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As technology evolves we are always looking for better ways to help keep your home connected and offer you more smart home options. To help with this, we have released the Wiser by SE app packed with user-friendly features and to make it easy for you to expand your smart home.

If you are currently using the Wiser Room App, we need you to follow a few simple steps to help keep your Bluetooth dimmers, switches, timers and sockets up-to-date and connected to the smart devices around your home.

This will help your PDL connected home to be able to continue to grow with you, and make it easier to connect to more Wiser smart home options.

Where to start with updating the firmware

Follow four simple steps below.

Step 1:

Update to the latest version of the Wiser Room app.

Step 2:

Connect to your current connected devices and ensure updated (eg: Bluetooth dimmer, timers, switches)

Step 3:

Download the Wiser by SE app, create an account and connect your Iconic devices.

Step 4:

Watch our helpful videos to learn how to maximise the tools in your Wiser by SE app.

Download Wiser by SE app

Download Wiser by SE app

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Wiser by SE app is your smart home assistant. 

Upgrading to the Wiser by SE app gives you a simple and easy way to add more smart home options and possibilities to your home when you are ready with the addition of a Wiser Hub, including:

  • Moment setting, control and automations
  • Push notification
  • Voice control
  • Control from anywhere
  • Home management

How to update PDL connected devices for Wiser

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Upgrade to the new Wiser by SE app

Family in a Wiser smart home

Get ready for more smart home options to come

By upgrading to the Wiser by SE app, your home will be one step closer to becoming even smarter.

You may now have the option to add a Wiser Hub and other devices to create moments (scenes), automation functions, voice control or control your home from anywhere in the world. 

If you want to add to your smart home options and functionalities find out about our new PDL Wiser Smart Home options today. Wiser is compatible with existing PDL Bluetooth devices making changes and updates simple and easy. 

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