Wiser Home Control Mk2

Wiser Home Control Mk2

Item Number: 5200WHC2



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Range of product

SpaceLogic C-Bus

Product or component type

system controller

Product compatibility

IP device

Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product



DC extension cable

Communication network type


Connector type


Type of cable

CAT5 category 5e RJ45

Mounting mode

free standing


219 mm


175 mm


33.5 mm

Ambient air temperature for operation

0...45 °C

Relative humidity

10...90 % without condensation

Reach regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

Eu rohs directive

Compliant with Exemptions

Mercury free


Rohs exemption information


China rohs regulation


Environmental disclosure


Circularity profile



Package 1 bare product quantity


Device short name


Ethernet service

dynamic DNS|DHCP client

Clock drift

1 min/month|1 s/1000 years NTP

[us] rated supply voltage

input: 24 V DC, <1 A|communication bus: 15...36 V DC, <0.036 A

Mounting location

indoor use only

Unit type of package 1


Number of units in package 1


Package 1 height

7.8 cm

Package 1 width

27.2 cm

Package 1 length

29.6 cm

Package 1 weight

1.186 kg
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where to download the C-Bus PICED 4.14.2?

Where to download the C-Bus PICED 4.14.2?

Date: 29/06/2023
Version: V4.14.2
Reference: PICED-V4.14.2
Operating Systems:  Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows x86 / x64

It contains C-Bus Wiser 2 firmware V1.33.1 and C-Bus Home Controller firmware V2.01.1


Wiser2 and C-Bus Home Controller (SLHC) both have same part number (5200whc2) but hold a different firmware

Both wiser have the same part number(5200WHC2) but different Device type

Old Wiser2 
Wiser 2 with WiFi – wiser2firmware_1_32_102.img

Current C-Bus Home Controller (SLHC)
Wiser 2 without WiFi – SLHomeControllerFirmware_2_00_67.img

Firmware update is done via PICED but Alternatively, you can use the option Wiser Manual Update under the Settings from the Web Client and then choose one of the above files for the upgrade.

manual F/W update
manual F/W update link


Wiser2/SLHC Remote Connection for PICED 1.14.2 onward

In the new Firmware Wiser 2 will only be able to connect remotely using SSL/HTTPS (Port 443 or the External Port that is defined in PICED)  

This means HTTP or Port 80 will now longer allow you to login remotely

Whenever you change the remote connection setting, it will force a reboot of the Wiser 2

              Wiser 2 with WiFi – wiser2firmware_1_33_1.img, Wiser 2 without WiFi – SLHomeControllerFirmware_2_01_1.img

5200WHC2 Wiser 2 Security Enhancements PICED 1.14.2 onward

New Password Rules for Wiser 2

  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters and not more than 64 characters in length.
  • Passwords must contain 1 upper case and 1 lower case.
  • Passwords must contain 1 number or 1 special character.
  • Passwords must not contain spaces at the beginning or end.
  • Passwords must not contain usernames in them.
  • Passwords must not be the same as existing passwords.
    • Added one more point for mobile and web clients (not applicable for PICED).

SSL Certificates (TLS)

  1. Uploading Signed Certificate (purchased from DigiCert, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, ZeroSSL)
  2. Let's Encrypt (Must have a DNS for their domain)
  3. Self-Sign Certificate

What is new of the C-Bus PICED 4.14.2?

What is new of the C-Bus PICED 4.14.2?
  • C-Bus PICED 4.14.2 was released on 26/06/2023
Security Enhancements
PICED now provides improved security for Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects. The requirements for profile passwords have been strengthened, as has their storage. Our recommendation is to update your Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects to take advantage of these security fixes.

Note: that your Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects cannot be rolled back to their previous versions once updated.

Transfer Utility now provides improved security for Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller projects while transferring and retrieving project data, and while updating firmware. Port 80 is blocked for remote transfer and is supported by local transfer only. Remote transfer uses port 443 by default.

Let’s Encrypt is now supported for providing secure connections. To enable Let’s Encrypt, the C-Bus Home Controller DNS name can be provided while specifying project details. Secure connection details can be provided on the Transfer Project screen.

• SP-3869 – Implement support of password hashing for Wiser 2 / C-Bus Home Controller projects
• SP-3871 – Implement password hashing in Transfer Utility for Wiser2 and Home Controller units
• SP-3872 – Implement stricter password validation rules
• Capture the DNS name as part of PICED
• Upload CA certificate in PICED
• Fixed the SocketException error trying to transfer a project when Projector Control is disabled
• Fixed an issue that meant upgrading Wiser 2 firmware locally did not work
• Fixed an authentication issue when trying to do a firmware update
• Fixed an issue where transfer was unable to be done on any port other than 80
• Implemented a better workflow when opening a project that has passwords that don't meet the password requirements
• Fixed the failure to authenticate when trying to upgrade the firmware
• Fixed an issue where changes to the CNI port were not being saved
• Fixed an issue where most users in the profiles have been replaced with default Admin profiles

Wiser 2 / C-Bus Home Controller Firmware
This version of PICED includes the following new versions of the Wiser 2 and C-Bus Home Controller firmware:
1.33.1 (Wiser 2)
2.01.1 (C-Bus Home Controller)

Other Fixes
• SP-3867 – Edit Total Power Meter history does not distribute the data to the meter correctly
• SP-3876 – Unable to transfer the Old Flash Wiser 2 Project remotely
• Fixed an issue with refreshing project from the unit not working
• Fixed an issue where a remote firmware upgrade on port 85 would fail

The latest C-Bus software from SE Ecoxpert

What Class is Wiser2/SLHC (5200WHC22) Network Support?

Unfortunately, to be able to disable the remote connection for Projector Control Wiser 2 only supports class C network.

A class C network would have a subnet mask of 255.255. 255.0, which means that 24 bits are used for the network. In CIDR notation, this is designated by a /24 following the IP address

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