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Switch 600 Series Mechanism - Single-pole - 1-gang - Marked HEAT-OFF - 250 V - 20 A / 16 AX - White

Catalogue Number: PDL681M20H
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Colour: White
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE 1
  • White 1 PCE 1


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Range of product
600 Series
Product or component type
Control type
PC (polycarbonate)
Colour tint
Surface finish
Installation direction
  • vertical
  • horizontal
    • Length
      23 mm
      23 mm
      26 mm
      Rated current
    • 20 A
    • 16 AX
      • [Ue] rated operational voltage
        250 V
        Network type
        Motor M-rating AS3133
        Network number of phases
        1 phase
        Number of gangs
        1 gang
        Number of poles
        Mounting mode
        Ambient air temperature for operation
        -10-40 °C
        Cable cross section
      • 2 x 2.5-2.5 mm²
      • 4 x 1.5-1.5 mm²
        • EU RoHS Directive
          Will be compliant – Date to be confirmed
          Circularity Profile

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          What is the part number for a PDL681M20 in red


          What is the code for the PDL681M20 dryer mech?

          Is the PDL681M20HWS available in black?

          No, this product is available in white only.

          What is a PDL681M20FR

          It is a standard 681M20 rocker switch mech engraved forward/reverse

          Is the PDL681M20P available?

          Yes, the 681M20P is available.

          Some of the key features are:
          • 4 Terminal
          • Terminal capacity maximum: 4 x 1.5mm, or 2 x 2.5mm cables
          For further information please visit


          Does the PDL681M20 have a rating for switching DC?

          No, this is only designed and tested for switching 230VAC

          What is the code for the towel mech in 600 series?

          The code is PDL681M20TL

          Does the PDL680M20N have a two -way option ?

          No - 2 way option
          only 1 way

          Is there a fully assembled architrave PDL561VH (complete with switches) available?

          No, Architrave grid and plate available PDL561VH but switch mech needs to be purchased separately.
          The part code for a standard switch is the PDL681M20

          What colours are the PDL617M2 available in?

          White and black only.

          What is part no for plate to accommodate PDLZ619M4

          pART NO pdl681vhwh

          What is the part code for a cover for the PDL685MBBZ?

          The part code is
          PDL686MBBZ (covers the outside)

          What parts make up a PDL381-VW

          PDL381-VW  is a complete switch including grid plate & switch mechanism.

          The separate parts to make this are PDL381G + PDL381C-VW + PDL381M20

          Is there a cover plate for the PDL 675?

          Yes it suits the 686 cover plate:
          PDL686CWH - 686C WHITE COVER

          Why is the Current Rating changed on PDL687M10

          There was a 20A version available for about 6months about 5 years ago (about 2008)

          What is the cover plate code for a PDL688VH?

          There is no Plastic cover plate available but the code for the metal cover plates is as follows:
          PDL688MPB (Polished Brass)
          PDL688MBBZ (Brushed Bronze)
          PDL688MSS (Stainless Steel)

          What is the code for a single switch 600 series cover plate in white?

          Code = PDL681CWH

          What is the replacement isolator for an oven

          The replacement is a PDL 680
          we have a range of 32amp switch and 45anmp switch which should suit

          PDL380M32 , PDL680M32wh 32amp
          PDL647wh 45amp

          Are the hinged, Protected Switch Modules in the 600 Series available in black?

          The blank module is available in black (PDL 681M16HFBK).
          The printed modules (PDL 681M16HFALWH, PDL 681M16HFFWH, PDL 681M16HFMWWH and PDL 681M16HFSWH), clear protective lid with labelling card module (PDL 681M16HFCLWH) and press module (PDL 681M16HFPWH) are all only available in white.

          What is the part number for a Double pole mech in the PDL range ?

          The part number for this is a PDL687M10WH

          Does Clipsal still do the PDL, 600 Series, cover plates in 1,2 and 3 gang?

          Yes but they have to be purchased with the grid plate also ie: PDL681VHWH, PDL682VHWH and so on.

          What is the code for just a PDL685VHWH cover plate?

          the PDL685 and PDL686 take the exact same cover plate - PDL686CWH

          Is there a white cover plate available for the PDL 681HWP?

          The PDL 681CWH is the white cover plate to suit the PDL 681HWP

          What colour does PDL681M16HFP come in?

          This product is only available in White, the part number is PDL681M16HFPWH


          Is the PDL 687M4 available in black?

          Yes, part code PDL687M4BK

          What is the permanent connection unit for the PDL 600 Series?

          There are two options available for PDL 600 series :
          Standard Item = PDL651
          Waterproof IP56 =  PDL651VWP 
          Colour options = White or Black 

          The standard PCU module only is PDL651M2, the IP56 module is not available as a spare part.

          What is the part number of the PDL mechanism to suit PDL681VH?

          The part number of the mechanism to suit PDL681VH is PDL681M20. PDL681M20 is rated to 20A/16AX, 250V AC, 1 pole, 1 way/2 way.
          For further information, please visit
          User-added image

          Is the PDL681VH available in red?

          no, it is only available in white or black

          How do the PDL 600 and 800 series product codes work?

