Angled image of 503L lampholder bc 2 pin with 16mm conduit thread

Lampholder BC with safety skirt 16mm conduit thread

Catalogue Number: 503L
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE 1


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EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

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Do Clipsal have a 503 series batten holder with 10mm thread ?

Yes , the part number is 503e-we
For more information on batten holders please visit the Clipsal web site on the link provided

What are the cable part numbers for M340 IO modules with 40 pin connections ?

The following M340 IO modules require preconfigured 40 pin connector cable with color coded flying leads.
Table below shows module and cable part numbers.

Discrete Module Connection Cable Part # Qty needed
BMX DDI 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
BMX DDI 6402 2 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 2 )
BMX DDM 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
BMX DDO 3202 1 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 1 )
BMX DDO 6402 2 x 40 BMX FCW 303, 503, 1003 ( 2 )
text text
AnalogModule text
BMX ART 0414 1 x 40 BMX FCW 301S*, 501S* ( 1 )
BMX ART 0814 2 x 40 BMX FCW 301S*, 501S* ( 2 )
* S suffix denotes shielded cable for Analog IO.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212360 V1.0, Originally authored by DiSa on 08/24/2013, Last Edited by DiSa on 08/24/2013
Related ranges: Modicon M340

Web Applications Error: "Http Error 503. The service is unavailable."

When trying to access the application webpage, the following error occurs:
The following error is seen in Windows Application Event Viewer:
                    The Module DLL HipISSEngineStub.dll failed to load. The data is the error.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

McAfee Anti Virus

Upon checking Application Pools in IIS Manager, it turns out the application pool has stopped.  However, the problem cannot be resolved by simply re-starting the application pool.  By doing so and accessing the web page, it will stop again.

If McAfee has recently been uninstalled, updated, or changed the installation somehow, there is probably still a reference to it in the ISAPI settings.  Refer to the following link for more information:

Remove the reference to the MfeEngine in the applicationHost.config:

1.  Navigate to: %windir%\system32\inetsrv\config

2.  Open the file applicationHost.config as Administrator for editing in Notepad.

IMPORTANT: make sure a copy of the original file is available before making any changes.

3.  Edit the  globalModules section and remove the following line:
          <add name="MfeEngine" image="%windir%\System32\inetsrv\HipIISEngineStub.dll" />;

4.  Edit the modules section and remove the following line:
          <add name="MfeEngine" />;

5.  After editing the applicationHost.config file, save the file, then restart the IIS server using iisreset or by restarting the system.

What is the lamp life of a DL1BA024?

DL1BA024 life expectancy

Product Line:
Push Buttons and Operator Interface

30 mm push button

Product Features

All incandesent lamps have an estimated life of 2000 hours.


PME Web Application gives an "HTTP 503 Service Unavailable" error message when Reports is selected

The customer is receiving an "HTTP 503. The service is unavailable" error message when selecting the 'Reports' tab through Web Applications.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x / 8.x / 9.x / 2020

Web Reports

If Microsoft Monitoring Agent with .Net Application monitoring is installed, the 'WebReporterAppPool' Application Pool within Internet Information services is not started and crashes if started manually.

Resolution 1
This resolution does not require removing Microsoft Monitoring Agent. Instead, it is uninstalled, then reinstalled via the command line using a switch that prevents the .Net Application monitorng from being installed.

To do this:

1. Uninstall Microsoft Monitoirng Agent from Control Panel -> Programs and Features
2. Start a command prompt in the directory that includes the Microsoft Monitoring Agent installer (it's called MOMAgent.msi)
3. Run MOMAgent.msi NOAPM=1

Resolution 2
Windows updates will install a tool named the "Microsoft Monitoring Agent".  This tool applies a policy to the application pool that causes it to crash.  Uninstalling the tool through Add/Remove programs will allow Web Reports to function as expected.

How many contacts does the electronic timer LA2KT2E have?

LA2KT2E and LA2KT2U contacts

Product Line:
Tesys K Line Contactors

IEC Contactor Accessories
This module has one form C contact.
One normally open and one normally closed with a shared common.  Instructions are attached.
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