Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Reduce consumption and costs

Energy efficiency is easy to achieve with our range of lighting, smart home automation and future-ready features for your home.

From simple timers to dashboards that monitor usage, and even home EV charging stations, there are solutions to maximise your energy efficiency and save you money.

Homeowner monitoring energy usage

Monitor energy usage

It’s easier to tackle rising energy costs when you know exactly how much energy you’re using and where in your home you’re using it.

PDL’s energy dashboards make it simple to keep an eye on your consumption through C-Bus smart home automation.

You can take control of your energy usage and make informed choices that will make your home more energy efficient and help you save on power bills.

Family enjoying time together

Reduce energy use

Reducing energy use in your home doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. There are many ways to use less energy while making your home smarter, safer and more enjoyable to live in.

Starting can be as easy as installing long-life low energy LED downlights, while timers, sensors and sunset switches help by activating lighting only when it’s needed.

The innovative PDL Iconic range uses Bluetooth connectivity for a smart way of controlling lights and some appliances around your home, without the need for special wiring.

Full smart home automation via C-Bus can help your home work more efficiently, and dashboards let you monitor your usage to help reduce energy consumption.

Electric vehicles

Future-ready with EV chargers

Electric vehicles are the way of the future when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and our reliance on fossil fuels.

Whether you’re already driving an electric vehicle (EV) or not, you can make sure your home is future-ready with the our EVLink Wallbox.

Weatherproof and robust, the EVLink Wallbox can be installed outside or in your garage and lets you charge your EV quickly and easily at your place.

It’s faster, more reliable and safer than using a domestic socket outlet and is an energy efficient addition to your home that makes driving an EV even more convenient.

Green Premium ecolabel

The Green Premium ecolabel by Schneider Electric makes it easy for you to make sustainable, environmentally-conscious decisions about the products you use in your home.

You can search the Green Premium online database for information about the environmental footprint of a specific product, including details of its recyclability.

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