PDL Switch and Socket Ranges

Choose quality and style

PDL Switches and Sockets Ranges

Innovative Switch and Socket solutions designed for easy installation and benefit for your customers

Explore our range of light switches and electrical sockets with a variety of mechs, dimmers, fan controllers and Bluetooth control.

PDL light switches and power outlets range from standard to premium and fit perfectly into any residential home. 

PDL Iconic

Designed with electricians for electricians

PDL Iconic® is thee next generation wall switches and sockets that give you more options than ever before. 

Iconic is loaded with clever features and benefits like new game changing modular mechs and grids with changeable skins and dollies for unrivaled customisation now and in the future.

The modern range is based on a slim, sleek, clean design that is easy to customise and blends in with any environment to benefit your customers.

PDL Iconic features

ControlLink connectivity

ControlLink allows for multi-way control of lights, and for dimmers and time clocks to work together for enhanced functionality.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Iconic 3-wire mechanisms connect to the Wiser Room app via Bluetooth Low Energy. 

BLE minimises energy consumption, connecting only when required and does not require any gateway devices.

Connectivity without complexity

ControlLink and BLE together offer unprecedented flexibility with standard wiring. 

BLE is available on most phones and tablets for connectivity through the Wiser room app. 

Skins offer unlimited flexibility

The standard Iconic range of skins offers unlimited flexibility with standard white skin, and subtle colour variants that complements any interior décor.

Iconic skins have a matte finish, customs pictograms, and translucent edges that infuse with wall colours.

Iconic Essence is Irresistibly timeless.

With smooth round wooden edges made from real timber, Iconic Essence has an unmistakably luxurious look and feel.

Setting a new benchmark for quality and style in residential products, the natural finish of Iconic Essence will enhance your living space. 

Iconic Styl is Irresistibly beautiful.

Iconic Styl has an irresistibly beautiful design made from durable anodised aluminium for a quality look in every home.

It adds elegance, colour and modern simplicity with three metallic finishes to offer flexibility to a broad range of décor styles.

PDL Pro Series

PDL Pro Series is the new range of sockets and switches designed specifically for commercial buildings such as retail, offices, schools and public spaces.

PDL Pro Series offers:

  • Permanent circuit identification with large integrated windows.
  • Secured skin which can only be removed with a tool.
  • Large terminals for easy termination.
  • Aesthetically appealing with fresh, clean lines and beveled edges to deflect impacts, and sockets rated at IK08 for impact resistance.
  • Available in white and black, the switches and sockets will blend into any commercial environment.
PDL Saturn Products on design board
PDL Saturn Horizon products on design board
PDL Saturn Zen products on design board