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Create your dream kitchen

How Electric Home Design can bring your dream kitchen to life

Kitchens today are so much more than somewhere to cook. They are where we catch up over coffee with friends, help children with homework, bake with Nana, and share a glass of wine at the end of the day.

With so many demands on one busy space it’s important to plan your kitchen so that it’s practical and efficient for everyone who uses it, as well as being a beautiful and welcoming place to spend time.

Electrical planning.

Your ideal plan

Everyone will use their kitchen differently, so it should be tailored to you and your lifestyle. With major appliances, work areas, storage, and even seating all in the mix, a good kitchen designer will be able to create a layout that works for you.

Your electrical plan is equally important and using Electric Home Design will help you get the most out of your kitchen, creating a space that is practical and stylish.

Kitchens are usually the most expensive room in a home too, so planning the electrical components at the beginning of your project means you can incorporate them into your budget and won’t find yourself short of power points or other electrical features that would have made life easier.

Man charing a smartphone at wall outlet.
Kitchen with a bar and stools.
Happy woman in kitchen holding her iPad.
Woman controls smart home with Wiser app on phone.
Black Saturn Zen electrical outlet mounted on wall.

What’s your look?

Stylish power points and switches add so much to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

PDL has options in push buttons or rocker switches, cover plates in brushed metal, glass-look or matte finishes, and even colours and borders to complement your home’s styling.

Saturn Zen in Black is a striking contrast on white walls, the metallic finish of Iconic Styl adds texture to a room, and the birch trim on Iconic Essence complements natural tones.

You can also add pictograms to indicate which switches do what, and optional LED illumination to show what’s on, or as a locator for finding switches in the dark.

Much more than a final, functional addition to your home, think of switches and power points as an integral part of your interior design and enjoy choosing what will suit your space.

Family enjoying a meal together.

Help keep your home and family safe

Kitchens are one of the busiest and most appliance-heavy areas in the home, so switchboard safety is key.

Talk to your electrician about installing RCBOs and Arc Fault Detection Devices (which detect arc faults, one of the most common causes of electrical fires) in your switchboard for extra peace of mind.

You could also add a Surge Protection Device to help protect your appliances and electronic equipment from lightning strikes, power surges and voltage strikes.