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Delivering power throughout the home or business requires robust protection, tailored capability and discrete installation. PDL by Schneider Electric delivers all of this in its end to end power distribution solutions.

PDL by Schneider Electric’s circuit devices range has everything you need to ensure safety in switchboards, enclosures and all the connected devices needed to deliver a complete protection package for your customers.


Switchboard solutions

PDLDBF10 Distribution Board
Mini Pragm
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Circuit Protection

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Designed specifically for domestic use, the Domae range of circuit protection devices also features a custom designed comb busbar to provide the perfect blend of performance, application and design.

Simple to install and versatile enough to cover the majority of residential fitouts, the Domae range includes Type A RCCB’s and 6kA RCBO’s, offering further flexibility to your installations.

PDL by Schneider Electric’s Domae range capably protects electrical circuits against overloads, short-circuits and insulation faults in your customers’ home while also protecting your customer’s safety and budget.

Arc Fault Detection Device
Common types of Arc Faults
AFDD compared to MCB and RCD

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Acti 9 iID B-SI Type RCCB
Acti 9 iID B-SI Type RCCB

Your new best mate

Schneider has introduced the Spark-e-mate to save you the cost and inconvenience of multiple testers and instruments. The Spark-e-mate can perform all the typical tests and measurements required to meet Australian and New Zealand Standards in domestic or light commercial fitouts.

From socket outlet to switchboard, you can use the Spark-e-mate to test for earth continuity, insulation resistance, polarity, correct circuit connection, supply voltage, frequency, and earth fault loop impedance. Spark-e-mate tests extension leads and power accessories, single or 3 phase circuits, and has a Bluetooth option for quickly recording results

Panel and surface mount switches

Panel and surface mount switches

For panel mounted main switches in domestic, commercial or industrial applications, PDL by Schneider Electrics S-Series is a recognised industry leader. Operating from 35 to 300 ampere, the S-Series of enclosed main switches will reliably meet your application needs.

Dust and water resistant and robustly constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate with corrosion resistant brass and stainless-steel components, the S-Series can withstand the rigours of any environment and is designed to last. With the ability to be padlocked in either the ON or OFF position, the S-Series delivers you versatility for any installation.