Make summer great with PDL
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Make summer great with PDL

See how PDL can help create a stress-free summer

The countdown is on to the busy festive season and summer break.

Here, we show you how clever features from the Iconic and Wiser ranges can keep things simple and stress-free while adding comfort and safety to your holidays.

Iconic power point powering the electric lights in Christmas tree.
PDL Iconic night walk.
PDL Iconic Outdoor installed on wooden fence.

Outdoor living

Iconic Outdoor is the stylish outdoor range that can link to the Wiser by SE app to manage outdoor electrics like lights, pool heating, or water features.

Use an Iconic Outdoor Smart Weatherproof Switched Power Point with outdoor fairy lights to help make your home the best-dressed house on the street this festive season. This makes it simple to schedule lights to turn on and off, even on the nights you’re not there.

Have your garden always looking its best for summer entertaining too, with a PDL Wiser Switch to activate feature lighting at dusk.

A PDL Wiser IP camera installed in the ceiling.
Mobile phone with video camera in hand.
A man and two children manage their home with Wiser by SE App on their phone.
A happy family sharing a meal outdoors, cherishing quality time together.