Reimagine how you live with a PDL Wiser™ Smart Home

PDL Wiser can offer you control, peace of mind, energy efficiency and comfort. Discover all the benefits that a Wiser Smart Home solution can bring to your home.

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From blinds that close to keep the warmth in, a heat pump that clicks on before it cools down, and lights that dim as you drift off, a Wiser Smart Home adjusts to how you want to live. 

Wiser is a flexible, automated smart home solution that lets you control almost everything in your home with the Wiser by SE app. It's easy to have installed, and can adapt as your needs change. 

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Imagine Wiser Inspiration Guide

Read more about Wiser smart home solutions including suggested scenarios and ideas for your home

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reimagine how you live with a pdl wiser
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Welcome to your new, smarter home

Stop imagining what your new smart home could be, and expand your understanding.
Take a tour of our virtual Wiser Smart Home. 


Living in a Wiser home

Set in a picturesque setting overlooking calming waters, Brad and his family live in a renovated family home.
Discover Brad's story as he talks about living in a smart home, and the benefits it offers their day-to-day life - even the ones he didn't expect!

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