorrect placement of equipment can create airflow problems, like hot air recirculation.

Resolution: see below

As set forth by the EIA/ECA-310-E Standard:

1. For any Rackmount device or enclosure - a U or unit of rack space is equivalent to 1.75 inches or 44.45 mm.

2. The mounting hole pattern on a rack or enclosure must follow the following guideline:
  • Vertical Hole spacing must follow a pattern of 5/8""-5/8""-1/2"" or 15.9mm-15.9mm-12.7mm
  • Horizontal Hole spacing must be 18.3"" or 465 mm (+/- 1.6 mm)
  • Clearance between inner edges of mounting rails must be 450 mm at minimum
  • Outside edges of mounting rail must be 483.4 mm apart at minimum

EIA/ECA-310-E rail specifications in attached file.

To properly mount a device in the rack, a user needs to utilize the notched square mounting hole to indicate the center of a U space. For Example, to mount a 1 U device, 3 mounting holes would be covered by the device with the notched hole residing in the center of the group of 3. Mounting in an "off-U position", effectively moving the installed device 1 hole space up or down is incorrect and will lead to airflow and cooling issues.

What is the Modbus used on all our micrologic meters

 The Modbus is a 485

Is the RCD from the 485 series available as a spare part .

No , There is currently no replacement RCD available for the 485 series.

For more information on the 485 series please visit the Clipsal Website on the below Link

Can I purchase a lockable version of the Clipsal 435

No, but you can use the PDL 56 Series 56AI310 and 56CSC310

What is the spare 455 key in the Harmony range

Spare key is ZBG455

What is the replacement for a XB4BG03 complete keyed 455 Selector switch?

The replacement will require two parts:
  1. ZB4BG0- Keyed 455 Selector switch
  2. ZB4BZ103- 2 N/O contacts + Mounting collar

What is the part number for replacement screws for the lid for the 265 J-Boxes?

The part number for replacement screws for the lid for the 265 J-Boxes is - 265SCREW

For further information , visit link below:-

What is the part code for IP rated Junction Boxes in the Clipsal range

 You can use the 265 Series eg. Part 265/1-GY

How is differential protection calculated for a VAMP 265 relay?

User wishes to know how differential protection is calculated for VAMP 265 relay

Product Line
VAMP 200 series


Differential protection stage in VAMP 265 is calculated based on fundamental frequency phasors which are calculated using discrete Fourier transforms (DFT).
The sampling rate is 32 samples per cycle and the DFT sampling window width is one cycle.
The fundamental frequency current phasors are calculated every ten milliseconds.

What screws would suit a 265/1-GY.

The part number for the screws would be 265SCREW.

Does the Telemecanique Nautilus pressure switch with a range of 435 - 7250psi have a replacement diaphragm?

The pressure switch with 435 - 7250 psi is actually piston actuated, therefore we do not have a replacement diaphragm for it.

Are the 265 series insulated boxes (suitable for numerous junctions and terminations) IP rated?

The 265 series is a range of IP56 rated insulated boxes suitable for numerous junctions and terminations. Each box is supplied with a 3mm sealing gasket.

This applies to the 265/1, 265/3, 265/4, 265/5, 265/7 and 265/7D.

What is the replacement for the LC1D1810 at 415 volt?

The replacement for the LC1D1810 at 415 volt is the LC1D18N7.....comes with 1 N/O and 1 N/C auxiliary already fitted as standard. 

Is part no 415 still available

Part no 415 is still available

for more information on this part please refer to

User-added image

What is the replacement Lock + Key for enclosure NSYPLM64B ?

405 Key + Lock for enclosure NSYPLM64B = NSYTL405PLM.

What is the replacement for ATV31H055M2 VSD?

