Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller

Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller

Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller

Item Number: 5500SHAC

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width93 mm

Height icon

Height108 mm

Depth icon

Depth63 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Market segment


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product



Product or component type

logic controller


Communication port protocol

  • C-Bus RJ45 (2000 devices)
  • IP (Internet Protocol) RJ45
  • serial link terminal block RS232
  • BACnet IP RJ45 (50 devices)
  • Modbus RTU terminal block RS485 (6 devices)
  • Modbus TCP RJ45

Power consumption in W

2 W

Local signalling

  • LED (green/red) for power
  • LED (green/red) for status indication
  • LED (green) for relay output (REL)
  • LED (multi-colour) for input status
  • LED (multi-colour) for RS232 link activity
  • LED (multi-colour) for serial link communication (RS485, RX, TX)
  • LED (green) for C-Bus status
  • LED (green/yellow) for Ethernet link

Control type

  • smartphone or tablet
  • remote control
  • RESET push-button
  • local control
  • by touch panel
  • by web browser
  • RESET push-button cold restart

Function available

  • visualisation
  • updateable software

Connections - terminals

  • power supply: screw terminal 3 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm²
  • LED lamp: screw terminal 2 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm²
  • relay digital output: screw terminal 3 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm²
  • digital input: screw terminal 2 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm²
  • RS232 link: screw terminal 3 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm²
  • RS485 link: screw terminal 5 cable(s) 1.5-1.5 mm²

Mounting support

DIN rail


108 mm


93 mm


63 mm

Ambient air temperature for operation

-5...45 °C

Relative humidity

10...90 %

IP degree of protection



  • EN 55022 class A

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive


Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation


Environmental Disclosure


Circularity Profile



[Us] rated supply voltage

24 V DC

Port Ethernet


Number of port

  • 1 USB 2.0 type A
  • 1 USB 1.1 type B
  • 1 RS232 (serial link)
  • 1 RS485 (Modbus)
  • 2 RJ45 (C-Bus)
  • 1 RJ45 (Ethernet)

Web services

web server

Number of inputs

1 dry contact

Input impedance

  • 2.2 kOhm closed
  • 6.9 kOhm opened

Number of outputs

1 relay changeover

Output voltage

  • 24 V DC 1 A for relay
  • 48 V AC 1 A for relay

Total number of 18 mm modules


Operating altitude

<= 2000="">

Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

340.0 g

Package 1 Height

10 cm

Package 1 width

11.5 cm

Package 1 Length

16 cm

Unit Type of Package 2


Number of Units in Package 2


Package 2 Weight

43.52 kg

Package 2 Height

97.4 cm

Package 2 width

80 cm

Package 2 Length

60 cm

Unit Type of Package 3


Number of Units in Package 3


Package 3 Weight

2.72 kg

Package 3 Height

20.6 cm

Package 3 width

22.8 cm

Package 3 Length

33 cm

Product name

C-Bus Automation Controller
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the Configurator and the Visualization webpage?

When accessing the embedded web server of the C-Bus Automation Controller (5500NAC/5500SHAC), the start page is displayed. From the start page, access the configurator and the following user modules:
  • PC/Tablet Visualization
  • Smartphone Visualization
  • Scheduler
  • Trends.
As administrator, configure the controller via the configurator and control user access to these four modules.

If the controller is set to directly access the Visualization bypass the start page, then the Configurator can be accessed using this URL.


How many Administrator User Accounts can the C-Bus Automation Controller have?

The C-Bus Network Automation Controller (5500NAC) and the Wiser for C-Bus Automation Controller (5500SHAC), both Controllers can only have one administrator access.

Username: admin
Password: admin (by default, it can be changed)

Change the default password on the System page.
Path: Configurator → Utility tab → System button → System tab → Admin Access


How to set a timeout page on 5500NAC/SHAC Using javascript?

In NAC/SHAC > Scripting > edit custom JavaScripting

Copy and paste the code below

Modify adjust the timer value to your need (i.e 20000 = 20 sec)

Set the Current plantID to the page that you want it to time out too. For example high light in yellow showed on image below.

$(function() {


 // Back to Start after x seconds (in miliseconds)

 var SE_Timeout = 20000; // adjust this timer value if needed (20 seconds in miliseconds)

 var SE_Startpage = currentPlanId; // First page that is loaded

 var eventlist = 'vclick vmousedown vmouseout touchend';


 // Timer function no usage detected

 function No_Usage_Detected(callback, timeout, _this) {

  var timer;

  return function(e) {

    var _that = this;

    if (timer)


    timer = setTimeout(function() { 

      callback.call(_this || _that, e);

    }, timeout);






 // Back to start function when timer elapsed

  var SE_Goto_Startpage = No_Usage_Detected(function(e) {

  if ( currentPlanId != SE_Startpage ) {



 }, SE_Timeout);


 // Add event listener to document to detect user input


 .on(eventlist, function() {




 // Add event listener to all iframes to detect user input inside iframes

 $('iframe').load(function() {

  var iframe = $('iframe').contents().find('html');

  iframe.on(eventlist, function(event) {









Are the backup files tar,gz interchangeable between the 5500NAC and the 5500SHAC?

A backup made on the NAC can be transferred to a SHAC and vise versa.

Considerations will need to be made in the circumstances where a SHAC limitation might be exceeded by a NAC project though (BACnet object limits, Modbus device limits, user account limits etc).

There are also options within the NAC/SHAC as well if the need to import or export sections of a project such as visualisations and scripts.


How to control RS-232 enabled devices with C-Bus Network Automation Controller – 5500NAC (5500SHAC)?

A Configuration Guide exist on the Exchange Community, see the link below or the attachment.

How to control RS-232 enabled devices with C-Bus Network Automation Controller – 5500NAC


How to add Objects to the C-Bus Automation Controller?

There are three ways to fill the objects list

1. Import
A project created with the Toolkit software can be imported as CGL file (Utilities tab → Import Toolkit CGL file button).

2. Sniffer function
The bus sniffer detects objects from the C-Bus network and automatically adds them to the list.
Objects are visible when C-Bus is connected and the discover function is activated (Utilities General Configuration tabs).

3. Add new objects
New objects can be added manually (Objects tab → Add new object button).
Use any of the three ways to find the objects for visualization and exchange with other systems, however the most typical way is to prepare a Toolkit project and import it:
  • Export the project in the Toolkit software.
  • Import the CGL file into the Automation Controller.
  • Edit the objects to be used.
  • Add new objects manually or via the bus sniffer function.
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