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Simplify Switchboard Installations with Resi9

Using the latest innovative RCBO + MAXBAR™ solution

Upgrade to Slim RCBO with the new MAXBAR™ for faster and neater installations

Six months after the successful launch of its innovative next-generation residential circuit protection range Resi9™, PDL by Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, is embarking on a mission to simplify residential switchboard installations by promoting benefits of best in-class MAXBAR™ and RCBO systems.

The shift from RCD/MCB to Slim RCBO with the innovative new MAXBAR™ makes installations faster and neater.

PDL's MAXBAR™ and RCBO solution by PDL Schneider Electric

Experience MAX Speed

The MAXBAR is a busbar that delivers phase and neutral supply to all Resi9 RCBOs and AFDDs while connecting directly to the main switch. This makes installation up to two times faster than the traditional MCB+RCCB method.

Ray Dunn Executive General Manager at Schneider Electric, says, 

“Resi9 is at the forefront of global technology with the advent of MAXBAR and RCBO, which offer significant benefits and advantages to electricians seeking to grow their business. At Schneider Electric we understand that electricians are not just looking for the next generation of circuit protection – they want to differentiate their own businesses through innovation and efficiencies, such as less nuisance tripping and less inconvenience when an earth leakage is detected, which please their customers."

“We understand that RCBOs are more expensive than MCB/RCD devices, but when you price RCBOs in a complete installation and factor in labour savings, material, and enclosure, the overall install cost is a lot closer. Because of the space savings in a board redesign using Resi9 slim RCBOS, the cost of adding RCBOs could be more than offset by not having to replace a full board. Slim RCBOs are perfect for renovations which may include adding additional circuits such as EV charging, heat pumps, or induction cook tops."

“RCBO is the future of switchboard protection, and the time-saving benefits of the Slim RCBO and MAXBAR solution enables electricians to streamline their day, serve their customers and ensure their satisfaction, and spend more time on everything else that matters to them.”

Resi9 RCBOs by PDL Schneider Electric

Achieve MAX Professionalism

Electrician Sarah Kirk says, “I found the new MAXBAR method considerably quicker to fit off compared to the normal RCCB/MCB method. It also took up a lot less room in the switchboard, meaning more space for any future or additional work done."

“I was pretty stoked with the functionality of the new Resi9 switchgear, which is also clean, sustainable, and super-easy and quick to install, which makes a big impact on your day-to-day work as an electrician. The larger terminal sizes were a big thumbs-up from me, much easier to double up those larger cables.” 

The Resi9 range launched last October and has replaced the previous range, Domae, which was discontinued at the end of February 2024.

Key product features:

  • Up to 2 times faster installation speed with MAXBAR compared to the RCCB/MCB installation. 
  • No cables needed for feeding Resi9 RCBOS with MAXBAR connecting main switch directly to any type of Resi9 RCBO and AFDDs.
  • Opportunity to grow business with latest innovation in circuit protection – AFDD.
  • Simplify communication with homeowners using easy to explain pictograms on all devices.
  • All the product-related information (specifications, brochures, catalogues, FAQs and installation instructions) at your fingertips by scanning the QR code on all products.

Check out the full Resi9 range solution