How can I run 4 preset speeds on the ATV28?



Program Preset Speeds on the ATV28
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Program LI3 for 2 Preset Speeds (PS4) and LI4 for 4 Preset Speeds (PS4) in the I-O Menu.
Speed number one will be made from your low speed (LSP) from menu #2 setting. It will run at LSP (or the speed determined by the analog inputs) if the drive has a run signal and if both preset speeds are inactive.
The second and third speeds are set the SEt menu at parameter SP2 & SP3. If there is a run command and only LI3 is active, the drive will run at the SP2 speed, and if only LI4 is active, it will run at the SP3 speed.
If there is run command and both of the preset speed inputs are active, the drive will run at high speed (HSP in the SEt menu)