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Irresistibly modern, timeless and future-proof

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The beautiful electrical accessories range from PDL where style meets clever efficiency.
From standard switches and power points, to simple smart home functionality, Iconic is the new standard in modern living for every home.

PDL Iconic is the latest design in light switches and power points. It considers not only aesthetics but functionality and usability.

PDL Iconic skins in exploded view

Choose from Iconic, Iconic Styl and Iconic Essence skin designs. These three designs offer you an abundance of choice with nine different skin colours and metallic finishes.

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Introducing the standard PDL Iconic range

Before you swim, you dip a few toes in. The same goes for new technology. If you're not ready to jump in with both feet, then you need a basic option to prepare you for the future. Iconic skins come in four different colours and lay the foundations to scale up!

Iconic® Styl

Metallic light switches and power points add elegance to an area of the home that's often overlooked. Our Iconic Styl range offers texture and modern simplicity across three aluminium finishes: Silver, Silver Shadow and Crowne.

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Iconic® Essence

Looking for something different? Iconic Essence has smooth, round wooden edges, inspired by classic comfort and elegance. And the natural birch timber edge highlights each light switch and power point.

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Clever features

Iconic is loaded with clever features, designed to make your life easier. From USB chargers and night walk sensor lights to energy-saving sensors and multi-way control of lights, the Iconic has got you covered. PDL Iconic Bluetooth low energy allows you to control lights and timers via the Wiser room app.

USB charger with handy, little shelf

Cluttered kitchen benches and side-tables will soon become a thing of the past. Our three-socket USB charger includes an optional shelf to hold a tablet or up to two phones. It's perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and living areas.

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Young girl reading in her room while her phone charges on an Iconic USB charger shelf.

Keeping you connected at home

Iconic's modular design offers a complete range of options for connecting home computers, smart devices, TVs and audio equipment. You can arrange up to six different connectors in one Iconic plate.

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A smart home showing PDL Night walk

Night Walk feature

Simply plug your Night Walk accessory into an Iconic double power point. When movement is detected, a subtle LED discreetly lights a safe path throughout the home. It's also the perfect night light for kids' rooms!

A consumer using Bluetooth Control

Bluetooth Control

Go one step further with Iconic Bluetooth. Turn lights on and off via app. Dim lights to save energy. Set timers and time clocks, ideal for exterior lighting, heated towel rails and more. Simple control using the Wiser room app.

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Take Back Control with the Wiser Iconic Connected Socket

A connected socket outlet can schedule appliances to turn on and off through a smart device, which can offer you convenience and help save power. A timer also helps reduce the likelihood of leaving appliances on.

PDL Smart socket outlet

Wiser Room app ready

Use the Wiser Room app to pair to the socket and turn appliances on and off, create schedules or use its timer functions.

The smart socket is available in standard Iconic, Iconic Styl and Iconic Essence coloured skins.

Pairing with Wiser Room App How To Diagram

How to connect to your smart socket?

  1. Download the PDL Wiser Room App onto your preferred smart device
  2. Once downloaded, open the App, then tap "Edit" and click "Add new  device"
  3. The App should prompt you to tap the middle switch on the socket three times.
  4. This should pair the smart socket to your device. Continue to follow the pairing instructions in the App.
  5. You should be able to now go into the settings of your connected socket to set timers, schedules and naming of your appliances.

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New York State of Mind

Find out how PDL Iconic range delivers style and efficiency to interior spaces and the switches of PDL Iconic Styl have a sleek feel that add to the overall experience of the beautiful fittings.

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Setting the gold standard in contemporary home design

A modern black cedar home with sweeping views across rural Pukekohe makes a striking statement on its hilltop location, and a beautiful interior using stylish Iconic switchgear from PDL.

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Ben and Quinn’s Iconic Christchurch home

The transformation of a 1940s bungalow into a modern family home by former The Block NZ contestants Ben and Quinn Alexandre got the perfect finishing touch with PDL Iconic.

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