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In this digital age as technology develops we look ahead to understand and improve how we can offer you new exciting smart home possibilities. 

We have recently released the Wiser by SE app which has new user-friendly features and to make it easier to connect to more PDL Wiser smart home options. 

If you are currently using the Wiser Room app, we need you to follow a few simple steps to help future-proof your home and to keep your PDL Bluetooth dimmers, switches, timers and sockets up-to-date and connected to the smart devices around your home.

Where to start with updating the firmware

Follow four simple steps below.

Wiser by SE app

Step 1:

Update to the latest version of the Wiser Room app.

Firmware update wiser by se app

Step 2:

Connect to your current connected devices and ensure updated (eg: Bluetooth dimmer, timers, switches)

Wiser by SE app

Step 3:

Download the new Wiser by SE app, create an account and connect your Iconic devices.

Couple on wiser by se

Step 4:

Watch our helpful videos to learn how to maximise the tools in your new Wiser by SE app.

QR code to download the Wiser by SE app

Download Wiser by SE app

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Wiser by SE App is your smart home assistant. 

Upgrading to the Wiser by SE app gives you a simple and easy way to add more smart home options and possibilities to your home when you are ready with the addition of a Wiser Hub, including:

  • Moment setting, control and automations
  • Push notification
  • Voice control
  • Remote control
  • Home management

Update PDL connected devices for Wiser

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  • How to update PDL connected devices for Wiser

    Upgrade to the new Wiser by SE app

    Download the 'How to' guide (PDF 1.71)
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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I invite a new member to join my Wiser Home with their Wiser by SE account?

    In the menu slide-out tap "Home Management", on the home management page tap the home you wish to add a member to and then tap Add Member, then select the method to share an invitation code.  Send the invitation code to the new member. The new member can now copy the code from the email for SMS they receive, then open Wiser by SE app, tap “Home Management”, then tap “Join a home” to the paste in the invitation code.

    Note:  The invitation code lasts for 3 days after which it will expire.

    Why is my Wiser device not turning ON/OFF at the prescribed time set in the schedule?

    Go to your Home Settings and ensure your Home Location is set correctly.
    If you have the schedule set for Sunrise and/or Sunset, the on and off times will vary throughout the year in line with the astronomical times.
    For BLE devices, you can go into your device Setting and Update time & date under Time Synchronization.

    Why do I need to update my Iconic Bluetooth devices and why should I change to the Wiser by SE App?

    It is highly recommended to update your Bluetooth devices to the latest firmware, this will ensure combability with the new Wiser by SE App. For Wiser compatible Bluetooth devices the firmware update will also allow them to be swapped into Zigbee mode. The Wiser by SE App provides enhanced security features, the ability to create and manage homes, the ability to use the Wiser Hub and create a Zigbee network with your Iconic Zigbee devices. Connecting with the Wiser Hub allows control from outside of your home as well as voice control, moments(scenes) and automation functions. Updating your App will give you access to the latest features available within the Iconic Wiser product range.

    I am about to update my devices with Wiser Room, when do I download Wiser by SE and do I still need Wiser Room installed after updating devices?

    You can download the Wiser by SE App at any time, however, depending on the age and current firmware on your Bluetooth devices they may not be compatible with Wiser by SE until they have completed a firmware update within Wiser Room.
    Once you have finished updating the devices in Wiser Room there is no longer a need to keep it so you are able to remove the App. It is recommended to first remove all the devices prior to removing the App.

    Do I have to re-program my devices settings when I upgrade from Wiser Room to the Wiser by SE App?

    No, all your device settings will remain in the device and be available when scanned by the Wiser by SE app.  If you are changing your device from BLE to Zigbee mode it is recommended to perform a factory reset on the device before changing. This can be found in the product installation instructions. Please note that the device settings will be erased when changing to Zigbee mode.

    How do I know if I have the latest firmware on my devices

    Pair your device in Wiser Room and if you do not currently have the latest the Wiser Room app will prompt you to update the firmware.

    How do I know if I have the latest version of the Wiser Room or Wiser by SE Apps

    Check the Apple Store or Google Play Store for updates if you do not have auto updates enabled for either App.

    Can I keep using the Wiser Room App?

    You are able to keep using the Wiser Room App, however you will not be able to access any new features, firmware updates or functions that are available in the Wiser by SE App.

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