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5 Smart Home Myths

We've debunked some common smart home myths so that you can better understand home automation and make the right choice for you.

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Daylight Savings Checks

How to prepare your home or a safe and comfortable winter.

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Renovation Checklist

Deciding to renovate your home is an exciting step and the key to achieving the perfect result is to take your time getting the plan and details right.

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Innovative Design

To give you a bit of insider information on what goes into creating the products you love to use, we chatted with Schneider Electric’s Design Director Tim Rochford about his experience, design philosophy and how to continually innovate. 

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Designer Insider

Getting the insider info on how products come to life, how his team continually delivers great work with a customer-first approach – as well as an exclusive hint about an exciting upcoming release.

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Home Office

Working from home is just one of many things that have become part of the “new normal”. But what started as a juggle of papers and laptops on kitchen tables has become a growing movement towards home offices that offer more flexible hours, with no commute.

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What is a smart home?

Part 1 of this series explores what a smart home is and what the benefits home automation are.

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How to create a smart home

Part 2 of this series explores everything you need to know about getting started with home automation.

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Are smart homes safe?

Part 3 of this series explains how you can keep your smart home cybersecure.

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Electrical cost clarified

We asked Kiwi electrician, Andy Hart of Hart Electrical for advice on the costs of electrical services when building and renovating

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PDL Iconic Switches

St Heliers home refresh

When Jim Gleeson of Refresh Renovations started work on the electrical renovation of the St Heliers house, he found it had old switches that were yellowed and damaged and in three different styles, which detracted from the overall presentation of the property. He suggested that the owners update the switch gear to a single style for a more streamlined look and to complement the light, bright interior.

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electrical planning

Electrical planning

Whether you are building a new home or renovating one, an electrical plan will help you consider all electrical needs are thoroughly as well as prepare for an adequate budget to cater for that. What are three questions you should ask?

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Alex and Corban Walls' new home

Alex & Corban's new home

Alex and Corban Walls’ new home is a showcase of trademark sophisticated styling and clever design that makes the most of the beautiful bush setting and sea views.

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Schneider Electric switchboard

What the process of a switchboard upgrade is like

Dominique and her husband recently went through a switchboard upgrade in her home. She wrote about the experience to help other homeowners who are considering a switchboard upgrade, to better understand the process.

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A safer home with AFDD

How did Arc Fault Detection RCBO, the new solution for home electricity security from PDL by Schneider Electric help make a home safer quickly and easily.

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Design an accessible home

Designing with accessibility in mind has become a standard in today’s building and renovating practice. When it comes to electrical solutions, it’s worth considering simple products that can help make the surroundings more accessible and safer.

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New York State of Mind

Find out how PDL Iconic range delivers style and efficiency to interior spaces and the switches of PDL Iconic Styl have a sleek feel that add to the overall experience of the beautiful fittings.

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pdl lighting safety

9 Safety Tips for Renovation Projects

Doing your research and having a well-thought-out electrical plan for your renovation will help you save and prepare an adequate budget upfront, as well as ensure all safety measures are thoroughly considered.

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Wolfkamp's Villa Reno

Builder Peter Wolfkamp is best known for dispensing DIY wisdom on popular tv show The Block NZ – but when it came to his own renovation he was only too happy to take some advice on how best to protect his new investment, and those living in it, from electrical fires.

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Design Award Winner Carmen He Joins Pacific Design Lab

Schneider Electric is proud to announce award winning designer Carmen He as the newest Industrial Designer in the Pacific Design lab based in Adelaide, Australia.

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Switch up your Style

Your intrinsic sense of style is evident as soon as someone walks into your home. If it's expertly styled, all elements of a design will come together to give your home an inviting and comfortable feel.

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Updating customers' homes?

Stay up to speed as the smart home industry continues to evolve. We want to help you seize opportunities and enhance customers lives.

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Inspired? Here's what's next...

As with anything in your renovation, the earlier you start and the more you plan to your needs and budget the better! Explore important product and electrical considerations below.

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