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RCA Socket; White Module, White Base

Catalogue Number: PDL640MFWH
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Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE 1
  • White 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
600 Series
Product or component type
RCA Socket
PC (polycarbonate)
Installation direction
  • horizontal
  • vertical
    • Surface finish
      23 mm
      23 mm
      Mounting mode
      Quantity per set
      set of 20
      Type of packing
      REACh Regulation
      Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
      EU RoHS Directive
      Toxic heavy metal free
      Mercury free
      RoHS exemption information
      China RoHS Regulation
       Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
      Circularity Profile

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Is the PDL640MFBK RCA connection on front and F-Type on the back?

      Yes, All of the PDL640MF RCA sockets are RCA connection on front with F-Type connection on the back.

      L1 VME How do you blank off a PDL560 Single Architrave Mounting Block ?

      You could use PDL661VHWH with PDL600BWH

      What is the part number for a knob to suit the PDL654MWH?

      The part number for a knob to suit the PDL654MWH is a PDL620PWH.

      What is the replacement isolator for an oven

      The replacement is a PDL 680
      we have a range of 32amp switch and 45anmp switch which should suit

      PDL380M32 , PDL680M32wh 32amp
      PDL647wh 45amp

      What colours are the PDL617M2 available in?

      White and black only.

      What are the blank modules (mechs) for a 534P*** multi plate range

      Need PDL533 + PDL600BWH

      Is there a PDL 644 with neon indication

       Not available
      the is a PDL644Pwh which has a single LED for RCD protected indicator sockets

      Is there a Red cover plate available for the PDL641?

      No - the only cover plate available is white. PDL641CWH

      Is there are 1000 w dimmer PDL ?

       Old discontinued - 1000W dimmer PDL620KWH

      Is there a quad power point in 500 Series?

      No - only double, There are quad power points available in the 600 series
      PDL641WH Vertical 4 outlet, switched
      PDL644WH Horizontal 4 outlet, switched 

      What is the part number for a PDL blank plate?

      The part name is PDL650VHWH

      Do we do different colour plates of PDL644

      No, it is only available in white - PDL644CWH

      What parts are in the spare knob pack PDL 620P?

      The PDL 620P Dimmer Knob Pack comes with a small dimmer knob and a large dimmer knob.

      PDL646E7WH unit is losing memory why does it do this

      PDL 646E7 has no inductive rating, when used with inductive loads the spike from that load can use the memory to be wipes

      Use the new Iconic timers and time clocks which will handle the inductive loads better

      Do you have a dimmer in PDL that will cover LED's?

      The part number for a dimmer in PDL that will cover LED's is a  PDL624TMWH.


      Is there is coverplate for the PDL644 ?

      Yes - PDL644C  (4 way switched socket 10A)

      Available in White only

      What is the code for just a PDL685VHWH cover plate?

      the PDL685 and PDL686 take the exact same cover plate - PDL686CWH

      What is the part nuumber for a 600 series single vertical socket with USB Charger

      It can be made out of two products:
      PDL691XWH + PDL642MUSBWH

      Do the indicators for a PDL800PSWH need the neutral in modena


      Is the C2015XXC-WE available

      This is no longer available in NZ 
      Use PDL694XXWH

      Is it possible to change the mechs in the PDL684VWPWH

      No, once the mechs have been removed the IP rating is no longer warrantee

      What is the Cover plate for PDL641?

      The part number is PDL641CWH.

      Does the PDL680M20N have a two -way option ?

      No - 2 way option
      only 1 way

      Stato range/oven and blanks ?

      PDL800GPSWH grid and plate
      PDL881M32SNRWH x2 blanks PDL880BMWH

      What is part no for plate to accommodate PDLZ619M4

      pART NO pdl681vhwh

      Is there a BLANK PDL switch mech avaliable?

      Yes, the part number for the BLANK PDL switch mech is PDL600BWH.
       For further information please visit

      PDL695XWH - Can you fit in a USB mech?

