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Weather Protected Series

Intimidating strength and durability.

PDL Weather protected range
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Industry proven that are built to last.

Based upon two frame sizes, the Weather Protected Series (WPS) has been designed as a suite of products, allowing interchangeability. This means the junction/utility boxes can be mounted and, with only a cover change, can be turned into a switch or socket outlet, or a combination of both. WPS offers the ultimate protection against water and dust ingress in harsh environments. WPS is an ideal option for switches and power outlets in outdoor applications.

Weather Protected Switches

PDL Weathershield Switch
PDL weatherproof Switch
PDL weatherproof Switch

WPS Switches Key Features

  • 20A switch as standard
  • 16AX fluorescent rating standard
  • M60 motor rating as standard
  • Stainless steel mounting screws
  • Padlockable and mechanically protected
  • New 32A switch, single pole, 1 way.

Weather Protected Sockets

Weather Protected Socket

WPS Sockets Key features

  • Socket face angled for ease of use and weather protection
  • Logical socket orientation for end user
  • Internal phase wiring between switch and socket provided as standard
  • Phillips/slotted terminal screws
  • Large terminals that are centrally located creating more wiring room for ease of installation
  • Removable bridging wires for ease of wiring 2 or more circuits
  • Earth – clearly marked for easy identification (terminated one side only)
  • Internal phase wiring from switch to socket

Weather Protected Enclosures

Weathershield Switch
Weathershield Socket

WPS Enclosures Key Features

Shallow Base

  • Modern shallow base design – 20mm deep
  • Rear cable entry only – 20mm standard entry
  • Rear knock-out to 32mm
  • Conduit box mounting centres provided
  • Multiple fixing positions – for easy fixing away from rear entry point
  • Drain hole options provided

Deep Base

  • Single or double conduit options for surface wiring
  • Rear cable entry plug 25mm
  • 38mm depth for increased wiring room
  • Five plain 25mm conduit entries
  • Drain hole options provided
  • Multiple mounting points, away from rear entry and conduit entry points
  • 90° mounting options – on single base only