Your hideaway haven

Your hideaway haven

Create your perfect bedroom retreat

Our bedrooms are very personal spaces in our homes. They are where we rest and recharge at the end of each day, and where we prepare for the new day ahead.

Here, we show you how to create bedrooms that everyone will love coming home to.

A cozy bedroom with green walls and a bed

Tailor your space

Our bedrooms reflect us – from the wall colours to the choice of bedding and artwork (this is especially true in teenage years!). Bedrooms are also crucial to how well we rest, so careful planning is a must.

Thinking about how everyone might use their bedrooms, and how they want them to look are the first steps in the Electric Home Design for this room. Whether it’s your own room, or for teens and small children, there are elements that are useful in every bedroom, like bedside lights, dimmers, USB fast chargers, temperature control, and even blind controllers.

Then, you could consider data points with cabled internet for kids’ homework and entertainment. Younger children might like a night light, while teens could get creative with smart LED strip lights or a feature neon sign.

Remember, walk-in wardrobes are part of the bedroom layout too and can be enhanced by clever lighting, motion sensors and extra power points for charging and electrical accessories.

Mother and daughter sitting on a couch in a cozy room, sharing a tender moment together
A woman with a piece of clothing walking to the closet
Little girl sleeping in bed, covered with soft pink blanket
Cozy workspace with computer and chair in small room
A man resting in a bed and scrolling through an app
A woman sleeping in a cozy bedroom
Little girl reading a book

Style your space

The wide range of looks in the Iconic range means everyone in the family can style their own bedroom space. 

The brushed metallic finish of Iconic Styl looks chic in Silver or Crowne for the grown-up retreat, while the moodier tones of Silver Shadow might match darker rooms. The charming natural beauty of the timber trim of Iconic Essence is a fun match for little ones’ bedrooms and is a great match for timber floorboards.

Iconic has the added benefit of ‘skins’ that are easily interchangeable, so as time passes and tastes change it’s easy to swap a new look into the room.