 The replacement for ATV31H055M2 is  ATV312H055M2

variable speed drive ATV312 - 0.55kW - 1.4kVA - 46W - 200..240 V- 1-phase supply

For more information see;=

What is the part number for the RCD that goes into 485P4CB30/10

The part numbers are the 4EBE210/30 and 4EBE210/10 - these are no longer available to purchase but are still being used within the 485 range of portable outlets.
They are not available as spare parts. The 485 series is currently undergoing a redesign to move away from these parts but is not yet complete. This redesign will use a standard part again.

What is the part code for a 56 Series RCD Unit multiple like the 485 Series

No longer available

Is there a 435VFS15 in 10 A?

Either a 435 which isnt water proof or a 56AI310

Is Microsoft Office 365 supported with PME 8.x?

A customer would like to know if PME 8.x is compatible with MS Office 365.

Product Line:
PME 8.x

Software Compatibility

Currently PME 8.x supports Excel 2016 which is part of Office 365. This is strictly in the sense that Excel 2016 is installed locally on the server or engineering client in order to run reports.  The cloud based components of 365 are not supported.

Can we use the TSXCUSB485 to connect to the LXM28?

Yes, the TSXCUSB485 can be used to connect to the LXM28 but only connect pin 4/5 and 8.

What is the alternate to a PDL 58 flush socket?

The PDL 58 is obsolete, there is no direct replacement.

Why will the Altivar ATV16 not run when set up for local mode?

Issue: Why will the Altivar ATV16 not run when set up for local mode?
Product Line: ATV16
Environment: All
Cause: Not running in local
Resolution: Verify Fwd command and correct switch positions as well as verify reference frequency. Need to set LFr to the required setting.


Where would you wire in an emergency stop on the Altivar ATV18.

Issue: Where would you wire in an emergency stop on the Altivar ATV18.
Product Line: ATV18
Environment: All
Cause: N/A
Resolution: Can put it between LI1 forward and +24 since will only be running in forward direction.


what is consumption of lC1k0910B7 ?

30VA In Rush 

4.5 VA Sealed 

What is the Schneider recommended part number for an output filter for a 60 horsepower, 460 volts motor?

,What is the Schneider recommended part number for an output filter for a 60 horsepower 460 volts motor?

Product Line:

60 HP/ 460 volts output filters

1 - Product Selection & Services


What is the part code if I need a ZB4BG2 key switch, but with a different key then the standard 455 key?

One option is a ZB4BG212. This has a 421E key.

What is the operating voltage for the Vamp 255 digital inputs?

Issue: Need to know the operating voltage of the Vamp 255 digital inputs.

Product Line: Vamp 255

Resolution: The Vamp 255 has 2 sets of digital inputs. Digital inputs 1-6 are internally wetted with 48Vdc. The other 12 digital inputs operating voltage is defined by the part number ordering code:
A = 40 - 265 VAC/VDC
B = 18 - 36 VDC
C = 40 - 265 VAC/VDC + ARC Protection
D =  18 - 36 VDC + ARC Protection
E = 40 - 265 VAC/VDC + D19, DI20 + ARC channel
F = 18 - 36 VDC + D19, DI20 + ARC channel

Keywords: Vamp 255, Vamp 255 digital inputs, Vamp 255 operating voltage

Is there a 435VHS in 10A?

no unfortunately. however we do offer a 435 but that does not have an IP rating. if you need an IP rating you can use the 56AI310 which is a 56 series apliance inlet rated to 10 A and has an IP rating of IP56.

Can the current sensors in a Masterpact NW or NT breaker be replaced?

Is it possible to change the current sensors inside of the Masterpact NT or NW breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Masterpact NW NT

No, the current sensors or CT's are embedded inside the sealed case and not replaceable. 


What does a Unity Quantum "Dead error 405 81" indicate?

Dead error 405 is defined as "time out waiting for Modbus Plus"
Sub code 81 means "Prom Checksum error"
During operation the MB+ processor periodically performs self tests. This error means that the computed checksum was bad.

What are the dimensions of the Enercept Network Adapter 485 (ENA 485)?

What are the dimensions of the Enercept Network Adapter 485 (ENA 485)?

