Luminaire Well Glass

Luminaire Well Glass

Luminaire Well Glass

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How to change IP address of 5500NAC/5500SHAC controller interface?

The C-Bus Automation Controller (5500NAC/5500SHAC) includes a RJ45 interface for 10/100 Base-T UTP Ethernet. The default IP address is:

Change the IP settings on the System page.
Path: Configurator Utility tab → System button → Network tab → Interfaces
IP address.

Click the IP address to open the window Interface eth0.

Note: if you are having issues setting the IP address try another Web Browser.

How to add Objects to the C-Bus Automation Controller?

There are three ways to fill the objects list

1. Import
A project created with the Toolkit software can be imported as CGL file (Utilities tab → Import Toolkit CGL file button).

2. Sniffer function
The bus sniffer detects objects from the C-Bus network and automatically adds them to the list.
Objects are visible when C-Bus is connected and the discover function is activated (Utilities General Configuration tabs).

3. Add new objects
New objects can be added manually (Objects tab → Add new object button).
Use any of the three ways to find the objects for visualization and exchange with other systems, however the most typical way is to prepare a Toolkit project and import it:
  • Export the project in the Toolkit software.
  • Import the CGL file into the Automation Controller.
  • Edit the objects to be used.
  • Add new objects manually or via the bus sniffer function.

How many smoke alarms can be connected to a single 756 isolation unit?

Max of 40 smoke alarms can be connected to a single 756.

This is the link to the page

Key Features

  • Changeover Contacts: 1xNormally Open (N.O.), 1xNormally Closed (N.C.)
  • Contact Rating: 10 A resistive and inductive, 250 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Interconnection Input: 6 V to 10V DC. referenced to Neutral
  • Supply Current: Alarm mode - 1mA minimum. Non-alarm mode (standby)
  • Maximum number of smoke alarms interconnected to a single 756 Isolation Unit: 40
  • Switching Delay: 20 seconds
  • Cables Accommodated: 2 x 2.5 mmsq
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What is the ramping speed of 4061E2PUDM & 60TDM?

The ramping speed of 4061E2PUDM & 60TDM is as follows:

4061E2PUDM = 6 Seconds - Full Ramp Cycle

For further information on these products, please visit

60TDM = 10 Seconds  - Full Ramp Cycle

For further information on these products, please visit

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Does the SBIP2P-xx come with a mounting box?

Yes, it comes with a mounting box which is installed from below the mounting surface (floor or bench)

Suits Various Bench Thicknesses:
  • Overall Maximum Thickness - 38mm
  • Overall Minimum Thickness - 18mm

Where can I find the product selector for MTZ breaker ordering?