Creating a smart home

Creating a smart home

A guide on how to create your dream smart home

Smart home technology can make life more efficient and more comfortable for you and your loved ones

If you’re interested in this technology but not sure how to begin – help is at hand.

You’re at the beginning of a simple step-by-step process to unlocking the power of home automation. You can turn almost any home into a smart home and start enjoying all the efficiencies and peace of mind on offer.

We believe the first vital step is to consider this process as a lifestyle choice - of making your home work for you and optimising how your home functions on a daily basis. Imagine the blinds around your home automatically rising at 7am each weekday to align with your schedule and closing at dusk to keep the warmth in. These basic everyday tasks can be taken care of with the right smart home system.

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Step 3: Get Hands-On – Try before you buy and pick up new ideas.

Now you have a smart home solution in mind, what is your next step? We'd strongly suggest a hands-on experience. Many smart home specialists and manufacturers in New Zealand often have showrooms that demonstrate a range of smart home devices in different applications.

You will be able to see how everything is operated whether it’s scheduling and user-programming, voice activation or using a smartphone for control.

What’s more, you may well see some ideas that you’ll be able to easily implement using everyday electrical products. With so many people adopting home automation technologies to make their lives easier – new approaches and ways to use devices are emerging daily.

The home solutions consultants in the PDL showrooms are extremely knowledgeable and can discuss your unique requirements, home and lifestyle to ensure you’re getting the most out of your decision to introduce smarts into your home. Digital appointments and demonstrations are also available.

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