Product Line
Enercept Network Adapter 

User would like to know the dimensions of the Enercept Network Adapter

Installing Enercept Network Adapter

Enercept Network Adapter dimensions are: 3.75 inches long, 1.5 inches wide and about 2 inches deep to compensate for the connectors and wiring.

Can I still get a WIBM550R?

No, unfortunately the WIBM550R is no longer available.

The replacement is the 56AI550.

Some of the key features are:
  • 5 round pins
  • 204 mm Height x 101 mm Width x 165 mm Depth
  • 10 - 16 mm conductor terminal
For further information please visit

Do you have a round 15A, socket inlet?

Yes, we do have a round 15A socket inlet. The part number is 435A15.

Some of the key features are:
  • Terminal bores accommodate 3 x 2.5 mmsq cables
  • Back terminal cover
For further information please visit

I have an LC1D TeSys D-Line contactor. Which are the coil terminals?

I have an LC1D TeSys D-Line contactor.  Which are the coil terminals?

Product Line:
D Line contactors.

Products sold in the United States.

Product features.

The coil terminals are the ones labelled A1 and A2.

CTA-ID : 2011973

Are there spare parts for the control power transformer on the ATS46?

Spare parts for the ATS46.

Product Line:

All models and serial numbers


Schneider Electric does not provide the control transformers as a spare part for the ATS46 soft start.
Would suggest to replace with a ATS48 soft start

What are some major differences between M-flex, E-flex, S-Flex and Field Drives?

What are some major differences between M-flex, E-flex, S-Flex and Field Drives?

Product Line:
EFlex, MFlex and Field Irrigation

All models


E-Flex AC drives are packaged, adjustable speed drive solutions for commercial and industrial pump and fan applications.  It offers a full range of E-Flex drives to meet specific indoor and outdoor applications
Type 1 enclosure for indoor, non-dusty environments
Type 12K enclosure for indoor, dusty/wet environments
Type 3R enclosure for outdoor, rain or shine environments
Available Ratings
1 - 100 HP variable torque 460 VAC, three-phase input
1 - 50 HP variable torque 208/230 VAC, three-phase input (10° to 50°C ambient temperatures)
The S-Flex 212 enclosed drive provides the right features for HVAC pump fan applications.
Available in a NEMA Type 1 enclosure only.
Available Ratings
460 Vac Three Phase / 1 - 100 HP
208/230 Vac Three Phase / 1 - 40 HP
The M-Flex™ enclosed drive featuring either the Altivar® 61 or Altivar 71 drives within a Type 1 general purpose or Type 12/12K drip/dust proof enclosure in integrated or barriered designs.  M-Flex enclosed drive controllers are low voltage products available in the following ratings:
Altivar® 71 power converter
1 to 450 hp, 460 V
1 to 40 hp, 208/230 V
Variable torque (Light duty, 110% current limit)
Altivar 61 power converter
1 to 500 hp, 460 V
1 to 50 hp, 208/230 V
The Field Drive package is a sealed Type 3R enclosure package that completely isolates all the critical internal electronic components from the outdoor elements. 
Oil & Gas
Constant torque (Heavy duty, 150% current limit)
Altivar® 71 power converter
1 to 600 hp, 460 V
1 to 100 hp, 230 V
Variable torque (Standard duty, 110% current limit)
Altivar 61 power converter
1 to 700 hp, 460 V
1 to 125 hp, 230 V Available Ratings
1 to 600 hp, 460 V 

What is the part code for a safety rated emergency stop with key release?

 Depending on what the safety requirements are there are a few options.
ASISEK1C for AS-i systems
XALK188F has 2 x N/C contacts for standard wiring
Both are enclosed but parts can be supplied.

What is the replacement part number for a SSRDP8S10A1?

The part number for the replacement for the SSRDP8S10A1 is SSM1A112F7 for 90 to 140 VAC or SSM1A112P7 for 200 to 265 VAC

See data sheets for both image

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