      Yes you can fit the PDL642MUSBWH as it has an updated mounting clip that makes it fit (after December 2015)
      Or you can order a complete unit - PDL695USBWH

      What is the part number for the white cover for PDL695X

      The part number is PDL695XCWH

      What cover plate fits the PDL695USB?

      PDL695XCWH or
      PDL695XMSS (and other metal plates)

      600 series 2 gang hdmi

      That can be made using the following parts:
      PDL615HDMIWHx2 + PDL682VHWH

      800 series internmediate mech with blanks

      PDL882M10NBL x2
      PDL880BM blank mech mech
      PDL800G grid

      Are all the outlets on a PDL 641/15WH PDL644/15WH

      There is 3 outlets at 10A and 1 at 15 AMP
      This applies to both products 

      What is the part cold for the PDL 600VH plates with ID

      1 to 4  gang VH plates 681 to 684 ending with

      What parts are required to make a cat5e jack for modena

      VDIB17735U can be installed into the 30 series adaptor plate for modena PDL800MACWH

      Is there a vertical version of the PDL 693/2 horizontal double socket, unswitched with separate bases?

      No - There is only the horizontal available.

      How do you make up a vertical 4 gang Modena switch with neon indicators?

      PDL800GV x 1
      PDL800PSVWH x 1
      PDL860M16WH x 4
      PDL800N240 x 4

      Do we have a blank PDL 500 series plate in black?

      only in white PDL550VHWH but could use a PDL650VHBK - it is 600series

      Is the Neon in the PDL610MNCL a white light?

      it is a Warm White lamp so it may appear to have a yellowish light emitted through the clear lens.

      Is the PDL610ML24 an LED or a Neon?

      The 12 and 24V illuminated modules in the PDL610 range are now LEDs, the 250V option remains a Neon

      Can the PDL642MUSB fit Clipsal Plates?

      Yes, it is a Clipsal product with a PDL adaptor included - Just remove the PDL adaptor.

      What is the part number for a 52A Oven mech in the 600 series?

      There is no 52A option in the 600 series. the highest rating available in that range is the PDL647WH which is 45A

      Is there a USB Charger mechanism available in the PDL 600 series?

      Yes - the PDL 642MUSB available in white (WH) or black (BK)

      What is the alternative for PDL892AWH ?

      Can make up in parts -as listed below 

      Can I fit 3 PDL USB mechs in a PDL 683VH plate

      Yes you can by using PDL683VH plate + PDL642MUSB x 3

      Is there a 600 series single socket with 2 USB charger mechs available?

      Yes, you can use the PDL694XX with 2 of the PDL642MUSB charger mechs.  

      will a PDL642MUSB mech fit into the pdl692xbk Socket outlet?

      Yes the 642MUSB mech will fit a 692X. Wire the Active and Neutral into USB mech.


      What is the part number for a Strato single socket with USB Charger

      There is no complete part number but it can be made using the following parts:
      PDL842MUSBWH x1
      PDLS800GPSWH x1
      PDL894MAWH x1.

      What is the part number for a Double pole mech in the PDL range ?

      The part number for this is a PDL687M10WH

      Is there a Female - Female USB mech available in the 600 series.

      No, But it can be made by removing the Keystone USB jack from the PDL815USB1WH and installing that into the PDL615MKCWH adapter. 

      What is the part number for a PDL, Leading Edge, Dimmer mech only?

      The part number for a PDL dimmer mech in Leading edge is  PDL634LMWH.
      634LM Dimmer Module Mechanism, Leading Edge, 450VA
      The 600 series dimmer provides smooth dimming control of incandescent lamps, from full brightness down to soft candle glow. The low profile knob can be adjusted by fingertip to set the desired level of illumination. The new electronic design of the PDL 634LM eliminates dimmer buzzing and humming even at minimum light settings, as well as incorporating the use of a soft start ramp on feature
      Key Features
      • Leading edge control suitable for controlling incandescent globes
      • 0 to 40 deg C
      • 1 or 2 way operation
      • Mounting center 84 mm
      • Soft start operation
      • User adjustable minimum brightness
      For Further information please visit the Clipsal web site on the below link

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