          As a general rule of thumb -
          PDL items require PDL at the front of the code.
          600 series item codes start with 6.
          600 series switch codes start with 68.
          The number of switches fitted in the plate is the 3rd number in the code, 681 = single 600 series switch, 682 = double 600 series switch
          600 series socket codes start with 69.
          The 3rd digit in a socket code indicates the type of socket, 691 = single vertical socket, 692 = double vertical socket, 694 = single horizontal socket, 695 = double horizontal socket.
          Most codes require a colour code at the end, WH = white, BK = black.
          eg. To order a black double vertical switched socket the complete code would be PDL692BK.
          800 series (Modena) item codes start with 8 and follow the same format as above. (800 series items with Strato plates start with S8...)
          eg. An 800 series Modena double switch in white = PDL882WH, a Strato double horizontal switched socket in black = PDLS895BK 
          In both series metal cover plates are an extra option to be supplied separately, coded to fit the plate required, eg. 600 series single switch metal plate in Stainless Steel = PDL681MSS (M = Metal, BBZ = Brushed Bronze, PB = Polished Brass) Some plastic cover plates are available eg. PDL681CWH (C = Cover), PDL800PSCH (PS = Plastic Surround, CH = Champagne, there are 9 colour options in 800 series)
          Strato brushed aluminium plates also need BK or WH to decide the trim colour, eg. PDLS800CBABK or PDLS800CBAWH (C = Cover , BA = Brushed Aluminium)
          Module grids with covers are available in BK or WH, eg. PDL684VHWH (VH = vertical/horizontal since the grid is empty and module can be fitted either way), PDLS800GPSBK (GPS = Grid, Plate, & Surround).
          Grids without covers included are only available in Modena 800 series, PDL800G (horizontal) or PDL800GV (vertical)
          Refer for further details and options.

          Can you buy the LED indicator separately for the PDL681MT16?

          No, the LED is Built in and not available separately.

          L1 VME How do you blank off a PDL560 Single Architrave Mounting Block ?

          You could use PDL661VHWH with PDL600BWH

          do we do modena 32amp unprinted mech

          PDL881M32SN - Unprinted, Amber Neon Pre-fitted.

          What module size is the 800 series Intermediate mech

          PDL882M10N amber neon
          PDL882M10NBL blue neon
          S2 Module size.

          What is the part code for the PDL Modena standrd (S2) 16A module


          what is pdl683vwpd marked with

           The switches are marked with Light, fan and heat 

          600 series 2 gang hdmi

          That can be made using the following parts:
          PDL615HDMIWHx2 + PDL682VHWH

          What is the PDL plate to suit the 100MPIR sensor mechanism?

          The PDL681VH will suit the 100MPIR.

          What is the part cold for the PDL 600VH plates with ID

          1 to 4  gang VH plates 681 to 684 ending with
          VIDWH or HIDWH ie PDL681VIDWH or PDL684HIDWH

          Is there a vertical version of the PDL 693/2 horizontal double socket, unswitched with separate bases?

          No - There is only the horizontal available.

          Is the modena vertical single switch the same size as a 600 Series single switch.

          The size for a modena Single Switch PDL881V - 85mm (W) x 124mm (H) x 9mm (D) - Mounting Centres - 84mm

          PDL681WH - Plate size 118mm(h) x 74mm(w) - Mounting centres 84mm

          Is the PDL691MSS a metal or just plastic painted to look like metal?

           The PDL691MSS is anodised aluminum, as are the MPB and MBBZ versions

          Is there a Red cover plate available for the PDL641?

          No - the only cover plate available is white. PDL641CWH

          what is the part number for the PDL 600 series triple gang plate?

          PDL683CWH only available in White


          Does the PDL648TM come complete in a plate?

          No, unfortunately this does not come as a complete unit. You will need a PDL681VH to mount the PDL648TM in.

          Some of the key features are:
          • Elegant design
          • Simple one-button user interface
          • Modular design compatible with 600 series mounting grids
          • Multiple colour choices included
          • Stylish LED operating status indicator light
          • li>32 Preset timer settings ranging between 15sec to 120min
          For further information please visit

          What is the part nuumber for a 600 series single vertical socket with USB Charger

          It can be made out of two products:
          PDL691XWH + PDL642MUSBWH

          What is the part number for a knob to suit the PDL654MWH?

          The part number for a knob to suit the PDL654MWH is a PDL620PWH.

          What is the Code for the metal cover plate for the PDL685VH?

          The 685 and the 686 take the same coverplate so the code is the PDL686MSS (for stainless steel)

          Does the normal PDL681 have an IP56 rating?

          No it doesn't, but you can use the PDL681VWP as this is IP56 rated.
          Refer to PDL Catalogue and Pricing Guide Issue 70, page 33.

          Is the PDL 860M16 1way or 2way?

          The PDL 860M16 is a 1way switch 
          The PDL691M16 is a 2way switch that is the same size.
          There is no Indicator option available for the 2 way switch in this size.

          Does the PDL881M16 dedicated switch module come with an LED indicator

          No, must be purchased seperately - Indicator inserts page 25 - 2014 PDL pocket book

          Amber - 800N240
          Blue LED
          Switch - 800L240MBL
          Sockets - 800L240SBL
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