Use Electric Home Design to elevate your home
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Use Electric Home Design to elevate your home

See how great Electric Home Design can take your home to the next level

When you’re renovating or building, terms like ‘architectural design’ and ‘interior design’ are familiar. But what about ‘Electric Home Design’?

In the same way that construction and styling help to create a beautiful space, Electric Home Design brings that space to life and tailors it to how you want to live.

A family gathered around a kitchen island.

Introducing Electric Home Design

The concept of Electric Home Design was pioneered by PDL as a way to create homes that make life easier and more enjoyable.

It’s about planning how you want your home to work for you and then considering all the ways to achieve that: from smart home technology and finding the perfect switches and power points to complement your style, through to lighting, EV charging, and the best ways to help keep you and your home electrically safe.

Your Electric Home Design could be as simple as adding motion sensor lights to dark areas like pantries or walk-in wardrobes, through to a home that turns on lights and closes blinds at a certain time each evening and gives you control from your smart device, anywhere in the world.

PDL Iconic switches and power points moodboard
A spacious living room with comfortable couches and a large TV.
A man holding a smartphone in a living room, engrossed in its screen, surrounded by cozy furniture.
A woman in a modern kitchen holding a tablet.
PDL Iconic Styl moodboard

Choose your style

Electric Home Design is also about creating the look you want for your home. After all, light switches and power points are objects that we touch every day, often several times a day, so why not make that an enjoyable experience?

PDL has a wide range of switches and power points in a range of finishes to complement your interior design.

Choose from the modern, clean lines of original Iconic, the natural wooden trim of Iconic Essence, or the luxe brushed metallic finish of Iconic Styl. The elegant Saturn range includes push button switches with finishes in glass-look, textural metallics, or minimalist matt.

A well-lit kitchen with a wooden dining table and chairs.

Dream big

Draw up a wish list for how you’d like each room or area of your home to work, and then talk to your electrician about what’s possible.

They’ll be able to recommend products to create the results you’re after and you might be surprised at how much is achievable with a few clever electrical items working in tandem around the house.

The sky’s the limit! You’ll find some great inspiration in our Electric Home Design magazine, so start your Electric Home Design journey today and make your home a place you love to live.

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My Home Enhancer

Unlock the potential of your home and explore the right electrical solutions that will enhance how you and your family live in your home, now and into the future.

Simply answer a few questions about your new build or renovation project and we’ll provide you with personalised recommendations and budgeting advice to help you optimise your home’s electrical plan.