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Our range of fire safety, electrical safety and home security products are designed to help keep your house and everyone in it, safe and sound.

Ask a Sparky

What is a switchboard and why is it important for your home’s safety?

We asked experienced Kiwi electrician Carey Thomassen from MB Electrical some common questions about home switchboards.

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Get to know your electrical switchboard

You may hardly ever need to open your electrical switchboard, but there are several safety devices you can add to it that will help make your home a safer place.

Circuit breakers (MCB - Cable protection) and Residential Current Devices (RCDs - People protection) will detect faults in your electrical system and switch off the current immediately, while Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) help to prevent electrical surges (which can cause injury and destroy electronic equipment) from entering your home.

Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDDs - Fire protection) are an early warning system that help avoid electrical fires by detecting electric arc faults before they ignite. AFDDs are ideal for homes where wiring is older, where there may be damaged or squashed cables, or where a number of devices are left plugged in.

Review the 3 home protection steps below and speak to a licensed electrician about what solutions are right for your home.

Pictograms Explained

Safety and protection pictograms

Home Protection in 3 Steps

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Peace of mind

Smoke alarms are central to safety in any home. Installing long-life photoelectric smoke alarms, as recommended by the New Zealand Fire Service, can give you and your family peace of mind, 24 hours a day. Our smoke alarms are ideal for home use as they sound an 85 decibel siren when smoke is detected and can be interconnected (hardwired or wirelessly).

Our Wiser Smart Smoke alarms also provide the option of integrating lighting to help provide a safe escape route at night, it can send notifications to you and loved ones if a fire is detected, remind you to test it, and tell you when it’s due for replacement.

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Safety Checklist

Do you have adequate electrical protection?

Peter Wolfkamp’s Villa Project

Peter Wolfkamp’s Villa Project

While the experienced builder Peter Wolfkamp, best known for dispensing DIY wisdom on popular TV show The Block NZ, is known to take on repiling, strengthening, re-roofing and insulation by himself, he calls in the experts when it comes to electrical.

“I wanted to be absolutely sure that I was using the latest and best technology to enhance the safety of this house and everyone in it.” explains Peter.

Showrooms showcasing modern smart switches and power points for home or office use

Vision Studio Showrooms and Digital Consultations

Bring your vision to life!

There are so many decisions to make when building or renovating. Visit our Vision Studios in Auckland and Christchurch, or book a digital consultation to let us help with your home’s electrical design to suit your family and your lifestyle.

Our free consultations can be held in a fully interactive showroom environment complete with living, dining, kitchen and bathroom areas, to effectively showcase electrical, smart home, safety and energy efficiency options for your home.

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