link h/d meter active neutral

Neutral, Active, Meter Links, Heavy Duty, 500V 350A Max - 7 Hole

Catalogue Number: BP350/7


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Product brand
Range of product
Blue Point
Product or component type
meter link
Cable cross section
120-120 mm²
[In] rated current
350 A
[Ue] rated operational voltage
500 V
Connector type
screw terminals
Unit Type of Package 1
Number of Units in Package 1
Package 1 Weight
449 g
Package 1 Height
48 mm
Package 1 width
54 mm
Package 1 Length
126 mm
REACh Regulation
Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
EU RoHS Directive
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What links will take 75mm cable?

The links that will take 75mm cable would be BP350/7 for the neutral and BP350/7RD for the actives. 

What would be the part number for an active link with 95mm square holes?

The BP350/7 will do the job provided you only need 2 x 95mm holes.
For further information, visit the link below:-​

Video: Back-UPS CS, RS & XS - Manual Adjustment for Sensitivity


UPS will not operate on utility power or may be clicking between utility and battery power.

Product Line:

Back-UPS RS/XS & Back-UPS CS (4-LED Interfaces)


All models & serial numbers


This may be caused by one of the following conditions;
  • Low Voltage / Sag
  • Black-out
  • High Voltage / Over-Voltage
  • Frequency is out of range
  • Total Harmonic Distortion


The following video details the process for manually adjusting the Back-UPS RS & XS or Back-UPS CS system's AC Input Sensitivity.

Video: How to set up a Back-UPS ES G Series UPS

The following video details the process for the initial setup of the Back-UPS ES "G " including battery installation and connecting devices.

Product Line:
Back-UPS ES "G"

Models BE350G, BE450G, BE550G, BE650G1, BE750G

Cause / Resolution:

What are the hole sizes for the BP165/7

2 x 9.5mm - 50mm cable
1 x 8.0mm - 35mm cable
2 x 7.1mm - 25mm cable
2 x 5.5mm - 16mm cable

Video: Back-UPS BE750G Manual Adjustment for Master Control thresholds.

The following video details the process for manually adjusting the Master Control thresholds for the Back-UPS ES G series UPS.

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