Residential Builders

Residential Builders

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Trends impacting the residential market

In these challenging times, the cost of living and climate change have made people pay more attention to sustainable and smart living.

Trends in sustainability

Homes drift towards becoming the biggest consumer of electricity and will play a large part in climate change from a global viewpoint. We need to acknowledge that sustainability is not a trend anymore but a reality.

Trends for homeowners

The preference for home automation and smart living has seen an upward trend in recent times.

Imagine delivering on market trends that homeowners really want like personalisation, multifunctional spaces, security and sustainability.

The New Rules for Smoke Alarms

New Zealanders’ homes are set to become safer with the implementation of a Building Code update by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. From 01/11/24, all new homes will be required to have a Type 1 Smoke Alarm System. Read more

Trusted partner for home builders

At PDL, our constant endeavour is to help residential home builders overcome daily challenges along with the lifecycle project phases by meeting your needs through strong collaboration and partnership.

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Future homes with Actassi

As life has changed over the past few years, many Kiwis are spending more time relaxing and working in their homes, meaning there are more demands on them than ever before.

PDL Design Service

Our electrical design experts are available to provide advice to your clients on PDL electrical and smart home solutions.

These trained professionals will showcase and demonstrate how you can bring your clients’ home to life now and into the future.

PDL Design Service offers the flexibility of a virtual or in person appointment. Together we’ll explore the solutions that best fit their project and lifestyle including everything electrical from design and placement to safety and seamless sustainability.

Using our advanced Electrical Design software, a consultant will provide professional advice and inspiration walking your client through a tailored electrical plan step by step.

At the end of the consultation you and your client will be provided with an itemised electrical plan to bring their project to life.