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Resi9 by Schneider Electric

Simplify Switchboard Installations with Resi9

The shift from RCD/MCB to Slim RCBO with the innovative new MAXBAR™ makes installations faster and neater.

The New Rules for Smoke Alarms

New Zealanders’ homes are set to become safer with the implementation of a Building Code update by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. From 01/11/24, all new homes will be required to have a Type 1 Smoke Alarm System.

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The Next Generation of Residential Circuit Protection

The new Resi9 range from Schneider Electric brings the latest in global technology and optimised performance to residential new builds and major switchboard upgrades.

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Actassi9 Blog 

A reliable and quality internet connection has become essential for many homeowners' lives and work.

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Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge

The Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge is an annual event in New Zealand that aims to find the country's best electrical apprentice.

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PDL to Sponsor Regional Smart Home Award in 2023

The PDL by Schneider Electric Smart Home award will recognise the best of the best builders who are leading the way in smart home system integration across New Zealand.

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Electrical Business Review Checklist

As a business owner it is easy to get caught up with the day-to-day operations of running a business. Taking a small amount of time to step away, and review your business can help bring clarity, and make you more effective.

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EVlink Home EV Charger

Due to this rise in demand, Schneider Electric have released a new EVlink Home charger, specifically designed for residential use. Here are the top 5 things you should know about the new EVlink Home EV charger.

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New Commercial Building Raises Bar With Leading-Edge Tech

Largely driven by strong values of superior customer service and quality workmanship, the business grew over the years and needed to find a new location to be able to expand.

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9 ways to create a smarter holiday home

We spoke to local New Zealand Wiser expert and former electrician Kelvin Hart from the Schneider Electric Bay of Plenty team, to discuss some of the great ways PDL Wiser can open the door for more enjoyable vacations for your customers.

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Transition to Pro Series

Electricians around New Zealand are making the switch to the new PDL Pro Series – a robust feature-packed range that brings innovation to the commercial wiring device market to meet demand for easy-to-install technology, robustness and security.

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Create a smarter home

PDL's Offer Manager Vanessa Willats discusses the evolution of electrical accessories in making home smarter.

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Type B RCD versus an in-built RDC-DD? What is the difference?

Schneider Electric NZ's Final Distribution Product Manager Martin Scottorn outlines what you need to know about Type B RCD, in-built RDC-DD, and the new NZ Wiring Rules AS/NZS 3000:2018. 

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Smart home, smart design

A global digital transformation is taking place in the modern home and as the global electrical technology leader, PDL by Schneider Electric is ensuring that homes are prepared for today and tomorrow.

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Rated current of Electrical Panel and Switchboard Protection Devices

Join us as we go over some technical reasons behind the temperature rise tests and the resulting need to define or prescribe the right and reliable rated current of the various components incorporated in the assembly.

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How Type B residual current devices protect against shock in the most challenging applications

Shocks from contact with electrical conductors continue to occur every year in every country. For example, in the UK, the Health and Safety Executive documented that “Each year about 1000 accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported … Around 30 of these are fatal.”

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Why Four Types of Residual Current Devices? It’s all About the Load

Protecting people from shocks has always been a priority in AC electrical system design. Equipment is typically designed to provide a barrier to anyone making physical contact with a live conductor, either through the use of insulation or other means. However, such contact can sometimes accidentally occur...

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Electrical distributors: futureproof your business!

Along with digitization, several other factors are re-shaping the landscape of the electrical distribution marketplace. Find out some tips around how you can evolve your business model, to meet these new needs.

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Smart homes deliver smart business for electricians

More than 26 billion connected devices are expected to be deployed by 2020 – 20 times more than in 2016! Plus, smart home device spending is set to reach more than $112 billion by 2022.

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A Wiser approach to smart homes

Join us as the smart home industry continues to evolve, as we seize opportunities and enhance Wiser’s position as a worldwide leader in the category.

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