Wiser™ Smart Home Support

Wiser doesn’t just make your home smarter – it can make life easier, more convenient and more energy efficient too.

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To help you and make the most of your Wiser home, we have provided a few helpful tips, how-to videos and other support options. 

Wiser hub

To get you started we need to understand if you are using your Wiser system with a Hub or without a Hub. A Wiser Hub allows you to access your Wiser Smart Home System from almost anywhere you have internet access through the Wiser by SE app.

Without a Wiser Hub you can still connect to selected smart devices through Bluetooth (point-to-point pairing) and the Wiser by SE app when you are within range. It's easy to add a Wiser Hub to your home if you would like more access and control options, simply talk with your Wiser approved installer.

Wiser with Hub

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Without a Wiser Hub (Bluetooth)

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