Lampholder BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

White Electric | Lampholder BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

Lampholder BC, 3 Piece Cord Grip, 250V 3A

Item Number: 501-WE


Lamp Holder


  • Compatible with BC style lamps
  • Safety skirt included for added protection



Product brand


Product or component type

BC lamp holder adaptor

Colour tint

white electric


Provided equipment

  • cap
  • skirt
  • lamp holder

Device mounting

cable mounting

[Ue] rated operational voltage

250 V

Rated current

3 A

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Environmental Disclosure



Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

42.0 g

Package 1 Height

7 cm

Package 1 width

3.2 cm

Package 1 Length

3.2 cm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you set up the ATV312 drive for modbus control?

Setup an ATV312 drive for modbus control.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV31 ATV312 drives


Needs to set up the ATV312 drive to do modbus control over the network.

1st set up your modbus address in the CON menu
Add= modbus address enter 1 thru 247
tbr= modbus baud rate 4.8K thru 19.2K
tFo= modbus format: 8-O-1, 8-E-1, 8-N-1 or 8-N-2
tto=modbus time out 0.1 thru 30 seconds

2nd set up your ref and command channel in CLT menu
LAC= Level 3  hold enter in for 3 seconds
FR1= modbus

Important addresses
Command address
8501= CMD address for start and stopping
8502= LFRD speed ref in hz  0.1hz  example 600 value equals 60hz

3201= ETA address for status
3202= output speed in hz 0.1hz  example 600 value equals 60hz

Pin 4=D1 modbus
Pin 5=D0 modbus
Pin 8= Common for modbus

See the attached documents for more programming and modbus information.

How to start an ATV312 drive using modbus for command?

Start an ATV312 using Modbus

Product Line:
Variable Frequency Drives

Applies to ATV312

Customer is not able to start the drive using Modbus.

Suggested to follow the status chart and send the values to the command word in sequence Hex 6 then 7 then F  to Address 8501 (assuming there is no offset)


What could cause the ATV21 or ATV212 drive, to trip on E20 fault?

My ATV21/ATV212 drive is tripping on E20 faults.

Product Line:
Altivar ATV21 and ATV212


Excessive torque boost.
The drive calculates the expected motor torque based on the program parameters.  This fault occurs when the calculated value does not match the measured value.
It is most common on Pump and Fan applications when slowing down (decelerating) from above 40 Hz.

The E20 fault could be due to:

  1. An incorrect setting of the motor name plate data in the drive motor parameters.
  2. Incorrect deceleration ramp time for the application
  3. A wrong Auto tuning result (F402 parameter) when using certain motor control types (PT = 2 , 3 or 4).
  4. Ub parameter (voltage boost) is set too high.

We suggest you check the following in order:

Verify the correct the motor name plate data has been set in the parameters as follows:

ulu = motor voltage
uL = nominal motor frequency
F415 = nominal motor current
F417 = motor RPMs

Check that AU1= 0 (auto ramp is off).  The default setting for this parameter is 1 (on).

If this does not help, then:
Program a dual ramp.

F505= 40hz  2nd ramp frequency
F500= 12 seconds  ACC 2
F501= 12 seconds DEC 2

A bad auto tuning result when the Pt parameter is set to 2, 3, or 4 can cause this.

Perform a new Auto tune
Set F400 = 2 , give a run command (F or R input =24Vdc) , wait the end of the display message Atn1 (the motor must be cold and without any rotation).

Too high value of ub parameter (boost torque1) in function of the motor control law (PT = 0 or 1).

Reset the drive back to the factory setting or reduce the ub value set by the customer.


How many ON-OFF operations can a circuit breaker withstand?

How many ON-OFF operations can a circuit breaker withstand?

Product Line:
Square D, Powerpact, Masterpact

This table lists the UL endurance test requirements for different frame sizes:
Frame Size (A)Full Load OperationsNo Load Operations
0-100                              6,000                                    4,000
101-225                              4,000                                    4,000
226-600                              1,000                                    5,000
601-800                                 500                                    3,000
801-2500                                 500                                    2,000
2501-4000                                 400                                    1,100

Can I trigger a moment/scene from a Wiser wall switch?

Yes. When a number of Wiser switches/dimmers are paired with the Wiser Hub, this can be achieved with the use of an Automation and would consist of - Condition: Device status = On, Action = Enable or Disable Automation/Trigger Moment, Delay 1s, Run the device = Off.

Note: Only 1 moment can be used within an automation

Where can the power dissipation value in Watts be found for the ATV71 Drives?

Which Schneider Electric Manual for the Altivar 71 Drive lists Power dissipation in Watts for sizing an enclosure?

Product Line:
ATV71 drives


Technical Support

This information can be found in the Global Catalog for the ATV71 catalog number 8800CT0501.

See section for Mounting and Installation recommendations. The values in Watts are listed in the Power dissipated inside the enclosure table.
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