AD63 K C 6A…32A 1PN 30mA 6000A A RCCB with overcurrent protection (RCBO)

AD63 K - earth leakage circuit breaker - 1P+N - C - 20A - 30mA - 6000A - A-TYPE

Catalogue Number: DOM12532
AD63 K C 6A…32A 1PN 30mA 6000A A RCCB with overcurrent protection (RCBO)
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE 1


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Device application
Range of product
Product name
AD63 K
Product or component type
residual current breaker with overcurrent protection (RCBO)
Poles description
1P + N
Neutral position
Earth-leakage protection class
type A
Suitability for isolation
[In] rated current
20 A at 30 °C
Network type
Network frequency
50 Hz
[Ue] rated operational voltage
230/240 V AC 50 Hz
Trip unit technology
Curve code
Magnetic tripping limit
5...10 x In
Earth-leakage sensitivity
30 mA
Earth-leakage protection time delay
Breaking capacity
6000 A Icn at 230/240 V AC 50 Hz
Electrical insulation class
class II
Limitation class
[Ui] rated insulation voltage
400 V AC 50 Hz
Contact position indicator
Control type
Local signalling
ON/OFF indication
Mounting support
DIN rail
Comb busbar and distribution block compatibility
9 mm pitches
93 mm
18 mm
70 mm
Net weight
136 g
Mechanical durability
20000 cycles
Provision for padlocking
Locking options description
by padlocks
Connections - terminals
  • screw clamp terminal (upstream) 1-16 mm² rigid
  • screw clamp terminal (upstream) 1-16 mm² flexible
  • screw clamp terminal (downstream) 1-10 mm² rigid
  • screw clamp terminal (downstream) 1-10 mm² flexible
    • Wire stripping length
    • 14 mm for upstream connection
    • 11 mm for downstream connection
      • Tightening torque
      • 2-2 N.m upstream
      • 2-2 N.m downstream
        • Earth-leakage protection
        • AS/NZS 61009
        • IEC 61009-1
          • Ambient air temperature for operation
            -25-55 °C
            Ambient air temperature for storage
            -30-70 °C
            Sustainable offer status
            Green Premium product
            REACh Regulation
            Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
            REACh free of SVHC
            EU RoHS Directive
            Mercury free
            RoHS exemption information
            China RoHS Regulation
            Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
            Environmental Disclosure
            Circularity Profile

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            Frequently Asked Questions

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            Can the Domae Earth leakage RCBO DOM12530 be Top or Bottom Fed?

            Yes, the feed can be supplied to the top or bottom of the Domae RCBO's.

            Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) configuration for the PowerLogic EM4800

            Which settings are relevant to Point-to-Point communication?

            Product Line
            EM4800 E4800

            Configuration Tool

            Point-to-Point Protocol or PPP is a encapsulation protocol for transporting IP traffic over dial-up point-to-point links, effectively allowing serial communications through a dial-up telephone connection.

            The following settings apply to most situations:

            Phone #: (required)
            AT String: AT X3
            Wait for Dial Tone: unchecked if there is a message waiting tone service enabled
            PPP Login: (required)

            BMXP3420302/102 V2.2 PV02 are not operational

            Goals and Symptoms

            CPU BMXP3420302/102 V2.2 PV02 from DOM 1030 to DOM1042 are not operational when they are new : CANopen status green led is flashing, you cannot load an application inside with CANopen master configured nor RUN the CPU.
            Les processeurs BMXP3420302/102 V2.2 PV02, depuis DOM 1030 jusque DOM1042, sont en défaut quand ils sont nouveaux: la led CANopen verte clignote et vous ne pouvez pas télécharger une application configurée avec le maitre CANopen, ni mettre en RUN le processeur

            Causes and Fixes

            To recover a normal behavior, you have to upgrade to firmware version V2.2 using UnityLoader, even if your current CPU is already in firmware version V2.2.
            You'll find this firmware version on Pl@net or on web site, or even attached to that current resolution as well as a document that explains how to deal with UnityLoader and firwmare upgrade on M340 range.

            We advise to respect the following procedure to avoid any problem during firmware update (otherwise you may have an error message when writing the Flash memory)
            1) Remove SDcard from CPU before power on M340 CPU
            2) Then power on M340 CPU.
            3) Once CPU is running, you can insert SDcard in CPU slot
            4) Finally perform normal firmware upgrade thanks to UnityLoader.

            Pour retrouver un comportement normal, vous devez télécharger de nouveau une version V2.2 en utilisant l'outil UnityLoader, même si votre processeur actuel est déjà dans la version V2.2.
            Vous trouverez cette version sur Pl@net ou sur le site Web
            Par commodité, attachés à cette résolution vous trouverez aussi les informations nécessaires au téléchargement:

            • un document qui explique comment réaliser le téléchargement avec UnityLoader
            • les 2 fichiers correspondants aux deux processeurs concernés. Choisissez celui qui est approprié à votre cas.

            Nous conseillons de respecter la procédure suivante pour assurer un téléchargement sans risque (autrement vous pourriez avoir une message d'erreur lors de l'écriture sur le méloire Flash).
            1) Enlever la SDCARD du processeur avant de mettre sous tension ce processeur.
            2) Mettre sous tension le processeur.
            3) Une fois que le processeur est opératoire, ré-insérer la SCCARD dans son emplacement.
            4) Exécutez le téléchargement de la version V2.2 avec l'outil UnityLoader

            M340_upgrade_procedure.pdf BMXP3420102_V220.ldx BMXP3420302_V220.ldx

            Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL203659 V3.0, Originally authored by FlLa on 10/07/2010, Last Edited by FlLa on 11/05/2010
            Related ranges: Modicon M340