A connected home

A connected home

Get set for life with fast, reliable internet at home

Our busy lives

As life has changed over the past few years, many of us are spending more time in our homes – working as well as relaxing – meaning there are more demands on them than ever before.

Our online lives are a big part of that, with content streaming, gaming and busy home offices adding up to hefty loads on our WiFi networks. This can lead to issues with internet speed, reliability and security.

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Get fast, reliable internet at home

Quality internet access is now a cornerstone of modern life, so it’s important to think about how you can set your home up for seamless living now and into the future.

During the first lockdown of 2020, around 40% of employed New Zealanders worked online from home. That experience changed attitudes, and with many of us still mixing days working from home with days in the office, a quality internet connection at home is more important than ever.

When you add in other family members who might be gaming with friends, watching university lectures online, or just bingeing the latest drops on Netflix, it’s easy to see how quickly your internet load can become stretched.

Most New Zealand homes use a high speed broadband or fibre optic connection linked to a WiFi router that spreads the signal throughout the house via radio waves. This means that your connection quality and speed can vary depending on where in the house you are, how many other devices are accessing the WiFi at the same time, and the amount of data you’re trying to send or receive.

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Importance of quality network cabling

WiFi is also susceptible to interference from the radio signals of other electronic devices, which can cause inconsistent connections, as well as security issues as its radio waves can be intercepted or “eavesdropped”.

The solution to all this is quality network cabling. It has long been used by office-based businesses who simply plug their devices directly into network connection points throughout their building for fast and reliable internet every time.

This cabling is now available as part of the electric home design for residential builds and renovations in New Zealand, helping to create homes that are connected for the future.

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A home office that works for you

Actassi from PDL by Schneider Electric is a quality network cabling system that can provide your home with a high speed, secure and dependable internet connection. The cables sit inside the wall cavities of your house, making it ideal for installation during new builds or renovations.

It also pairs with the PDL Iconic range of switches, power points and sockets for a streamlined and stylish look.

The greater speed and reliability of a cabled system is a huge advantage when you’re working from home. Adrian Carson, National Business Development Manager for Schneider Electric, says that Actassi can give you the benefits of a commercial computer network in your house.

“Working from your home office need not mean slower internet connections. A quality home computer network will give you the versatility you would expect in any city office."

“You can enjoy uninterrupted internet connection, highest possible bandwidth (internet speed) and a secure data connection.”

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The Actassi solution

High speed fibre internet in New Zealand currently delivers around 950Mbps (just under 1 gigabit) to your doorstep, but this speed can drop once it is linked to your WiFi network and the signal has to travel around your house.

Actassi can deliver up to 10 x the speed of a WiFi connection, making it particularly effective for high demand households and home offices.

With increasing reliance on the internet for work and play, a cabled network solution in your home gives you flexibility and peace of mind, and can add value to your property for years to come. Whether you’re building or renovating, make Actassi part of your electric home design and set your home up for the future.

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