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Enjoy flexible control with the Wiser by SE app

With a PDL Wiser Smart Home solution, your smartphone or tablet can become your dashboard for setting up and controlling your home. You can do everything from operating the blinds to changing the lighting remotely with the Wiser by SE app, or even with your smart voice assistant (Alexa/Google Assistant/Siri).

The Wiser by SE app has been designed for use by both installers and homeowners, so can be configured at the time of installation or can be customised by homeowners as they use their home and their lifestyle and needs change.

Wiser by SE app moments

Create Personalised ‘Moments’

Every household has its little rituals, and your PDL Wiser Smart Home can help to instantly set the right mood, feeling or function. Whether it’s turning off the TV and putting on some music at dinnertime or dimming the lights and closing the blinds for movie nights, you just set the moment exactly how you want it once, then call up your saved settings next time.

Moments are an easy way to save your favourite settings for lighting, shade, and temperature in any room, and even control appliances like your TV, aircon or home entertainment system.

Automations Wiser by SE App

The Power of ‘Automations’

True automation is when something happens exactly how and when you want it to, based on preset conditions without you needing to do anything – it just happens like magic!

For example, your outdoor lights could be automated to turn on at sunset every day, so you always come home to a well-lit pathway. With a few taps on the Wiser by SE app, you can set up your PDL Wiser Smart Home to trigger an automation to open the blinds every morning around the house at 7.00am and to close them at sunset.

The Wiser by SE app even allows to you to define the conditions that will trigger the automation and the logic between them (all conditions must be met / any of the conditions is met). It also lets you control what actions will be triggered and the time in which the automation is active.

Wiser by SE app schedules


Going on holiday? Imagine being able to use the app to schedule your lights to come on at 5.15pm and turn off at 9.30pm every night, giving your home that lived in look while you’re away.

Wiser by SE app customisation diagram

Customise To The Way You Want to Live

From one smart function to a complete smart home, the Wiser by SE app features all the capabilities you need to start your smart home journey. Plus it’s easy to scale up and add new devices too. You can start off with one or two smart room functions in the app, and then add more ‘Moments’ or ‘Automations’ as you go. It’s easy to change and customise in the app yourself anytime you like.

  • Simple control of your Wiser devices within a room or from anywhere in the world when used with the Wiser Hub
  • Convenient status overview of all the connected devices
  • Notifications whenever something requires attention even when the app is closed
  • Moments (scene function) to operate many devices at once
  • Adding, deleting and setting up device configurations
  • Setting schedules or timers
  • Program automation functions
  • Perform device updates
  • Enabling voice control integration

Frequently Asked Questions

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Wiser by SE app and qr code to download

Download the Wiser by SE app

The Wiser by SE app offers you a simple and easy way to control your Wiser smart home products from your smart phone.

Available on the App Store and Google Play, Wiser by SE App is your smart home assistant and the first step to getting connected.

Simply scan the QR code to access the App Store or Google Play.

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