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Connector Less Module, White

Catalogue Number: PDL615M
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Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE 1
  • White 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
600 Series
Product or component type
PC (polycarbonate)
Colour tint
Surface finish
Installation direction
  • horizontal
  • vertical
    • Width
      23 mm
      23 mm
      Mounting mode
      Quantity per set
      set of 20
      Type of packing
      REACh Regulation
      Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
      EU RoHS Directive
      Toxic heavy metal free
      Mercury free
      RoHS exemption information
      China RoHS Regulation
       Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
      Circularity Profile

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the Plate for PDL695P ?


      What is part no for cover to suit PDL695


      Is a cover available for PDL695T?

      No. Unfortunately, there is no cover available for PDL695T.

      Is the PDL610ML available in red?

      Yes, the part number is PDL610ML24RD.

      Is there a through connect (F connect) module available with the word "IN" printed in the 600 series?

      No, the through connect modules only come as "TV" (615MFTV), "SKY" (615MFSKY) or blank (615MF).
      The 628MF does come printed with "IN" (628MFIN) but that is Coaxial on front with F-type at the back.

      What colours are the PDL617M2 available in?

      White and black only.

      What is the part number for a PDL610MN with a red button and a black surround


      Is the PDL675 shaver socket available vertical and horizontal?

      Yes, it is both, Universal 110V and 240V shaver socket vertical/horizontal

      What is the rating of the PDL675 shaver outlet?

      The PDL675 shaver outlet is rated 20VA @110/230 volts.

      Whats the minimum load for a PDL654

      The minimum load is  20W 0.1A

      Whats the Maximum load for a PDL654

       The maximum load is  450W 1.8A

      Can the PDL619MM be used to install a 30 series switch mech into a 600 series plate?

      No the PDL619MM is only suitable for use with communications mechs (TV, Data, USB) as the mech will be recessed so it is not suitable for switches, dimmers, fan speed controllers.

      What is the part number for a PDL 600 series horizontal switch socket with a round earth pin

      Part number is PDL695R

      What part is required to fit a VDIB17766UWE into a 600 series plates?

      The part number is PDL615MKC

      Is the PDL 695R available in red?

      No the PDL 695R is only available in white - PDL695RWH

      What is the code for just a PDL685VHWH cover plate?

      the PDL685 and PDL686 take the exact same cover plate - PDL686CWH

      Is the PDL654M rated for use with Compact Fluorescent bulbs

      No it isn't.  No testing has been carried out. 

      L1 VME What Colour Does the PDL151 10 way 32A Connector Strip Come in ?

      The PDL151 10 Way 32A Connector Strip Comes in White 

      What is a variable version of the PDL 625C3 3 position fan speed controller

      The variable fan speed control code is PDL625F or PDL625FM (Module) the rating of this fan control is 500VA

      Is the pdl695 available in red @ 20 amps?

      No, the PDL695 is not available in Red.

      Does the PDL695T protect downstream and upstream

      This device does not provide downstream (or upstream) protection to
      other sockets on the same circuit.
      This is specifically for over current and over terperature protection for the sockets on the plate.
      Note:This is not an RCD.
      (see attached Data sheet)


      What is the part number of the insulating mounting block to suit PDL695T, thermal protected double socket?

      The part number of the insulating mounting block to suit PDL695T is PDL89DI.

      For further information, please visit

      What is the part number for the white cover for PDL695X

      The part number is PDL695XCWH

      Are Black covers available for the pdl695x range?

      No, White and metal covers only.

      Which part codes do I need to make a Modena phone mech

       You will need a PDL 800MA  adaptor + PDL 617M2 telephone mech  or a data mech PDL619MD

      Can you fit the 815USB1 socket module into the 600 series?

      Yes you can remove the 815USB1 from its 800 series clip and install it into a PDL615MKC adaptor

      PDL695P - Can you just buy the RCD Indicator?

      Yes you can - The code would be PDL610MNRCD ( 'RCD Protected' Printing) Amber Neon


      What is the part code for the PDL600 series RJ45 data jack

      The part code is:

      What is the Diameter of the hole in the PDL151 connector strip

      The hole is 3.4mm in diameter.

      Is there a PDL 695 with surge protection

      Use a PDL695X and put a PDL600SM in the extra mech space
      PDL has a small surge mdoule which can be installed into any 600 series switch hole. 

      600 series Surge Module Surge Protection

      What is the part number for the PDL695 cover in black


      What tv mechs are available for the 800 series

      It depends on the type of TV connection you require.
      For PAL connection you will need to get PDL800MA(adaptor) and PDL628M mech
      For Pay TV(F-Type) connection you can use the PDL815MF2
      For HDMI connection you can use the PDL815HDMI

      Is there a socket eg. PDL 695WH with a USB charging jack in it as well

      Yes, You can use the PDL695X and install a PDL694MUSB in place of the extra switch.

      Is the PDL610ML24 an LED or a Neon?

      The 12 and 24V illuminated modules in the PDL610 range are now LEDs, the 250V option remains a Neon

      What is the code for a white cover for pdl695 old style (with Narrow Switches)


      What is the part number for a White PDL695 Cover plate.

      The part number is PDL695CWH

      Is there a spare PDL 654M knob in black?

      Yes, it comes as a part of a spare knob pack - PDL 620PBK for black (also available in PDL 620PWH for white).

      Does the PDL654M have an LED load rating?

      Yes, this device is rated for up to 300W of dimmable Schneider LED Lighting.

      (Please visit for recommended loads. For other loads, contact the LED supplier for compatibility advice.)

      Is the PDL 675 Auto switched?

      Yes, that is switched on as the plug is inserted.

      Is the PDL6602 still available?

      No, that is completely discontinued.

      Do we still do the PDL6312

      no, discontinued

      Can PDL695X have 642MUSB swapped in?

      Yes, A 642MUSB will fit in the position of the extra switch in a 695X
      Or that can be purchased as a complete plate using the part code PDL695USB

      Are there any metal finish cover plates available for the PDL 651?

      Yes, the PDL 682 coverplate is the same one used for the PDL 651. The metal cover plates are available in Polished Brass (PB), Brushed Bronze (BBZ) and Stainless Steel (SS).
      Code example (PDL 651 coverplate in Polished Brass): PDL 682MPB

      What is the part number for an old style PDL695 cover plate?

      PDLO695MSS = Stainless Steel
      PDLO695MBBZ = Brushed Bronze
      PDLO695MPB = Polished Brass
      PDLO695CWH = White

      What is the part code for an old style pdl695 in polished brass?

      The part code is PDLO695MPB .                                                                                                                                                                                               

      What is the module ejection tool for the PDL 600 series?

      The part name is as follows: PDL600ME

      What is part no for plate to accommodate PDLZ619M4

      pART NO pdl681vhwh

      What part number for a base for the PDL15 light fitting?

      Part Number PDL21BWH in White

      Is the "O" on off position for the PDL687M3 range


      Will the PDL854M dimmer work for LED lighting?

      The PDL854M has been tested on Clipsal LED loads. Other loads may differ in performance.
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